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31 Dec 2012 20:17:02
Sigurson would be a class signing at norwich city! Also hopefully with the signing of john guidetti on a season loan from man city then we can loan or sell morrison for 3 million to villa we can get funds to buy another striker eg: traore from monaco or big pc from crouch to step us up to the top half of the table! Also need another midfielder as competition for bradley johnson as he needs someone to make him more eager!

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When will norwich fans wake up your not going to attract decent players your a 1man team in holt who's now prob on his last decent year so reality check your doing ok but your bubble will burst and delia will be gone and then what back to league 1with no chance of a return matt nufc

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02 Jan 2013 10:57:25
As a newcastle fan you should know about being one season wonder. When your only decent player moves to chelsea where will u be then? Sunderland are much better.

Ncfc matt

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Is that your argument Sunderland are better not that good is it I take it from your reply I told the truth never mind enjoy the championship no money spent on good players means relegation and before you go on about we are above you let's wait for the season to end bye bye

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31 Dec 2012 12:44:49
does anybody know where ken augero? is ?

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Whos he playing for

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31 Dec 2012 10:12:46
Any Oxford United News ed? {Ed013's Note - No sorry}

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31 Dec 2012 09:43:49
Ed have you heard any realistic Norwich rumours? (Danny Graham)? {Ed013's Note - I heard the Danny Graham one a few days back and then there is always the Leeds players like Byram and Lucas the Kopcat}

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Mr carrot cruncher , Leeds no longer a selling club , no player is leaving in january , as stated by mr warnock. And you couldn't afford sam or luciano , we are looking for a midfielder , maybe hoolahan fancies playing for a big club on the up

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31 Dec 2012 20:45:29
Mid-table championship side Leeds , Norwich city feeder club !

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Norwich feeder club, lol , soon be mid table championship club at best , up the ammers lol

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02 Jan 2013 11:03:23
Up the hammers what shame you needed a bent ref beat us, all you are are is a poor stoke city. May i add i have alot of respect

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31 Dec 2012 12:03:37
obvisously you only write what you read in the press from those who believe stoke have no place in the prem. postion and points dont lie as alan hansen said play to your strenghts and expose your oppentents weaknesses. stoke wont sell because they dont need to probably one of the best run clubs financially in the prem.

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31 Dec 2012 11:59:21
Cheltenham Town boss Mark Yates has told the media: "There's no chance of me paying a fee for anybody - It will be loans or free transfers".
Despite a general consensus that the board with give Yates a large fund for new players thanks to the clubs' FA Cup revenue, this now appears not to be the case.

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31 Dec 2012 11:00:16
Can everyone get off stale's back, this is a transition period and let's not forget we are only a good run away from the play offs. Sacking stale at this point would be incresibly stupid, there is no one else better at the moment who would come to wolve and all the players he has brought in have been our best players (cig, sako, doumbia) give him a chance to finish the job he has started and replace the s*** like ward and edwards with genuine quality. We all we need is a new pair of full backs and maybe a cm if doumbia goes to ACoN since people like ohara and boukari will be back. At the moment we just lack confidence at the moment so instead of calling for heads let's get behind the boys and take the pressure off.

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31 Dec 2012 09:28:35
Huddersfield Town January shopping list;-

Experienced Centre Half
Holding Midfielder
Striker 20+ goals

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That's everyone's shopping list.........

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Not mine i need teabags, toilet rolls, bread and beans

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Dont need beans if your watching Huddersfields mate. They make me go regular without the need of added fibre

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Huddersfield who

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31 Dec 2012 00:44:30
In tomorrow's moonSport, they have an exclusive on Nottingham Forest's new owners. There's a suggestion they cannot afford to keep hold of the club until beyond 2014, I hope it isn't true. Updates when I can... Mark3210.

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