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10 Aug 2013 22:05:42
Tom Naylor signing from Derby on a 6 month loan, Clough confirmed the deal on radio Derby after the Brighton game. He's a decent young player. RB or CB.

Signing for Newport county it should read

Brighton want that player

Clough also mentioned that they are no nearer shifting the players on the transfer list. So there is still hope for Theo Shrewsbury stalker. :-)

Ed Dawes didn't even bother asking about incoming signings. Still great win for Derby.



10 Aug 2013 21:55:31
West Ham keeper Stephen Henderson is set to rejoin Yeovil on a short term loan deal as replacement for Stech who is out for 3 months with a broken hand

Ipswich want him to

Would be a great signing hendo is a quality keeper. I have also heard rumours of simon moore from cardiff would happily have 1 of these 2



10 Aug 2013 21:40:19
Lee Camp close to signing a 2 year contract with Bradford. Personal terms apparently not too far apart enough 'wriggle room' I'm told to see the deal done

Would be a great deal, the guy could easily be a good championship GK.

A massive coup if true. Shows the ambition at VP.

Expected to join by the Thursday subject to personal terms will make debut on Saturday

This rumour appears to contradict what Campo has said recently. According to him, he is still in discussions with 2 championship teams and 1 SPL team. But what does he know!



10 Aug 2013 21:37:43
Tony Mowbray is flying out of the country tomorrow (Sunday) to try and nail down some more transfers. This could be the signing of Tokelo Rantie.

He looks good on YouTube toleko dollar player to beneke ov villa :-D utb



10 Aug 2013 20:17:03
Tony Mowbray is out of the country tomorrow trying to tie a deal up, no idea of the player but that's what he said on tees radio today.



10 Aug 2013 19:42:00
Javier Mascherano set for shock Liverpool return

I would love to see mascherano back best dm in the world sad when he first went but my god if we sign him get eriksen and papadopaulos and also luis muriel then top 4 this season surely

I doubt it he couldn't get out quick enough the last time.



10 Aug 2013 19:17:48
West Ham United are in advanced negotiations with Liverpool regarding the transfer of Stewart Downing. The Hammers have offered £5m for the 29 year-old winger, however Liverpool are holding out for a fee nearer the £6m mark. A fee is expected to be agreed in the next 48 hours. Downing is currently earning £80k a week and to ensure a move to West Ham, he would have to take a £20k a week wage cut at the very least.

11 Aug 2013 11:31:44
He is not for sale



10 Aug 2013 19:02:34
Depending on the severity of Jason Steeles injury, Middlesbrough manager Tony Mowbray could be poised to bid for highly rated Hartlepool gk Scott Flinders. It's believed TM doesn't think Leutwiler is ready for Championship football and Flinders could come straight into the team as a more than able deputy.

Show pools the money

Im sorry but everyone goes on about scott flinders from hartlepool coming to boro. He's been playing for a relegated side who were dismal at best last season. They've lost the first game of this season 3-0 and today 1-0. It seems like the only thing Hartlepool know is to lose week in, week out. Do Boro A) want to bring someone in who doesn't have that winning mentality and B) Concedes goals very often in a league lower than the Championship. I would like to see Hartlepool to do well, its good for the area, but for me I think they are a league 2 side.

Flinders wouldn't be a bad replacement. i'd be happy with that

11 Aug 2013 03:32:33
Flinders won all the awards he could have here last season and even in an abysmal side made it clear to everyone he was far far better than league 1 standard, he is one of, if not the best keeper in the lower leagues and a fairly hefty sum would be needed probably around 400k for pools to even think of selling him to the boro, plus Scott loves the club and the fans so his wages would be substantial

Surely he's not worth 400 k?

Surely he should just come to the boro for nothing because cooper is the managerthere and he is boro through and through.

Give us matty dolan and curtis main and 200k and we'll think about it!

He's worth way more than 400k.

And he's easily capable of Championship football.

As a pools fan I don't want flinders go to but he's far to good for league 2 I watch boro a bit aswell as an allround keeper flinders is better than steele. Both very good shot stoppers flinders is better in the air more commanding

I remember Flinders when he was at Palace, was absolutely useless. let's not forget there is a reason he's at Hartlepool

"As an all round keeper flinders is better than Steele" you've got to be having a laugh, Steele is by far the best keeper outside of the premier league and could walk into most of the top half teams and become first choice. To think that Flinders is a better keeper than him and worth £400K is ridiculous. He's decent cover at best.

Having a laugh no not at all I've watched finders for a few years he has develpoed into a very good keeper I have seen steele enough to say that scott is a better keeper at this time. If steele is apparently worth the 8 million boro fans think then flinders is worth way more than 400k

There is no way that flinders is better than Steele! If he's allround better than Steele, what in particular is he better at?

Handling is better deals with crosses better not as hesitant off his line steele is decent and will be a very good keeper. But at this time flinders is a better all round keeper

Handling is better? I don't think I've ever seen Steele spill a shot. Steele's weakest area is dealing with crosses, but he's vastly improved. He doesn't hesitate when coming off his line either. As shown by his wonder save vs Charlton on Saturday

Sorry crosses is what I meant about being hesitant of his line



10 Aug 2013 19:00:07
Rumour has it that Bournemouth are after another keeper as there No. 1 has a bad back after today's game

Haha very funny

Harsh but fair. Watford are a very good side but 6-1 was never a true reflection of the 90 mins. One of the best sides AFCB will face this year and a sharp reminder that the better teams in the Championship can be very clinical.
. their No 1.

Haha I'm a Bournemouth supporter and I like that. though tbf we were unlucky today. Watford showed us how clinical Championship teams are compared to League 1 teams. Onwards and upwards. UTC

Is that a joke? afcb goalkeeper had to keep bending over to pick the ball out of the net.

Pointless joke, I was there and our keeper mostly kicked the ball out if the net not picking it up. So the joke failed.

11 Aug 2013 17:08:14
Just shows. AFCB had most possession by far but we haven't got the final cutting edge. Midfield wise, we have some strong players. Looks as though Grabban is going to shine though. Still its early days. Think we'll finish lower middle.

I was there too. We outplayed them first half but the post above says it all. We're in desperate need of some firepower, grabban can't do it all on his own, in fairness Watford outplayed us second half and deeney was different class, a striker of his calibre would be great. let's just hope.

Ha fair play. We'll take that one. Good banter



10 Aug 2013 18:28:19
Yeovil approach southend utd for experienced stopper Paul Smith Gary Johnson needs cover for the injured stech who will be out for a month

3 months

So gary johnson is going to turn down young futre talents for his replacement for stech and choose paul smith yeah right

Stech is the young future talent, Gary's just looking for a short term solution

Take him please we don't need him we have a better keeper in bentley

Really smith is not good enough for the championship plus gary pretty much said it would be a loan signing

Apparently a loan deal agreed Smith is a decent keeper



10 Aug 2013 17:04:00
Forest will complete the signing of Bakary Sako this week

Hope so good signing

Great signing for forest. He causes mayhem down the left wing and adds much needed goals from wide too!



10 Aug 2013 16:16:13
Middlesbrough fc set for double swoop for Charlton cole and Ross macormack.

No way not can't Control. please no.

The win at Charlton gone to your head has it

Would be great but I doubt it

Mowbray's flying abroad on a plane tomorrow to sign players. and he won't be stopping off at leeds and westham on way back

I believe in mogga. I believe he will not pursue carlton cole. macormack I would like but I think leeds have put a fee on his head that I wouldn't pay. but hey ho! whoever mogga gets i'm sure will fit the style he obviously wants to play, so heres hoping it might be vargas?

Why do you say that the win has gone to boro fans heads?

a win is a win
charlton are the type of team that will beat quite a few teams at home so I would take the points at anytime of the season. it just so happens that we needed that win to stop the rot of 2013 and a good follow up to the awful defeat against accrington.
so yeh!. we are singing at the moment for very releived reasons, we were actually way better than leicester n the first half last week too. so I think we do have something to shout about mate

I don't think by the nameing cole n mac as gone to the fans head, because it could happen. you said this about adomah and we have no money but we have mogga said we've got a bit money to spend so he is off too euro today ( Sunday ) to seal some deals, I believe one of deals to be south African TOLEKO REIENTE. utb

Charlton Cole was typed in instead of Carlton Cole. That's what I think he meant by that.

A win is a win
charlton are the type of team that will beat quite a few teams at home so I would take the points at anytime of the season. it just so happens that we needed that win to stop the rot of 2013 and a good follow up to the awful defeat against accrington.
so yeh!. we are singing at the moment for very releived reasons, we were actually way better than leicester n the first half last week too. so I think we do have something to shout about mate
I believe that poster was referring to the fact that Carlton Cole's name has been misspelled as Charlton Cole.

No no no. please read the posts correctly, one person said the win going to our heads and my reply was about who we have just beaten away from home, and why boro fans were happy, nothing to do with carlton cole



10 Aug 2013 14:46:24
Blackburn England under 21 international Jason Lowe is a target for Watford and QPR.

Maybe for QPR but Watford can better for free or on loan. No thanks.

QPR have Simpson and plenty of back up so he won't be going there

He is a cm and not a very good one can't pass can't tackle but he has bags of energy



10 Aug 2013 14:34:43
Colchester's Freddie Ladapo attracting interest from Cambridge, Woking and Braintree as the highly rated striker is geared up for a loan spell away from the U's

Not Coventry they are under embargo



10 Aug 2013 14:30:39
Ipswich Town will snap up young defender Cyrus Christie from crisis club Coventry City

Be prepared to pay a hefty fee then

10 Aug 2013 18:10:44
You can have him for a fee! Great going forward but can't defend for toffee!

11 Aug 2013 00:00:18
Ipswich will sign billy sharp for 1. 5 m plus add on

this was told to me by a source at the club during the game today

Ipswich will make the approach on deadline day to stop any rivals making bids they can not compete with

Town have also looked in France and I think they said Belgium for the striker to solve all the problems

Doyle is also being considered not sure of fees etc

Good signing but any cash paid out will be for a strike I feel

Don't the same rules apply as per with Rangers when ownership changed i. e. that once Coventry City was dissolved and Otium set up a new company the existing players contracts are no longer valid and the players become free agents and can sign new contracts?

The club didn't go into liquidation

5m or jog on.

Price is 5m.

Maybe with appearances and bonus it will get to 5m

Dont make me laugh the whole of the coventry team isn't woth 5 mil

Ok I'm a cov fan and one day he might be worth 5 million however do you see sisu waiting for 5 million no he be sold for the lowest amount offers as they will jump at the chance to get money and we did go into liquidation after ACL said no to the cva.

Sisu said 4-5m or he stays so yes it appears they do want that amount.



10 Aug 2013 13:05:53
Arsenal have 14 million bid accepted by Bayern Munich for Louis gastovo. Quality if wenger gets his man. Frees up Wilshire and Carzola.



10 Aug 2013 11:49:42
Rotherham in talks with Leeds over the loan signing of Ryan Hall til january

Thing this would be a good move for Hall as he looks so unfit

Looks so unfit? He's played one game all pre-season and scored 2 goals. There's something fishy about this whole Ryan Hall thing. When he's played he's looked decent, we're screaming out for width and pace yet he doesn't even make the bench. Strange.

Its a joke ryan hall is getting paid by leeds to be unfit warnock and mcdermott have both said the same about him



10 Aug 2013 10:00:45
Gary "The Pitbull" Medel to sign for Cardiff City today for a fee reportedly to be between 13-15 miliion euros. /0 /0 /0 /0 /0

Nearly chocked on my rice krispies reading that guff.

He was quoted at 6 million when Everton inquired

He is at Cardiff city's ground watching from directors box great signing if it happens

It's true he's at the ccs right now in the directors box so keep choking bluuuuebird!

He was pictured in the directors box at the ccs today watching atletico bilboa. Looks promising, but feck me 13million!

Just signed.


10 Aug 2013 21:01:01
He's signed for £10.5m

£11.2m is cheap for a player with cult status from marking Messi out of the game. When people are already writing that he will become one of the most hated players in this year's league campaign, because of his combatative defensive style you know we're onto a winner. Just hope he doesn't have too many red cards, but I won't be betting on him not getting any. Well, he's not called the pitbull for nothing. I can't wait to see him demolish the premier league's finest.

How's your rice krispies now fella ;)

Just looked at his career history and not
to many reds, seems to be be a hard but fair player. The jacks won't know what's hit them.

Watch Medel on youtube. awesome.



10 Aug 2013 11:19:13
Millwall interested in Blackburn winger Morton Gamst Pederson from Blackburn.

Millwall also have former Wigan and Birmingham winger Oliver Kapo on trial.

We should try to sign a young skilful pacey forward from the non leagues/league 1/2! There MUST be one out there surely?



10 Aug 2013 11:03:55
Middlesbrough have offered Ebanks Blake a pay as you play contract, while letting him make use of the great medical facilities at rockliffe whilst he recovers

I can't understand why we are going to sign this guy below average player

Mogga said on BBC radio ' he's out the country this week trying to seal some deals, maybe these players tolko remie, vitor Silva and ex arsenal striker Eduardo and maybe Vargas Eduardo just my speculation from paper talk/forum.

Deffo wouldn't go for ebanks we need four signings and those signings to be better than what we've got utb

'Below average player'? He scored 15 goals in a relegated side. More than our top scorer. He also got 27 in the league in the Wolves promotion side a few years back.

I would love all of those players mate. vargas, eduardo, silva and tolko. but realstically we will probably get just one and hopefully it will be eduardo vargas. he looks the perfect foil for jukes

11 Aug 2013 12:08:38
Sylvan ebanks Blake, 27, free agent:

a below average player? we paid in total 9.5 million in transfer fees and wages over 4 years for scott mcdonald for his 1 goal every 3 games ratio. he's got a similar record and is a FREE AGENT. The difference is in a creative side where chances are made for him he will score goals consistently, he's 27 at his peek or near it, Eager to find a club (i would have thought) and low risk financially. Anything better than emnes lol. Maybe a bit unfair on emnes, but he is a bit of a wally at times. Boro haven't had consistent natural goalscorers since hasselbaink, viduka, yakubu left really. I think we may do better this season but we need strikers who score and we need all of them to be scoring not just 1 or 2 of them each season.



10 Aug 2013 07:52:25
Watford are set to sign Chesterfield-born U18 striker Diego Di Girolamo from Sheffield United.

10 Aug 2013 11:31:45
No they're not "set" to do anything regarding DDG because he is out with injury until December. Also he still doing his A Levels in Chesterfield so Watford won't even sign him in the January transfer window either. Nice attempt though.

10 Aug 2013 12:34:16
Doubt it, he's injured and won't be fit for another few months, but nice try

Im a sheff united supporter and Diego is out injured until around november december time with a cruciate ligament injury.

Expected to be back from injury in late november. So I highly doubt this one.

Watched cfc against cheltenham, we were awesome, fluid football, vision, precision, fitness, that without 2 of the best central defenders playing, could have had more goals but for excellent keeper and left back for cheltenham,



10 Aug 2013 09:22:00
Celtic in for Odemwingie

No there not there not interested in him he'll be off to one of the clubs in the UEA where they will pay him and his agents the cash they want.

He's all yours for a tenner.

No we are not we don't sign people over 30. He's crap anyway

I certainly hope not. He is too old to fit our player signing profile in any case.

10 Aug 2013 14:30:23
I can't stand the bloke but trust me mate he isn't crap

"No we are not we don't sign people over 30. He's crap anyway"

Yes, I forgot that your players make Fabregas and Messi look like amateurs. Come off your high horse - Odemwingie would improve your front line big time.

"No we are not we don't sign people over 30. He's crap anyway"

Yes, I forgot that your players make Fabregas and Messi look like amateurs. Come off your high horse - Odemwingie would improve your front line big time.

Don't follow up someone being on their 'high horse' with synical drivvel like that. Agree Odemwingie is not crap but we do have a signing policy and he wouldn't fit plus he wouldn't improve our front line 'big-time' either. We don't seem to buy from the Prem as we don't pay big wages. This is a complete non-starter.



10 Aug 2013 09:03:42
Wigan are interested in taking Man City striker John Guidetti on loan for the season.



09 Aug 2013 21:36:11
Relegated french side Le Mans may lose Joseph Mendes to league two side Plymouth Argyle, who are needing another striker after back up striker Matt Lecointe was injured for the season

They need another 11



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