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04 Dec 2011 22:55:16
Very nice site!

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04 Dec 2011 22:29:27
Swindon Town will raid non-league for strikers Ross Allen (Guernsey) and Jason Prior (Bognor).

Jordan Pavett, Billy Bodin, Will Evans, Oliver Risser, Leon Clarke, Matt Clark, Abdul Said, Elliott Benyon, Miles Storey, Michael Timlin and Alessandro Cibocchi will either leave in January or be loaned out or have existing loan deals made permanent.

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04 Dec 2011 18:34:44
Following yesterdays match-winning performance, Saints boss Nigel Adkins tied up a deal for Billy SHARP on a pre-contract.

Sharp will be moving to St Mary's on 1 January on a 3 year deal for a fee believed to be in the region of £4 million (plus add-ons ans a decent 'sell-on' clause to Doncaster).

Adkins believes Sharp will provide the fire-power to shoot Saints to automatic promotion.

This will not be the only dealings from Saints in the next window. Adkins is still after either JUTKIEWICZ from Coventry or Bristol City's MAYNARD plus another goalkeeper (rumours are LEWIS from Peterboro) and another C/H as cover for Jos and Jose.

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See SSN. Sharp transfer is possibility but pre-contract for BS is BS meaning the rest of your post is also BS.

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04 Dec 2011 17:03:54
Believe it or not, I think Anelka will be at Doncaster Rovers on January 2nd. You may think I'm mad now but hear me out.

Anelka said on twitter 'you wont expect me to go to this club'. He also mentioned that he had taken advice from his agent.
Anelka has the same agent as Doncaster rovers players Diouf, Chimbonda and Goulon.

He also said that the club have dealt with Chelsea youth in the past. Doncaster Rovers have dealt with Chelsea's lalkovic, whorley and some other lad whose name I have forgotten.

Doncaster have managed to sign a few top players on short contract deals and loan deals. I believe Anelka will be one of these short contract deals. Anelka is likely to find a top club in the summer as Anelka could easily still play Premier League level. {Ed002's Note - Why do you bother writing all of these lies and BS?}

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Sorry to upset you m8 but you are wrong. Anelka will Join Pompey in January. He has been strongly linked to Montreal but he has also been in talks with Pompey, this is not BS watch this space PUP.

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Sorry to up set you all he is on His way to Norwich

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U all bloody puddled, but funny so it all gud

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Get off the wacky baccy mate

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Made you laugh though

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04 Dec 2011 16:34:11
Everton fans are a total disgrace for booing an injured player.

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04 Dec 2011 15:52:54
West Brom will look to sort out the left back position in January. Hodgson far from happy with Shorey displays at the moment. Usually very reliable source.

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04 Dec 2011 14:31:22
R.I.P Socrates.

What a legend.


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04 Dec 2011 11:53:39
RIP Socrates one of the greatest players ever

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04 Dec 2011 11:58:52
reading very good side deserved a point !
hope all there fans go home safe in there mini-bus.

just having cornflakes and choked on reading
hull 2-1 liecester ha ha ha ha .

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Thought you eat humble pie max?

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Is that a liecester dish!

maximus. {Ed025's Note - its not nice to make fun of others misfortune max...santa wont come down YOUR chimney..

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04 Dec 2011 10:42:07
keeno went after 6 on the trot,its now 7 from pj.get him out now and bring in jones or bruce,but not ferguson,thats a joke.come on mr evans dont let this great club down,we still have time to get in the play-offs.!

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Come on Barnsley,

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I have it on very good authority that
Steve Bruce is being lined up to replace
Jewell, will happen this week

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04 Dec 2011 09:06:25
uwe roswler will be sacked this week and steve perrymen willl be taking over.

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04 Dec 2011 01:13:01
03 Dec 2011 10:15:46
can anybody/sensible tell me where southampton really think they are getting there cash from? yes i understand the family that owns them are billionaires but you still need to get the cash from them i dont think its gunna happen that a championship side are gunna pay close to 10 mill for a brazillian (unless you are on about a waxing)



Liebherr set up fund just befor he died which contains an undisclosed amount of money however it is a substantial amount. Cortese said at a dinner recently that we were in the early Stages of getting and developing the stadium and that their is a big name signing waiting to happen in January.

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I thought they got their money from

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Liebherr had a 5 year plan which did invole a large amount of money and that is to be continued by Cortese with the famlily blessing. He also put aside money for improving training facilities and the youth academy which was already at a very high standard, that work has aready started, also Saints football club own a very large plot of land which is near the Hampshire Rose Bowl, this land is what Rupert Lowe tried to keep for himself it is worth alot of money. However Saints will not spend 10 million on one player, so the idiots that are saying that are living in dream world. Saints will sign a striker in January which know one will no apart from Adkins him self, my guess will be lukas jutkiewicz or Billy sharpe someone in the region of 3-5 million this is just my opinion only. If we did get to the prem and only if, then i have heard that there will be 20 million available plus any money genarated from sales, which is not much when you consider how much players are valued at but would give us a fighting chance of staying there.

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