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05 Feb 2013 22:14:45
I'll be first, let me guess, Paolo Di Canio linked to the Forest job?

I'll also say if he does go there which I doubt, he won't see eye to eye with those person owners, good club poor owners.

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05 Feb 2013 21:15:42
how can di canio be booked in a hotel in huddersfield tonite when he is in colchester watching his team playing. sorry your telling porkies receptionist

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05 Feb 2013 21:10:59
Simon Grayson the front runner in the manager race

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Which manager race? There's quite a few.

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05 Feb 2013 21:06:43
if that's the best we have at under 21 level in the country there's no hope, are brooking and pearce the best we have to pick the best young players in the country. its a good job sweden are poor, no wonder the future is bleak, we have no chance of any major trophy in the next twenty years, its typical typecast with whoever win the worldcup or european cup we have to play like them, we have to play the british way all the time because we can't keep the ball when we play a decent team, we are not spain/ we are a joke set up at the fa

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Hopefully, with new financial laws coming in, clubs will focus more on producing and nurturing their own talent instead of buying it for huge sums. If clubs cared about youth development more, and spent the money there, then it would benefit both them and the national team.

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Unfortunately you make great points

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05 Feb 2013 18:45:06
Poor old forest yet ANOTHER manager bites the dust the club is a joke at the moment nobody will want to go there soon UP THE SHEEP

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05 Feb 2013 18:18:57
Seeing as how most fans seem to want a new manager every time their team have a bad run (including my team huddersfield)why don't the lrague apoint 22 managers and they all get 2 games each with every team in the league

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06 Feb 2013 18:40:02
what a load of nonsense. every two weeks there would be new training regime and different tactics, absolutely no stability or starting 11 for a start and what about transfers you could buy a player that might not be liked the next 5-6 managers and a player would never dare leave a club through fear. in fact i'd go as far as to say this would destroy and finish football totally. luckily this madness would never happen ( also from a fellow huddersfield fan )

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Haha that's an amazing idea, you'll definately find out who the best managers are then.

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Ive had another idea, what if we all had 2 managers one in the dugout and one in the stands in case the game wasnt going as planned and the fans and chairman got restless, the 2nd manager could be brought on sub style, so we would need 44 managers and they could move to different clubs so you would never have the same pairing and the fans would be happy because they could remove the manager at any time. maybe the chairman could be in an elevated seat roman emporer style with a thumbs down removing the manager. ave it {Ed003's Note - good shout }

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05 Feb 2013 18:07:28
The Forest owners want to see a major overhaul of the clubs playing staff - at least 10 of the current squad will go in the summer - 3 or 4 likely to go out on loan next week

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05 Feb 2013 17:04:48
Wouldn't mind Alan curbishley

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05 Feb 2013 15:34:11
Neil Warnock is the prefered replacement at Nottingham Forest and the Al-Hawasi family will make an approach to Leeds who will not stand in his way with his contract coming to an end and an average season overall.

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Pretty much the same as forest then, and as warnock has said this is his last job in management highly unlikely he will go anywhere, least of all a joke of a club like forest

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Please take him.

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Might be a joke club but how many euro cups has your club won

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05 Feb 2013 13:08:17
Is Dean Hoyle living in cloud cuckoo land saying "we are taking our time". By the time the right man gets appointed Town will be on a collision course for relagation. Come on you directors get your finger out

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Yes let's rush into signing a new manager that's bright isn't it. If we go down it won't be the end of the world unless you are aged 10 or under. I will support town IN ANY LEAGUE.

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06 Feb 2013 18:50:33
I don't think rushing into it was the right thing to do however 2wks is enough time espicially at this time f the season. going down would be a disaster of the biggest proportion considering the money already been pumped in at canalside and big boy wages etc not to mention the millions lost every year trying to get out of lge 1 if you think deano will fund constant disapointment out of his falling bank balance just to be back where he started without rhodes, pilks and pelts ? no matter how long you claim to have watched us. deano now is the time if adkins pick up the pace and give it to somebody who does

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Calm down mikey85

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05 Feb 2013 12:07:04
___Ive got the contacts that count___ I only deal in factal rumour__ yes i'm back the mitch report is here again_______________________

***************mitch report****************
Liverpool during the transfer window very nearly signed TOMMASO ROCCHI FROM INTER MILAN however talks broke down when Liverpool made there move for fellow player Philippe Coutinho (fact)

man utd had long talks with Clinton N'jie from Lyon, the 19 yr old had impressed utd talent scouts, and a summer move is likely! (fact)

***** just a little nibble of the facts the mitch report will give you in the coming days. how did you do without me ***

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Never heard of you

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05 Feb 2013 12:03:29
chris kawonya is set to be notts county manager what are we playing at only 5 points off play offs and we appoint a manager with no experience yes I wanted curle out but come on trew there's adkins cotterill grayson ect

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Can you list these ect. because well the ones you named have no chance going there

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05 Feb 2013 12:01:41
It's very surprising that no clubs are seeking to borrow Etien Velikonja from Cardiff City. He cost us a million and banged in his second hat trick for he stiffs last night. But still cannot make our first team squad.


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The simple fact is he can't run. and too lightweight that's why he's on a massive weights program

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05 Feb 2013 11:33:41
Megson out of the running for the Huddersfield town job.

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05 Feb 2013 11:28:16
Harry Kane is not coming back to Millwall on Loan. he has been recalled by spurs because of injurys and now defoe is out i'm sure kane will be on the bench for SPURS in there next prem match

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04 Feb 2013 23:38:07
Any Mk Dons fans got an opinion on Zeli Ismail? I'm an interested wolves fan.


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