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09 Nov 2011 23:53:52
andy thorn on is way out at coventy

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09 Nov 2011 20:36:18
Wolves are set to sell e banks in Jan and to replace him with Nile ranger

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09 Nov 2011 20:29:10
What's going on with leicester fans?
I used to have a lot of time for the club, until because of the money they got they thought they were the new real madrid and became really nasty and arrogant.
I'm not putting all of you in the same basket, but come on you'll gain a lot more respect when you keep quiet til you've won something. Nuf said.

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True come on foxes , sort your runts out.

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We could send them some tins of dog food called winalot , and if that doesnt help the club , give it to their girlfriends ,bet they would enjoy!


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LOL you're not helping my plea for leicester fans to wise up maxi, just liting the fuse mate, good one though!

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Maximus,You seem a very witty guy! You seem very keen to slate others teams and fans. No im not a leicester fan to disapoint you, but you appear intellectually inept at placing any interesting football related comment on this site.

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It's a banter site mate, get over it.

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Ive seen some of the women in blackpool .they were extra's in day of the dead {Ed002's Note - A little unfair. I get many of my women from blackpool and they are always very nice.}

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Were your women used for extra`s in star wars , the bar scene???

maximus {Ed002's Note - I have other uses for them actually Maximus. Some have appeared in videos of course - not really mainstream though.}

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Wasnt refering to your women , just the cowards that to scare to post his team /name.

maximus blackpool ! {Ed001's Note - my missus really enjoyed her role in Star Wars thanks Max.}

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Ha ha ed001 , was she the one with two heads from preston ? no didnt think you would go with one of them from preston!


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09 Nov 2011 18:11:47
Stoke to try and sign Everton's Tim Cahill in January the boxing Aussie is struggling for fitness but would be a great signing in my opinion {Ed025's Note - i dont think he will drop his standards..

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Cahill to Stoke? Oh boy that is priceless. He is not a clogger.

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09 Nov 2011 16:23:48
'DONT BUY THE SUN' , why? I enjoy reading it and to be frank they have apologised so go get yourself a copy of Londons finest, The Sun newspaper. {Ed025's Note - how very dare you...apologised?..there is no apology they can make which will turn back the clock, the paper and the cronies who write for it are the lowest of the low.....tell it to the 96 peoples families, and you my friend should be ashamed of yourself, if you call yourself a football supporter!!

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You enjoy reading the Sun? You are a person then. Their writers are briefed to write in a specific way dumbed down to sound like white van man their own headline writers laugh themselves silly at the stupid working class oiks who buy the crap they peddle. The paper exists to stop people thinking in a constructive way. A paper owned by a foreigner who pays no tax here yet pushes anti imigrant headlines to whip up hatred of very poor people living on the margins.

Hillsborough is just one example of how low they will stoop. This paper of the common man even campaigned against a national minimium wage.

Now go read Mien Kamph you boring right wing person or better still hop in your white van drive to liverpool and tell the people there way you love the Sun so much.

Read it all you like but know that by doing so you are a complete person who clearly has an aversion to real news.

Dont Buy the Sun {Ed025's Note - well said mate..

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And dont get me started on how the coverd the miners strike!

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They were just a wing of the Thatcher government! The Sun is the enemy of the average man and woman of the UK. Look at Fox news in the US if this is the level of press and media that the public want then god help us. The people that read the Sun must understand that the shareholders editors writers etc are laughing themselves silly at the readers that they produce daily drivel and the servile easily led masses lap it up THE JOKE IS ON THE READERS.

Dont Buy the Sun

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I like the Sun newspaper it makes the best compost with the other rotting stuff.

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09 Nov 2011 16:39:30
Southend United Transfer Window News:

All Done Deals:

Ryan Hall to Charlton Athletic for £100,000 plus Paul Benson

Kane Ferdinand to Fulham for an initial £150,000 plus add-on's which could see the eventual fee top £500,000. Kane will be loaned back to Southend United until the end of the season as part of the deal. Although Fulham would prefer to loan him to Peterborough United. However, Southend bargained for this as part of the deal otherwise Fulham would have lost out to either Peterborough or Blackpool.

Anthony Grant to Crawley Town for £50,000

Bilel Mohsni to Colchester United for £100,000 plus Karl Duguid.

Michael Timlin's loan expires and he will return to Swindon Town prior to being loaned to Yeovil Town.

Luke Prosser on loan to AFC Telford

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09 Nov 2011 16:30:33
Spurs have a shopping list, Eden Hazard, Christian Eriksen, Iker Munian, Vertoghen, Leandro Damiao and Cavani. Expect at least 3 of them to join Tottenham Hotspur.

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I can see it myself to be honest


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09 Nov 2011 13:26:16
Billy Sharp amazing Goal i feel sorry for him SDharp is a beast

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09 Nov 2011 13:25:15
wolves really need to start buying good players because are lacking spot is scoring with Fletcher is going but not being baked up. a good centre half to support johnson. New manager in the next few weeks Martin O'Neill please.

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No chance mate, O'Neil is coming to sunderland!! You can put your house on it!

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