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10 Aug 2012 23:15:46
Doncaster to sign Nicky Weaver and Iain Hume before Walsall game

Hope not Hume ain't a goalscorer and that's what we need

Where you hear this, is this a definate or just rumour

Hume scored 18 goals in 41 games for PNE. How can you say he is not a goal scorer.

If humey stays fit all season, he will score u 20 goals this year, and will be a fan favorite, get ur hopes up donny he's brilliant

He was a big loss to Barnsley after the horrendous injury he had. If he comes he would be coming into a new batch of players and would shine.

Need to sell a player 1st not likely , nicky weaver is likely but if cops goes we bring in Robert not Hume as Saunders sed



10 Aug 2012 23:09:42
Birmingham sign Ben Gordon from Chelsea on a 1 year loan deal and are also battling out with Huddersfield for striker James Vaughan



10 Aug 2012 23:03:48
Stoke are to take a chance on Ghanean striker Waris Majeed, who is currently the top scorer in the Allsvenskan.



10 Aug 2012 21:50:39
Apparently Alessio Viola has rejected Swindon, how true this is i dont know



10 Aug 2012 22:14:07
sunderland look to be bringing scott dann to the stadium of light.

Yet another relegated player!



10 Aug 2012 21:10:04
york city will sign tns striker greg draper



10 Aug 2012 17:12:44
Any Blackpool transfers that are basically done Ed? {Ed003's Note - Only the Banvo Anderson one as it stands}



10 Aug 2012 19:21:11
Marlon harewood to begin trial with barnsley after leaving sheff wed without an offer

Harwood is still at sheff wed. Dave jones is to decide over the weekend about offering contract. So i can,t see him coming to oakwell. Can we please have some rumours with a hint of truth. Thankyou.

^ been reported on Radio Sheffield pal, they normally know what they are on some research before you start blasting people's rumours.

As for Harewood, did OK last time he was at Oakwell and we desperately need someone in due to injuries...Harewood could be a safer bet than getting some unproven youngster in and should still be capable of averaging a goal every 3 games

Hmmm it is true, harewood going for trial monday, source your own radio sheffield

Marlon hardwood is training with Barnsley so that is the truth

Marlon cedar wood

Marlon harewood has joined barnsley on a 1 year contract you reds



10 Aug 2012 19:21:28
Blackburn Rovers will bring in Christophe Berra if they lose Scott Dann to Sunderland or Southampton

Wolves won't sell to a rival - besides Berra wants a prem job



10 Aug 2012 19:19:08
Coventry City will finish up their summer signings with Frederic Piquionne.

Source? he'd be good i reckon



10 Aug 2012 19:16:22
Any transfer rumours about QPR? Especially now that Ki is heading elsewhere

Mate, dj campbell is not a premiership player.....he's bloody useless



10 Aug 2012 19:15:28
DJ Campbell will not be signing for Blackpool even though QPR accepted the offer. DJ's demands were too much.

Its time some of these ordinary prem players got real.

Unless our manager has turned into sheila holloway and has gotten a bit taller

Would you take a 50% pay cut?

That depends on what the wage is -footballers over paid big heads dj is one of these and when hes finished playing hes got a big wake up call there is no job waiting for him.

Thats why he's holding out for the dosh somebody will pay him might be late on in the window but it will happen

Shouldn't have left, simple as that.
footballers all think the grass is greener somewhere else, where is he now. not even making the bench at qpr. if he'd of been playing for us last year there is a chance he would be in a premier league first team.
i still love the guy though

Blackpool are not DJ's 1st choice and will only get him if other deals don't progress



10 Aug 2012 18:55:37
Not sure how true it is as its only come from a friend but I've been told Jonathan Tehoue and James Beattie will start a trial at Rotherham United on Monday.

Hope you have got the 3,500 pound per week wages Tehoue's agent thinks he is worth.
Would have signed for Tranmere if he wasn't so greedy.
Agents are really the scum of the football world

Ye i would probs say we have got 3,500 pound



10 Aug 2012 19:09:20
Bradford City and Sheffield United both tracking Luton striker Stuart Fleetwood. Bradford also offering a trial to ex-Portsmouth defender Ben-Haim.

Like A guy who earned nearly 36k a week is going to want to earn a pittance at bradford. You plonker

Utter rubbish.couldn't pay his wages

Ben Haim was on £30k at Pompey, no way he is on trial! {Ed044's Note - 36k

Oh Bradford can afford 36,000 grand a week can they?

Haha, you would be seeing pigs fly before Ben Haim going to Bradford, you will never ever be able to meet his wage offers

£36k then sorry, I've been in Australia for 6 months I can't keep up with everything :)

PP wants a Winger, Left Back and that's it. Hines is set to sign as the winger and a trialist from Reading set to sign as LB cover. Both next week.

Spot on with Hines and triallist from Reading..both signed today



10 Aug 2012 19:07:53
Sheffield Wednesday hand trials to; Izale McLeod, Dave Kitson, Ivan Klasnic, Ben-Haim and Michel Salgado. It is believed Dave Jones intends to give a contract to 1 defender and 1 striker.

McLeod is staying at Pompey and will sign as soon as the way is clear to. Ben Haim, really?!

We were linked with Klasnic a couple of months ago I don't think we need any of those players but Dave Kitson might be a target



10 Aug 2012 19:07:02
According to radio Sheffield Marlon Harewood is joining Barnsley on trial on Monday



10 Aug 2012 19:01:53
Kilmarnock to sign sheffied Wednesday's Gilles coke on a 3 month loan and ex England under 21 defender mark beevers a season long loan



10 Aug 2012 18:37:02
Southampton are very close to signing matt jarvis from wolves.

No we are not, its untrue paper talk. Wolves want £9m+ and I don't believe we would pay that ridiculous amount for him.


I hope we are

No were not as Matt Phillips is being linked and reports are travelling down for medical early next week/

He's handed in a transfer request, there is a chance for getting him lower. Also, get our facts right. They have turned down £6million + £3million in UN-GUARENTEED add ons. So would be possible for a bid of around £7million to prise him away.

It time for a signing! Let's hope this right. Still need a CB ASAP!

We should get Simon Kjaer from Wolfsburg as he played well in the euros



10 Aug 2012 18:33:18
Blackpool will make 5 more summer signings: DJ Campbell will take a wage cut to join the club for a fee of £1 million. Stephen Dobbie will join a season-long loan with a view to a permanent £1.2 million move. George Boyd will join for a fee of £1 million from Peterborough. They will also sign Alejandro Bedoya on a free transfer following his release from newco Rangers. They will also make a move for one of Manchester City defenders Dederyck Boyata or Stefan Savic on a season long loan or move for West Brom's Craig Dawson from West Brom on loan.

You're living in fantasy land mate. No way would Oyston sanction all those signings.

Bedoya of to helsingborgs

I would really love to see these some of these deals come true, but we will probably make a few more loan signing I can see us getting some defenders. And unless Oyston is hit in the head with a meteor and forgot all about how cheap he is then none of these deals will happen.

I think Boyd would only happen if Phillips was to leave. Dobbie could happen since Swansea are supposedly after Ludo. Ollie said there is little/no chance or DJ signing. The Rangers lad has a club already. Boyata is possible if Vivian doesn't sign and the other two are either paid too much or in Dawson's case he will be in the first team for West Brom.

West ham are trying to seal a deal with boyd aswell

You will never get Dawson not even on loan

Dobbie has 1 year left on his contract so to loan him for a season and then pay a million for him sounds abit odd.

Dawson won't go, he's the best backup at wba



10 Aug 2012 18:26:50
strong rumours now that bristol city will look into
signing christophe berra after the noises he is making
on a fresh start, the scottish connection will win out

Let's hope so, would be a quality signing, TauntonRed

I am a city fan theres no way he would sign for us

He wants celtic or a prem team

Strong rumours from where,bristol city are looking for a good centre back and a quality striker,altho after pitmans been given the number 10 number a new striker looks out the window

Striker still a must number 19 spare.

What a load it's a number, just because Pitman's taken the 10 shirt doesn't mean we won't sign another striker. Laughable comment

A new striker looks out the window? When there's still Sam Baldock who City have agreed a few for and are waiting on Baldock to agree terms. He's been offered a contract but is yet to accept. He's probably still making up his mind about moving away from London which he doesn't want to do. But he wants first team football and no London club want him or are willing to pay the ~1.5m price tag. So we still may sign Baldock, so that's that. And I highly doubt we'd sign Christophe Berra, even if he wants a 'fresh start' or all that 'scottish connection' rubbish. Fact is Berra could probably get in a team like Southampton or a lower Prem team. But we definately need to sign a CB before the end of the window...Berra would be ideal, but i just don't see that happening.



10 Aug 2012 18:21:20
Swansea city set to go in for Blackpool winger Tom Ince after impressing in a friendly

Ince is going nowhere holloway says he is selling no one

Tom Ince telling his mates in Wirral,where he is based, that he wants to move to London.

Not sell Ince? Even if he is offered Dobbie

Yeah mate laudrup and Jenkins said we wouldn't sell anyone and we've lost 2 star players in a week, don't believe everything your manager says

2 stars? We've lost Allen, no one else

Ince's dad wants him to stay at Blackpool for another couple of years to get regular football and his dad is probably right. Ince is staying.

He will probably end up going, breaks my heart. what i would do is have dobbie for 1 mill ans if we dot get promoted next year you can have ince for 5-7 mill. hes that good.

Ince will sign for Swansea after Sinclair leaves.

People there's no point in arguing that Ince is gonna go because he's not and if he does go then it will be to a top 6 club

Ince was at a top 6 club and couldn't hack it



10 Aug 2012 18:10:16
Frank Simek could join Barnsley from

Just extended Carlisle contract.



10 Aug 2012 18:09:22
Norwich City have successfully negotiated a fee for Birmingham City's centre half Curtis Davies and will complete this deal next week

Oh no we haven.t birmingham want to..much for him 4.5 mill way to much plus we only buy players from car boot sales 2 or 3 mill lo .....irk

What nonsense he need a striker and on radio houghton happy with squard and no need for signing just yet

Mind games with Birmingham. This is clearly the player he wants would love a 6m double deal for Davis and Redmond. Problem is they turned down this money for Butland so maybe in Jan if Birmingham have slipped back?

The comment RE waiting until January seems very sensible



10 Aug 2012 18:06:47
huddersfield town looking at the possibility of bringing in Rafa Alcântara in on-loan from Barcelona B after impressing in a recent friendly against huddersfield!



10 Aug 2012 17:45:52
Stoke are still chasing winger and
long term target Wilfried Zaha.
Stoke are offering a player plus cash
deal which involves Higginbotham. Stoke
are still not prepared to pay the £5 million
up front which Palace want, Stoke want
to pay the fee in installments.

Oh yay, Danny Higginbotham and a your also not prepared to pay 2/3rds of what we've already rejected

Load of rubbish-CP want a lot more than £5m, even with Higginbotham. You would not even be there at £8m, besides Zaha is waiting for Man. U.

We want much more than 5 million. We turned down 8 million from Bolton in January as well as 6 million plus Baldock and future fees from West Ham only the other month with our chairman dismissing it as "poo". If your going to make something up, make it at least sound realistic as he has 5 years to run on his contract and is one of the brightest prospects in English football. Would take at least double what your coming up with to even tempt us to sell. - Palace Fan

Waiting for man u,he aint that good fella n never will be.he hasnt exactly set the champ alight as he.hes good but nowt special.

"Waiting for man u,he aint that good fella n never will be."- It's funny, you've probably never even seen him play. You type like a kid, that would explain your wild dreamed up rumor and that you know absolutely nothing about Championship football. He wasn't voted the young player of the year for nothing. Got a massive future ahead of him!

I think this kid is so over rated! Does a job in the championship but the Prem is a different scenario.

Agree comment about him being over-rated; Tom Soares came from Palace after scoring that amazing goal against us at The Brit in 08/09, then barely kicked a ball for the first team.

"I think this kid is so over rated!"- Again, I doubt you've ever seen him play! You don't know what your talking about.

No chance to little stoke

If he's over-rated, how comes pretty much every Premier League team wants him?

Good player but nothing special.. i think 2-3million is fair for un proven player... good bench warmer

"No chance to little stoke" - sorry mate, Little Stoke is a small village south of Stoke on Trent. And I think a team that narrowly avoided relegation from the 2nd tear of English football isn't in the best position to criticise an established Premier League team. And I'm sure your 'mighty' crowd of 15,000 will get even lower when you get relegated this season.

Most over-rated player in world football he is worth 500k tops. There is nothing in this rumour of a transfer to stoke.

Stoke reserves maybe... first team.. lollolololol

Zaha is a great player would love stoke to sighn hi from a stoke fan



10 Aug 2012 17:33:51
believe hull city could be intrested in taking liam willis on trial after impressing twice aginst them subject to oldham not signing him

Paul dickov brought a lot of trialist in a lot have gone willis been their since start of season obviously he must be doing well and he is only just 19 one for the future maybe



10 Aug 2012 17:19:58
Blackpool have reported a premier league club of tapping up Matty Phillips according to blackpool gazette {Ed001's Note - Villa.}

Stoke are intrested in him and have been for a long time also west ham are

Southampton according to Ian holloway {Ed003's Note - He never said anything of the sort,he said a premier league club will be reported,but if anyone listened to the 2nd part of his interview and his off the cuff comments on the radio(not the bit about wearing high heels and being called Sheila) It's clear that he is very unhappy,I'm with Ed 001,Villa}

Ed how do you know it's Villa? I'm not saying it's not but we're reknowned for our professional dealings with other clubs... {Ed001's Note - because I do, and Villa are hardly known for dealing professionally with clubs, they upset Blackpool over their attempts to tap up Charlie Adam. Villa are the team that made an enquiry that was rebuffed, but have carried on sniffing around. Ollie's comments regarding it all back up what I am saying, if you hear or read what he said, well it is a very thinly veiled dig at Villa.}

Believed to be Southampton

It's Southampton, not Villa

Don't worry boys, you've got Danny Mayor as his

Sorry Ed but you're talking nonsense, if Villa had attempted to tap up Charlie Adam we would have been reported by that big mouth Holloway.
As for now, i hope you're gonna apologise to Villa fans for badmouthing our club if it turns out to be Southampton! {Ed001's Note - has he not just reported a Premier League club for tapping him up? Are you not missing the point there? Hardly badmouthing Villa, you have a real chip on your shoulder there lad.}

Hi Ed the Blackpool Gazette are reporting that the team was Southampton.

Blackpool gazette says southampton



10 Aug 2012 17:09:08
Alou Diarra signs for West Ham on a three year deal



10 Aug 2012 16:58:28
Walsall to sign Jordan Stewart tonight, and James Chambers next week providing his injury has passed... Dean Smith also said that he is in talk with a striker to sign on loan..



10 Aug 2012 16:53:24
Swansea interested in signing Mauro
Formica from Blackburn

Would be a good signing for Swansea.



10 Aug 2012 16:51:47
Stevenage to sign Jake Nicholson on
loan from Tottenham



10 Aug 2012 16:44:50
Man City interested in signing Napoli
midfielder Marek Hamsik in £21m deal



10 Aug 2012 16:42:45
Sunderland to sign Scott Dann from
Blackburn in £4m deal

Blackburn want at least the 6 million they paid for him



10 Aug 2012 16:32:44
Scott Sinclair will leave Swansea for Manchester City and Adam Johnson will spend the season on loan in south-wales as part of the deal.

I heard this too mate but the person i heard it off said swansea would have the option too buy him if he was willing to take a slight pay cut.



10 Aug 2012 16:30:39
Middlesbrough linked with Chelsea and England under 21 midfielder josh mceachran on a seasons long loan.

Middlesbrough have been linked with Roque Santa Cruz, Louis Saha and Ishmael Miller as Mowbray searches for an experienced forward.

Louis saha would put us right in the chase for 1st place .. santa cruz would be second on my list miller we have better strikers at the club .

Love to see what Louis Saha could do in the championship. He would be a great signing for the boro. Exciting times to come this season for the boro! UTB!

Saha would not cum to the boro

Saha humm... Well on one hand quality player and would score goals at the boro.
On the other hand he is so prone to injury and woody parnaby and Saha is three injury prone signings.

Saha has signed for west ham?



10 Aug 2012 16:25:59
West Ham's Gary O'Neil on the verge of signing for Crystal Palace on a 6 month loan deal.



10 Aug 2012 16:18:23
Chelsea will move for Fernando Llorente as a replacement for Didier Drogba



10 Aug 2012 16:17:31
Stuart Holden to Fulham with Damien Duff going the other way to Bolton.

You are havin a laugh!! Not in a million years. Holden is happy at Bolton not going anywhere.

Dont make me laugh! holdens commited,plus not ready to come back,were do u get these stupid rumours from

Current player for a has been ? No thanks

Never heard so much rubbish

Cant belive some people what a stupid thing to say!! holden the injured player moving? so medical is gonna fail for a start and has said he is not leaving bolton until his last season of football because he wants to finish his career at houston dynamo fact.

I think that statement is a bit silly seen as though he's only fairly young to say that he's going to stay at Bolton until his next to last season! Nah not silly stupid, he's staying this season that is what he's said but if he has a blinder then obviously bigger teams will come in for him!

I thought Fulham wanted ngog, I hope so, he is awful...heard £3m. Bolton should take it and run, cannot believe we paid £4m for him. Fab defreitas was a better player and that is a bold statement. As far as Holden is concerned he is still recovering from a near career ending knee injury, I can't believe any club would take a chance on him. I heard a rumour his career may even be over. In any case latest update was he's not fit till October at the earliest.



10 Aug 2012 16:05:26
Doncaster Rovers to sign Jamie McCombe from Huddersfield in next 24 hrs

Would be a good signing for Donny, his only trouble is he is slow on the turn but a good defender in the box and scores his share of vital goals.

He is signing on monday

If thats true, I think thats a brilliant signing for Donny, mccombe was outstanding for town and was a key player in their promotion campaigne last season

Gutted,boom boom was our best center back, his face didn't fit with grayson.

This I assume is BoomBoom from Planet Zog and not the useless oaf who spent but a part of last season pondering between the pie van and the edge of the area?

Key player, was that when he was out on loan?

No offence to him but 'Boom Boom' was definitely our worst centre half, he was the tallest but the worst in the air, how does that work? Probably not even good enough for Donny, league 2 at best



10 Aug 2012 16:02:53
liam laurence in talks with the blades



10 Aug 2012 16:01:03
Barnsley FC manager Keith Hill is becoming increasingly frustrated by his inability to bring in a quality striker to the club.
Although he was initially quite happy to play the waiting game and hope for either loan/permanent opportunities to arise when Premier league clubs returned from pre-season tours. A deal couple of deals were agree in principle but the parent clubs have now reneged on the agreements.
He has now had discussions with the agents of 3 out of contract players Dave Kitson, Ricardo Fuller and Roman Bednar

Hope this is true anyone of these players will be quality and helP us further up the table :)

Keith hill is the problem

I know Hill wants some experience in the side but Kitson and Fuller are past it now - I don't know why Hill doesn't just play himself up front he loves himself that much

Would be happy with bednar or fuller, both have had good experience in championship and premier league but kitson is terrible so i hope we dont get him



10 Aug 2012 16:00:12
Blackpool have rumored to have took Preston duo Danny mayor and Jamie Proctor on trial source Blackpool Gazette

They are under contract.they would only go on trial if it was a prem team {Ed003's Note - They are playing in a match against Newcastle tomorrow (on a trial) }

You've Got to be JOKING!!!!!!

I plead with Mr Oyston, to offer both players 4 year contracts a.s.a.p. I will even wash their kits for them!! (might have to bleach the shirts to a more suitable colour).

I'd welcome this move even if it is to the donkey lashers, both think they are bigger than the club....Jog on lads!

Holloway has said he likes what he see's in PROCTOR & MAYOR..... but they are not first team quality but may be worth a punt for the Blackpool development squad.

These 2 lads are playing for their careers tomorrow, they are not joining the 1st team squad. The fee will be non existent as PNE (& the fans) dont think they are good enough for a team in League 1.

Holloway IS the type of manager who can turn these lads careers around......good luck to them.

Sad day when PNE has to sell it's brightest future players to it's bitterest rivals for a pitance.....Thank You WESTLEY

I dont care where they go as long as they leave Preston, neither of them would get in the preston side this season. They both have potential but neither are good enough for league one this season never mind the championship

Brightest Future players thats a funny one i hope your very happy with mayor and proctor am sure they both will be great assets oj.



10 Aug 2012 15:54:17
york city to sign scott spenser from hyde



10 Aug 2012 15:44:53
I'm hearing from reliable sources the Hungarian Striker is impressing everyoneat Coventry city in training and in behind closed doors v Port Vale. However AT wants to bring in one more forward as well to give him strength in depth for long lg 1 season. Expect Bamford (loan) from Chelsea or One of the other 2 trialists who are being brought in for a good look at this week. Personally I would have liked him to have gone for Izale Mcleod or Paul Benson, both proven at lower level.



10 Aug 2012 15:44:45
West Brom are believed to be showing a lot of interest in Gary Hooper

Why wud they as they have berg, odwengie, long and lukaku

Exactly thats why there looking for a quality Striker

Long is quality

Lukaku = quality long = quality Rosenberg = quality odemwingie = quality hooper = reserves!

Of course, no quality in Odem,Long, Rosenberg, Lukaku, Fortune, Wood, Berahino



10 Aug 2012 15:43:16
Preston North End have turned down a loan offer from Accrington Stanley for Andy Procter

Why ?! He needs to go , puts the effort in can't blame him for that but nowhere near good enough for league 1

Andy Procter has stated he want to fight for his place at Preston



10 Aug 2012 15:25:42
Watford will complete the signings of dj Campbell and tommy smith for a combined fee of £1.5 million! Ross Jenkins will be sold to burnley and Gavin Massey will be loaned to Wycombe for 3 months

Heard this as well! Sounds good:D

The DJ Campbell rumour returns. When will people realise he is not signing. Must be a Luton fan having a joke

The Pozzo's won't pay that sort of money for players who are over 25

Ross Jenkins who does he play for?(Burnley FC Fan) {Ed044's Note - watford

Burnley fc complete 2 year deal for brian stock . Bfc website .

MW and GM to sign for Wycombe. RJ to Burnely. CI to Preston

Jenkins won't sign for burnley, we have made our last permenant signing for this season with Brian stock

You wouldnt have to pay for jenkins you can have him for free !!

He would leave on a free as Watford are set to sign more players

How old is ross jenkins??



10 Aug 2012 15:22:54
burnley set to sign an unnamed striker on a three month load due to the injury of danny ings eddie howe is hoping to bring him in before the port vale game on tuesday night with only charlie austin as an avaliable first team striker beacause of sam vokes being called up for wales and martin paterson being called up for northern ireland.



10 Aug 2012 15:19:18
Darius Vassell could join Preston North End on a one year contract

Don't need him, especially at his age.



10 Aug 2012 14:42:08
Huddersfield are considering bringing Liam Lawrence to the galpharm

Coming to cardiff

Bit late now john smiths stadium

Johns Smiths even! ;-)

Gone to paok



10 Aug 2012 14:46:26
Bournemouth are set to trial Carshalton Athletic right back Luke Nolan

Luke Nolan above {Ed003's Note - Yes we saw it thanks Luke}

This could be bournemouth's last addition as we have no real cover for simon frances at right back. With stephen purches out for long term injury, steve cook could move over from central defence but both would be playing in their first choice role. To bring in a young hot prospect like luke nolan , if he does well in trial period, could be good investment for the long term vision. All in All bournemouth have a very strong squad and match the eight other good squads in div1 this year, just hope things go well and we are at least in the promotion play-offs.

You have a very good player in Tommy, sad to see him go, good luck Tommy and thanks. BHAFC.



10 Aug 2012 14:46:00
wolves reject 9mil bid for jarvis from
west ham

Wolves are really overvaluing there players. 12 m for fletcher & 9 for Jarvis is obscene .

Well spotted brains. We have two players under contract who we don't want to sell. If someone offered you less than market price for your car or house that you didn't want to sell would you not put an inflated price on it and ask they to pay up or look elsewhere?

It clearly isn't overvalue if people are paying it you fool

Its about time clubs start calling the shots! They signed contracts for a reason...if its right for club then sell. Need to take back the power from players

Sorry But wasn't there someone called Andy Carroll who i believe went for 35mil and he hasn't scored much either.

If JOe Allen is worth £15m, Fletcher & Jarvis are worth £20m each. You are talking about our 2 top goalscorers

Stephen Fletcher
Wolverhampton Wanderers 61 (22)

Better than a 1 in 3 average – in a bottom half of the table premiership team.

Andy Carrol - £35 Million - LIVERPOOL
42 (6)

Luiz Suarez - £22.8 Million - LIVERPOOL
44 (15)

Fernando Torres - £50 Million - CHELSEA
46 (7)




10 Aug 2012 14:45:59
Matthías Vilhjálmsson was going to be the trialist against Coventry but will now not play in the friendly after pulling out for travelling reasons. But looks likely to sign for Bristol Rovers in the next few days.

Coventry are better off out of it believe me

Couldn't hack it at Colchester. Another poor signing. Will probably walk away in a matter of weeks like Baldvinsson. We're a joke club.



10 Aug 2012 14:45:07
Juventus are now favourites to sign RVP as Arsenal refuse to sell to a premier league rival



10 Aug 2012 14:37:08
Craig Bellamy has signed for Cardiff city on a 2 year deal.




10 Aug 2012 14:15:26
I now have the name of Swindon towns Italian target, striker Alessio Viola from Reggina Calcio

Useful target man.

Oh yeah at 5ft 6 inches his a miniture



10 Aug 2012 14:14:23
Kieran Cadogan will join Bristol Rovers within the next few days..

Yes i can confirm this is true, manager and board have worked really hard to get this one done there was A LOT of other interest from Crawley, Gillingham, Leyton Orient. Will sign monday

It's now Tuesday and um no sign of him joining guess he's just a bit late I mean 24 hours int that much is it



10 Aug 2012 14:06:03
Stockport County's Sean McConville has left Edgeley Park by mutual consent which frees up wages to enable County to bring in at least four young layers into their development squad and gives Sean three weeks to find another club before the deadline.

Sean is on trial at Rochdale at present but Rotherham, Plymouth and Preston may be interested in the free agent

Is there any more rumours regarding plymouth, i wouldent call this a rumour

Just the David Healy one at the moment



10 Aug 2012 13:57:31
Carlisle are already looking to extend the contract of versatile youngster Brad Potts.



10 Aug 2012 13:55:07
Southampton manager Nigel Adkins is set to sign up to 3 players tonight (10.08.2012) simply because there last pre-season match is the following day leaving no time for future signings to get adjusted to the squad and framework Adkins has set up.

Southampton are in desperate need for a winger on either side with no cover if first choice left midfielder Adam Lallana picks up an injury throughout any course of the season. Therefore the Saints are going to finalise a move for Adam Johnson who has already been linked with the club. The deal is thought to be worth around 7 million. This is also likely to happen because of the likelihood of Scott Sinclair of Swansea heading to Manchester City pushing Johnson further out of the Champions squad.

Adkins is also going to pay the required ammount for Blackburns Scott Dann. The central defender is needed for either replacement status or back up for both Jos Hoivveld or Jose Fonte. Either way the defender is very interested in joining Southampton to regain Premiership Status.

Lastly it is believed a right winger is the main priority for Nigel Adkins. Last season it was a toss up between Richard Chaplow and Guly Do Prado, both not natural right wingers. Saints cannot afford to play around in the big time and therfore need to purchase an experienced winger. Jermaine Lens is thought to be that man. Adkins is almost certain the player will be wearing Saints stripes next season with a steep starting bid allready rejected. Nigel, the manager, had a 5million bid rejected from Lens' club which, by any standards, for a club who have just come up, that is quite a large bid for an opener. Therefore this has shown the desire of bringer Jermaine to the club and an improved offer will be offered.

And this is all to be done this evening? Yeh right, so far it has taken nigel and cortese 2 weeks minimum to secure signings let alone 5 hrs

Good luck with Dann , every prem team hes joined have been relegated a

The second I saw Adam Johnson I realised the rest wasn't worth reading. Johnson would be too expensive, too high wages, to low a level of football (not Europe or title challenging), and its not likely to do much for his England prospects. I'd love it to happen, just as any Saints fan would. But put simply, it's not going to happen.

Y does premiership team keeping wanting dann every year after he gets the team relegated. Well best of luck staying up

Dont be r*****s, it's not like a team will sign dann and that's the reason they go down, it most likely because he is a player who is lower level premier league and therefore players at clubs that get relegated, about 70 players play for the 3 relegated teams every season, it's pure coincidence, he isn't the reason they get relegated and I think he would be a great signing!

Scott Dann is headed to Sunderland it seems. I doubt he'll join the Saints ranks it was a rumour a while ago and has become less and less likely since.

I don't understand why people immediately count out Adam Johnson as a target for Southampton. Do people realize that he was a key player for a Championship team when he signed for Manchester City, where he eventually ended up a bit-part player at the end of the bench?

He barely got the chance to play in European football before, and he barely will staying with the squad, so why not go to a team where he will be consistently, if not constantly in the first eleven?

baffles me

I'm not sure why this baffles you? It's simple. Any debate over whether Johnson would or would not join us based on our and his ambitions is made totally void by the fact that he would have to take such an insanely large cut in wages to move here. Just ain't gonna happen.

Just because you put alot of effort into that essay, doesnt mean its true... theres no chance they are signing three players in one night haha!

Do you realy want Scott Dann? He's taken his last two clubs down and is on a hat trick.

Well, that's slightly embarrassing. 11.08.12, and not even one signing since this post. Oh dear...someone is full of sh*t

3 players in one night is not going to happen. Johnson however strikes me as the type of player wants to reignite his career. He could do a lot for Saints if he's willing to take a pay cut. Liverpool more likely though although that would be a bad move for him in my opinion



10 Aug 2012 13:50:06
Bristol city to reject any bids from Swansea and fulham for Adomah that are less than 3.5m + player as they want to keep him for one more season so his price tag will rise. The Yannick bolasie deal is false and in my eyes he can change a game in an instant so why sell him to Crystal Palace for 250,000? Also city set to sign sam baldock 1.5m and a CB either monk or lita is swap deal if they match the 3.5 pricetag

On the city website it says that mcinnes has had.... no bids!!!! so stop saying adomah will sign for swansea he won't!!!

IF they match the pricetag. IF IF IF

Yes like rovers had no bids for for carayol

He will



10 Aug 2012 13:37:53
Southampton are the favorites to land wolves winger Matt Jarvis for a fee expected to be worth £6 million... would be a very good singing

Wolves rejected a 9mil bid from WHU... so why will dey accept a 6 mil bid from Saints.. another High Saint!

How when wesy ham had a 9 mill bid rejected

Dont think so 9 mill rejected

According to express and star tonight ,
west ham have put in a bid of £9 million and were knocked back,and that is a dingle rag.

Considering they already rejected 9 mill from west ham i'd say this is BS

6 million....No chance!

All this 9 million bid rejected and 6 million no chance. Are we talking about the same Matt Jarvis?! 6 million is a silly amount for a top championship, low premiership player. Wolves should be biting the hands off anyone that offers more than 4 or 5.

All these wolves players linked to big money moves is crazy they were the most awful team in prem history it would be a silly signing

He's handed in a transfer request, so we will see.

Yes it would be

Look at the stats of prem history and you will find that wolves were not the worse team



10 Aug 2012 13:26:58
Huddersfield to sign one of five strikers out of Ross McCormack, Lee Barnard, Chris Martin, Simeon Jackson or

Out of the list only one does it for me and that is Simeon Jackson, would be an excellent signing. The others either not to the level we need or are simply chasing the best wage deal they can get.

I would love Simeon Jackson!!

Please be true buy one get one free.....

Uddersfield cannot afford any of them on that list its more likely to be billy barn door paynter

Huddersfield could afford them all. But we are lucky enough to have a very wealthy chairman who is willing to splash the cash. Did we also mention hes a life long Town fan :-) even man utd n chelsea would give their right arm for that!

Can't afford them, don't be silly. I think you are getting us mixed up with 'have to sell before we buy' Leeds Urinals.



10 Aug 2012 13:19:56
Carlisle united are favourites to sign scottish striker Craig Beattie after he turned down rangers

He's supposed to be signing for St. Johnstone today.

St Johnstone sign former Hearts striker Craig Beattie

St Johnstone agree Beattie deal - BBC Football

He's having a medical at st johnstone

Carlisle me thinks not .... he is going to St Johnstone ( stv news 18:00 tonight )



10 Aug 2012 12:51:09
Matthías Vilhjálmsson will arrive in England to make a deal Sunday. Very reliable source.

Yeah he is signing for Colchester United (Source BBC)



10 Aug 2012 12:49:05
West Ham are on the verge of signing both Alou Diarra and Moussa Konate for a combined £4 million subject to medicals.

Alou Diarra, a defensive midfielder, currently plays in Ligue 1 for Marseille and has some experience of the Premier League despite not making an appearance for Liverpool during his 3 year stay. The 31 year-old would command a fee in the region of £2 million and is seen as a coup by many due to his international experience.

Moussa Konate, on the other hand, is a relatively inexperienced 19 year-old striker who currently plays for Maccabi Haifa. The young striker played in the 2012 Olympic games for Senegal scoring five times in four games. Some believed this would increase the value of the player but West Ham have agreed a fee in the region of £2 million with the players parent club.

Diarra has had a medical.But Moussa konate has returned to senegal for his holiday no reports suggest your signing him



10 Aug 2012 12:45:41
Tony Pulis is not offering trialist, Boenisch a contact at the Brit



10 Aug 2012 12:44:51
according to a very good source james beattie, lewis toshney and Dale hilson to sign sometime next week

Which club are they linked with ?



10 Aug 2012 12:40:47
Liam lawerance to huddersfield town

Thought he was heading to cardiff? maybe not then.

Signing for Cardiff

Right.......another midfielder then...



10 Aug 2012 12:29:21
Swansea seriously interested in Pablo Hernandez as a replacement for Scott Sinclair, who's likely to join Manchester City next week.

Sinclair's not leaving

He is.

How are we doomed for relegation when weve beaten you both times in the prem?

Said this 5 days ago, now the deal is imminent and to be completed for £4 million today/tommorow on a three year deal.



10 Aug 2012 12:28:22
Wes Fletcher of Burnley looks set to sign for bury on season long loan

If he wernt injured

We've got enough "up and coming" strikers who are unlikely to score. What we need is a good centre back



10 Aug 2012 12:20:33
Berahino to Shrewsbury Town on loan, it's going to happen.

I don't think it is now because west brom has announced there done for the summer no one going out on loan or leaving or buying

Graham turner- we are In talks with a defender and a striker

Striker may be Arturo Lupoli. former Arsenal



10 Aug 2012 12:09:26
Boro will bid for Ishmael Miller from Nottingham Forest. Mowbray is keen to have him as they need a holding target man.

McManus could be used as part of the deal, with Forest keen to loan him for the season with Boro paying 50% of his wages.

Sounds like a good deal for Forest.

Is that Mick McManus?



10 Aug 2012 12:03:02
Lukaku to sign on loan at the baggies today or tomorrow, Frodo

Signing confirmed on wba site



10 Aug 2012 12:02:32
Antony Kay has signed. Confirmed on



10 Aug 2012 11:56:11
West brom look to sign lukaku on loan from Chelsea.

Source: express and star and chris lepowski

Baggies have just signed him on a season long loan



10 Aug 2012 11:45:32
After missing out on Victor Moses , Chelsea will step up their intrest in Crystal Palace star Wilfred Zaha



10 Aug 2012 11:42:52
Sheffield Wednesday are intrested in Oxford goalkeeper Ryan Clarke

Wednesday already got 5 keepers

We already have 4 keepers

Sorry I mean Sheffield United



10 Aug 2012 11:42:10
Any Nottingham Forest transfer activity today?

Boro want ishmael miller



10 Aug 2012 11:22:47
Cherries and Pompey chase Brighton's Elphick

Both the Bournemouth Evening Echo and local Sussex paper the Argus report that Bournemouth ate hoping to sign Elphick. Apparently a six figure fee has been agreed between the clubs. Personal terms and medical awaited but the deal could be finalised within 24 hours.

Elphick quoted as saying he has "exciting news" so deal done. Good signing for Bournemouth - solid defender - good header of the ball in defence and will chip in with a few goals from set pieces



10 Aug 2012 11:19:44
After his free release from Portsmouth, Liam Lawrence is set to join Cardiff City.

Dont want him really , we have enough midfielders , big wage bill aswell

He signed for Bournemouth. DOH.

What, as well as Bellamy? Can't see it.

I heared that cardiff made a move on the bbc and there quite reliable

We had him on loan, would be decent as squad player. Hopefully he signs, just to get boost.

LL has gone to PAOK Salonika



10 Aug 2012 11:11:56
Barrow are keen to sign trialist a Derby County winger who has impressed as a striker.



10 Aug 2012 11:11:27
Coventry city have denied making a move for millwall defender Scott Barron however if a deal was to be done Coventry would offer Chris Hussey in part exchange according coventry telegraph

Well whatever happens here Im not sure because Chris Hussey is a left back,and we already have a far better left back in Scott Malone! SO! NEXT?


DO NOT do any swap deals with Chris Hussey KJ , he IS VERY INJURY PRONE! PLEASE!

Chris Hussey is terrible.



10 Aug 2012 11:09:57
Liam Lawrence has reached a compromise deal to leave Portsmouth, the door is now open for a takeover by Portpin



10 Aug 2012 10:54:51
Robbie Brady and Josh King will sign for hull city on loan next week .

Liam Lawrence could also make a move to the kc stadium

Rubbish about lawrence to hull

Loan loan and loan again wheres the money they are supposed to have !!!

Cant c it myself,

Havent made any loan signings yet so what you are on about?

I heard josh king was coming permanently

Brady and king won't come back

I wish!! Doubt we'd be able to get them back though, and we spent £2.6 mil on one player! What more do you want?!

Liam lawrence is to good for hull, where did u her this from:L

Liam lawrenece to good for hull !!! Dont make me laugh he played for portsmouth who got relegated so were to good for him!!!



10 Aug 2012 10:52:10
Swansea city set to go in for fulham midfielder Kerim frei trying to sign him up on a season long loan

No chance Fulham regular this season

Not a chance will he leave, Jol rates him and has a great future. Why would he join a club that's doomed for relation anyway!!

Haha no chance



10 Aug 2012 10:37:31
Brighton will not be getting a new striker for the start of the season! Source the Argus. And Tommy Elphick gone to Bournemouth for a six figure sum

Why a another striker

According to the Argus report Brighton are still looking to sign a striker but are not close to doing so.

Not true, planning in case, current position is negotiations ongoing and should be place before season starts

It doesn't mention anywhere that we won't be getting a new striker...

Yeah, the argus doesn't say Brighton won't get a new striker though does it? Maybe you should learn to read?

Brighton argus responses from brighton fans is very positive for tommy elphick and wishing him all the best at bournemouth. Seems to be a pre-gone conclusion. Ipswich's interest in zuber would suggest that afcb will cash in on him, just wish it was barratt! We have real depth in cenral defenders with addison, elphick, zuber, bowles and cook (plus barratt)

Poyet has claimed he's after a striker, and that he's very good. So Pointless posting rumours on strikers as we won't know who until we've signed him. Just leave the rubbish out and during this week im sure Brighton will reveal their striker.

Go on the Bournemouth website you muppets, we have signed tommy elphick



10 Aug 2012 10:24:43
Rotherham set to place a 350k bid for Will Hoskins from Brighton and renew their interest in Peterbrough right back Mark Little.

If hoskins did sign (a big if ),the bookies will be handicapping us at christmas ,to keeo it interesting.

Hoskins is injured - out until late September with a broken foot. Big risk to sign him on that basis and by the time he is fit the transfer window will be closed

Brighton's Hoskins had surgery on a foot earlier this week and will not be fit for 6 weeks or so. Can't really see anyone making an offer until his fitness can be assured.

Would be a quality signing and i would stick a few quid on rotherham winning the league if it happened. hoskins is not going to get much of a game at brighton this season

Would love hoskins to come back but hes got a bad injury record and mark little looks good from what ive seen on youtube



10 Aug 2012 10:19:52
Alou Diarra having a medical at West Ham n Mark Noble is having a medical at motspur park ahead of a 4m move to Fulham. Adam will join fulham for 6m n dempsey will join Roma for 8.9m , sagbo will join marseille . konate will join west ham n fulham have enquired about Hooper , Bony , defoe n bendtner as they look to strengthen their attacking ranks , also jol wants a big name loan signing with , barrios , adam johnson , sahin n honda interesting the dutchman .

WestHam fan who works at motspur park (ffc trainibg ground) .

Barrios never he has moved to japan not 3 or 4 months ago for mega salary. ffc could not afford the either the fee or salary for sahin un less its a loan deal. Johnson maybe the fee ok but not the salary, honda possibly

Barrios and honda have been first team for the last 3 years and are big stars at their clubs why on earth would they loan out

Is that the same Mark noble whose currently is portugal with the west ham squad?

Mark noble will never leave west ham he's a west ham fan

Barrios is in China now

Please let the Bendtner bit be true!

First of all if you think fulham will get sahin out of all the clubs interested then i wouldnt hold your breath.
second roma wont pay that much for dempsey and dempsey has his heart set on a move to liverpool



10 Aug 2012 08:49:10
west brom are the latest club to show an interest in chelsea and belgium international romelu lukaku, west ham, stoke and fulham also interested

West brom Have signed him on loan, The last to show interest and they get Him,well at least he will get The games he's wanted, so good luck to the guy.

Lukaku -WBA 12 month loan confirmed!

Signed for West Brom by all accounts

Good signing by West Brom. Wanted him at Fulham

Btw not last to show interest lakuku said that one reason he joined Albion was because Steve Clarke phoned him up every week since Chelsea made him available on a loan

Good luck you big lad, hope you do well



10 Aug 2012 10:19:23
Billy paynter will sign for rovers in next few days of not today.



10 Aug 2012 10:08:42
Bournemouth are set to sign tommy elphick from
brighton for a six figure sum permanentaly to be confirmed in the next 24 hours

No way he will not go before hes had a chance since he missed last season

This is total rubbish why would Poyet sell him when all pre season he had been saying he wants to get Elphick fit enough to start the first game of the season

Well it's on the Brighton web site.

Well if you think this is rubbish go on the argus and then sport and read what it says

Unfortunately I think this is actually true!
Good player, Bournemouth have signed quality there. Best of luck Tommy.

Unlucky 3rd and second post u look so stupid

'First Class' that's the response of brighton fans regarding tommy elphick to bournemouth



10 Aug 2012 09:51:23
Southampton have made a £4.5m bid to sign FC Twente Center Back Douglas Texeria who has been attracting interest from Newcastle and Aston Villa

Yes please! hope this is true

From YouTube, looks like this guy is pretty handy at both ends of the pitch ... However, he may have a discipline issue. In NA and NC we trust.

Would be a great signing

Would be a very good signing for Saints. I hope this is true. He's considered one of the best centre back's in the Eredivisie.

Would be a great signing and I can see it happening

Southampton just got promoted. Dream on lads!

Yes, to the Premier League. Whats the problem?



10 Aug 2012 09:48:44
Watford's Britt Assombalonga will go to Colchester on loan today. Not sure of the duration, but he has been on Colchester's radar ever since he was on loan at local club Braintree Town last season, where he scored five goals in as many appearances.

After being released by Swindon, Kerrouche returned to Algeria joining Ligue 1 side CS Constantine on a two-year deal

Don't think this will happen as Ward is saying he won't be signing anyone else...

Britt has joined Southend on loan



10 Aug 2012 09:29:20
Scott Sinclair off to Man City in a deal initially worth 5.5m which could eventually rise to 8m



10 Aug 2012 09:25:19
Gus Has said CMS isn't going anywhere never has been and he's looking for a strike partner not a replacement so please no more on CMS



10 Aug 2012 09:20:37
I was speaking to sean garnett on tuesday night at the bolton friendly. He said that moore was looking at Shane Duffy but decided not to put the loan offer in for him.



10 Aug 2012 09:01:24
First time post-hot news from the horses mouth. Swindon set to sign Serie A striker as soon as tomorrow. Watch this space!

Its Vincent Pericard

If you mean Alessio Viola, he play Serie B

I don,t think so , [swindon ] won,t go for any more overseas players ...!
they defo-need a striker to back up what they got i feel Bostock deal is Dead!

Alessio Viola

Nonsense, they are after Adomah, Ross Allen, Bostock, Iwelumo, Jimmy Bullard (free) and Richie Towell and will get all their targets

Ill believe this when i see it!

Alessio Viola is the player, got mis-informed on the league Serie B

It's Viola and its Serie B

Wont go for any more? We havent even signed 1 over-seas player this summer:s

No way could we afford Bullards wages nor are we going to sign a player who wants to go prem, Adomah



10 Aug 2012 08:36:49
Newcastle will still sign Lille star Mathieu Debuchy even though Alan Pardew does not rate him above £6 million.



10 Aug 2012 08:26:36
Middlesbough looked poised to sign Chelsea midfielder Josh McEachran on loan. Source-Daily Fail

If this is true then does it mean that one or two may be leaving as we are overloaded in midfield?



10 Aug 2012 07:23:06
Swansea are preparing to bid £2.5M plus Monk and either Dobbie or Lita for Bristol Citys Albert Adomah

We dont want monk he passed it.

Dont think so maybe 3m plus monk etc

That's what we want, a defender who can pass.

Bring lita back

Sorry didnt realise you were the manager? monk would do a good job for bristol

Why? Is Monk a Rugby player?
Bristol are the Rugby team - Bristol CITY are a football team



10 Aug 2012 02:36:04
Ipswich interested in signing Reading
midfielder Jay Tabb, Ipswich boss
Paul Jewell believes the ex Coventry
man will add bite to the Town midfield

Seems believable hopefully he leaves.

Town are making great strides in signing outgoing Edu from Rangers

Ipswich expect to sign the lad from the old Glasgow rangers team within the next is filtering through that he is meeting with clegg tonight.

Edu will sign a 3 year deal with ipswich before blackburn game ! and only 300k

He would be free



10 Aug 2012 02:33:09
Ipswich chasing Bournemouth centre
back Stephane Zubar but Bournemouth
will be reluctant to accept offers

Bournemouth are chasing Brighton's Tommy Elphick - source Daily Echo, Bournemouth. Zubar is a versatile and classy player, so I doubt Groves will sell him unless the fee is very high.

Zubar will not go he is staying at bournemmouth that is complete rubbish

Would not want zuber to leave afcb as he has not held a regular starting spot, however i think he could become regular along side cook. The echo rumoured interest in brighton's defender tommy elphick.

Bournemouth wont sell there cult hero.

Interesting rumour, zubar could be third choice behind cook and addison this season so if another club came in offering a good amount of money, they could be tempted to sell.

Not sure about that, as Bomo are tracking Brightons Tommy Elphick... good replacement for Zubar who wasn't getting a look in.

You are all wrong, it's his brother from Wolves they're after, sheesh.

With the new signing of central defender tommy elphick, bournemouth would have four class cd's. This could allow addison whose my choice of captain, would be able to play midfield, with cook, elphick and zuber to compete for the two central defender spots.

Addison in midfield, where do you get this rubbish from, he's a central defender end of, he played in midfield for Derby reserves once.

During his loan period with bournemouth last season, addison was moved to midfield to save games. When asked what his perferred position in old interview, he said midfield but would play anywhere.

A bit of 'old pals' decision to sign hughes, groves obviously trusts him as a person having been together at portsmouth and grimsby. Unless he has been signed to coach/play this signing really baffles me and most bournemouth fans.

I would put cook with Addison zubar and Addison don't seem to get along very well or put cook left back he was quality against reading so maybe
Cook addison elphick Francis

I'd like to know who said addison played once in midfield for derby reserves.. i must of been missing something when he was 18-19 captain of the side for a period and playing centre midfield hence the reason at the time of jewell at the club savage got sent out on loan to brighton..



10 Aug 2012 02:31:36
Back to Italy?
A) He's Swedish
B) He was on loan to a Dutch team last year (Feynoord)
So how is he going 'back' to Italy?

He's father is Italian and was brought up in italy



10 Aug 2012 02:24:51
Ipswich targeting midfielder Alejandro
Bedoya who was recently released by
The Newco Rangers

Maurice Edu actually.



10 Aug 2012 02:21:18
Preston targeting Mk Dons striker
Jabo Ibehre

9 goals for bowery in 80 league games accoring to chestefield official website so check your facts

He's more of a center forward. Great at keeping the ball and marching through defenders. He's not great finisher but certainly make play. He wont leave MK tho, he's been great in pre-season.

Not good enough for the MK Dons anymore. We have better players. Best get rid of him.

Bull! he is good enough we lose him we throw away promotion as every player is vital.

Its nots bull its my opinion

Jabo is going nowhere, Robbo loves him, the fan loves him and he gives us something different!

If everyone loves him so much then yes we could keep him, he could be the half time entertainment or something, as he wont get much game time this season.



10 Aug 2012 02:18:14
Colchester to sign ex Swindon player
Mehdi Kerrouche on a free transfer

I thought he went back to algeria

He signed for CS Constantine.



10 Aug 2012 00:39:31
Matthías Vilhjálmsson will fly to Bristol in the next few days as McGhee is keen to make a deal as soon as possible and the Iceland international aims to make a career in English football and should be in a Bristol rovers shirt at the start of next week.

He played about 5 mins in 3months at colchester think he must have bench imprint in his rear still



10 Aug 2012 00:21:23
West Ham to complete season long
loan signing of Romelu Lukaku from

He's currently at the hawthorns, so expect him to join WBA in the next 12 hours

He's on his way to the west midlands for a medical at west brom



10 Aug 2012 00:05:04
stoke are chasing Romelu Lukaku to bring him in on a season loan

Not a chance with drogba gone

He will arrive at stoke ASAP as deal still valid that was agreed in jan!

He has already said he is going on loan to other prem side so dont be surprised when he turns up at the britt

Going to West Brom.

His agent has said he is going out this season to a premier league club - but has said that it isn't Fulham

Gone to west Brom.

Y do we need another target man at stoke moment... Jones can even get a game



09 Aug 2012 23:42:24
The proposed takeover of Leeds by a Gulf-based consortium has collapsed, according to the Leeds United Supporters Trust.

Bates has removed the exclusivity rights of the deal, meaning he will take note of any other possible investors. Doesn't mean the existing deal is dead.

According to British broadcasting corp Website take over Deal Back on

Yet again we still have no idea what's really happening, no change there then....



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