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03 Mar 2012 22:29:14
I don't want a major football club to go out of business but I think it will take it for football finances to improve. It is unfortunate that it is Portsmouth but I am fed up with the supporters club banging on about how it is a club beloved by the people of Portsmouth. I very much doubt it the attendances show that 90% of Portsmouth don't care. When a local butcher is going out of business people don't suddenly stop going to Tesco to buy their meat so as Portsmouth look like going out of business the people of Portsmouth arn't going to come out in force to save the local club. May not be nice but thats life.

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Secondly,do you think the players are concerned as well? like hell they are, they will just move on Nugent knew how to demand big wages just like the rest of them, They are the ones that have killed your beloved carp conning club RIP POMPEY

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U cant class pompey a major club the only thing theyre class at is not paying their bills they re crooks

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03 Mar 2012 20:27:35
If anyone comes on here and slates any one of our players after todays perfomance you ain;t a Leeds supporter!

Everyone did there all and I walked away totally proud of the team and 110% behind Watnock...

We play like that every week and we haven't got any problems.....

MOT together forever!!!!

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Snodgrass and Webber are shocking.

Mr Roller Coaster

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Coming from a Southampton fan, how we won today is beyond me as Leeds Utd dominated the game.

This just goes to show that goals win you games!

Super Kelvin Davis

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Watch the game ! leeds couldnt hit a barn door! this that , that this!
you dont score you lose or draw!
at blackpool match last nite , looked a very good goal from tom ? derby next tueday ! hoping a win !
soton well done today!
leeds unlucky !


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Super Kelvin Davis? - maybe. Super Rickie Lambert - defo, y'know, that bloke whose 'not worth half of a £3M bid', allegedly and who 'will be found out in the Championship' and who 'only scores from penalties'.

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Makes me laugh how so called Leeds fans say there a massive club with fan base so how come you play a top of the league team your close to the play offs and you have a half empty ground not that big are you just a little club with not much support

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03 Mar 2012 17:27:14
it has to be mike bassett for huddersfield now,we might not go up but at least we will have a laugh.the sooner larry goes the better what a disaster even clarko was better.booooooooooooooooooooooooo

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03 Mar 2012 17:22:38
To the leeds fan who predicted lots of draws under grayson ,I bow to your knowledge blow a 2.0 lead on tuesday was bad enough but 3.0 to bury !!! play offs best booooooooooooooooooooooooo

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This is a Leeds site, in case you hadn't noticed?

Fair do's to Grayson, but he is no longer Leeds??

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This post is on banter not leeds page dur {Ed013's Note - There is a specific Leeds page on here, but this is football rumours/banter in general}

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03 Mar 2012 15:47:02
Just spoken to some business men and fans trying ato save Pompey. And all agree the only thing to do now is start over with the fans taking more of a hands on roll. So looks look Portsmouth FC will be starting they football in the Sothern division one south & West or the Wessex League and hoping to ground share with Havant & waterlooville who play in the Conference South. Been told focusing and finishing the curreent league fixtures.

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03 Mar 2012 13:27:19
Tick rock for you Cardiff fans 14games to go and your prize asset is gone in the summer ...ha

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03 Mar 2012 10:24:19
Dear Blue Few,
Please dont fold, else we wont have anyone to take the pi55 out of...our feathered friends
in handbag hove and the dorset pensioners do just not cut the mustard as true rivals...ticktock

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03 Mar 2012 09:17:27
lets get a couple of points over..when we won the FA cup we had a bebfactor who was willing to pay wages because he LENT the club the money. Man city have a benefactor and Chelsea have a benefactor who lend their clubs money to pay wages and transfer fees they can not afford.So they will have to give back the trophy's too. You might aswll include Man utd in the list, however i think they and Liverpool could afford the the fees etc if they had not had unscupulous owners.
NEXT..most of the Moronic comments on here sound like they have been listening to Adrian Durham too much..

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The blue few took the glory beyond thier means, and must now take the pain and smell the beans....ticktock...

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03 Mar 2012 02:15:34
pompey don't go to blue square south on next season
and go remain on npower championship
nothing will happen that even rumors that the portsmouth will end, because it will not crap what they say portsmouth will remain in the championship and will not end

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Does anybody really care cause I don't getting boring now your club made there bed now lay in it

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Pompey will NOT be playing in CHAMPIONSHIP be grateful & hope for LEAGUE 1 at best

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