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07 Apr 2013 20:57:26
Seems Liverswans have not progressed this season, King Kenny was sacked having delivered some silverware for the cleaners to dust and the historians to mumble on about for years to come.

However Should Rogers fail to deliver European football this season then their best player will be on his bike, with the potential of a few more leaving seeing him go, the lack of progress will rip the club apart.

The reality of Heavy History combined to another declining season (no Europe)may just bite the Mouth that wants every Swansea City player he can get
Think all Liverswans need to realise they are just a mid table team with a great history that pay too much fees & wages for medicore players

No Trophy no Europe this season is a big lure for the best players eh.

Concentrate on keeping your better players start being realistic mid table poss 6th next season
and stop being delusional about being a top 4 club (rant over)

As for Swansea, They have been a breath of fresh air again this season, on and off the field,
They will continue to get better again next season, firmly a team on the up having now taken a Trophy to add to their history books

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Agree, and Swansea are a better team than Liverpool--- if Suarez goes mid table next season for sure

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Just sounds like a jealous rant, and I don't support pool

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It's not jealousy mate it's fact

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Its not fact, pool are followed wordlwide and will always be pushing top 6, swansea will eventually disappear from the prem, top players will always go to pool and ask 'who are swansea', fact

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Swansea can't be that bad can they, Liverpool are after all there players. Mind you no wonder with players like Henderson and Lucas in your team--- take Suarez out you'd be in bottom 6!!

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07 Apr 2013 19:20:55
All of Portsmouths current team are said to want to stay with the club for league two next season and if they play as well as they have the past two months then the fans could have a season to celebrate for a very long time.

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07 Apr 2013 16:50:55
To people who say Albert Adomah is going to be sold for £4m.

If he was worth £4m he would have kept Bristol City out of relegation trouble and moved them up the league.

The only argument anyone can have is that Adomah is worth £4m because United signed Zaha for £15m, but £4m for a player who is a good player and has quality, but hasn't performed at Championship level is a waste of money

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Stupid post, takes more than one player to make a team

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07 Apr 2013 16:16:26
Craig Gardner will join West Brom in the summer.

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07 Apr 2013 15:16:54
I think it's skocking how in an English match Newcastle V Fulham there are only 2 english players starting only 7 including both clubs bench's, is there not some rule which makes you have to have a minimum of British players in the squad to play with? If not their should be, no wonder our national team, isn't great. but respect to teams like Villa and Southampton who are giving young English players a chance.

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I agree with you, but English clubs tend to demand larger transfer fees than foreign ones, thus more and more clubs look abroad for value. I think it's also a disgrace that so many foreign owners and managers are infiltrating the game and skewing the market with oil money etc. Money doesn't talk, it shouts :- (

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Yh, I think the FA should make a rule like that though to force the top teams to get enough british players in the 18 man squad they bring to each match, it would make our national team so much stronger as it would mean we have have a bigger pool of players to look at, I think their should at least be 7-8 british players in that match squad

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07 Apr 2013 14:17:51
So financial fair play law and champions league must mean nothing to man city

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07 Apr 2013 09:22:39
Have to say did not deserve the win derby better team but well done mick we now have some balls in the team just need a striker good night after the game thanks to Steve j and friends (derby fans)on a brighter note crapy old Ipswich above Blackpool hay maximus Paul itfc

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Its taken you 41 games to post that. well done for waiting. your still crap thou.


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He who laughs last

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Laughs at ipswich.


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What a sad little man mini is.

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07 Apr 2013 00:06:59
anyone remember a wet spam fan called Bazil who was always on here slagging of Southampton, seems to have gone very quiet of late :-)

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Talking of missing people where, s Leicester Lad?

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Gone down the road to watch a team in red forest above fester

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