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29 Jul 2012 21:11:17
hi ed do you know any sheff utd rumours

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29 Jul 2012 20:26:27
29 Jul 2012 10:05:47
Found out from reliable source at brighton, there will be NO more signings this summer. So all rumours and gossips can stop exciting fans

HAHA! We haven't spent a penny yet apart from siginin on fees. There is about £5m in the kitty still

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29 Jul 2012 19:20:33
Richard Dunne will move to celtic and we will bring in scott dann. Villa fan

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Thats you lot relegated then.

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29 Jul 2012 19:09:54
sunderland placed bid for fletcher belived to have matched wolves valuation (10m) SOURCE...................sly spurts

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29 Jul 2012 18:28:41
Newcastle are keeping close eye on Steven Caulker as he won't get much football at spurs will have to wait till after Olympics before making bid that's why there is no New first team cb been bought yet

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Steven Caulker will take over for king

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Typical dreaming barcodes.

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29 Jul 2012 16:13:12
Hi ed any news on what club Giles Barnes will play for ?

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29 Jul 2012 16:17:01
Adkins has said Southampton will confirm another signing (Possibly two) By the end of this next week (Meaning Friday). He has previously stated he is focused on getting new defenders and also has been linked to various wingers. Chaplow looks like he may be headed to Palace as part of an unusual deal for Zaha (this seems unlikely even to me but it's something that came up so I bring it to the attention of the people). Lens is looking likely to sign as a 'senior member' of staff from St Mary's went to the PSV training camp to talk to him.

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I know Adkins said more signings to come but when did he say by Friday?

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He stated he had plans to bring in a new face in this upcoming week after the Ajax game saying he wants to get it done so he can also have a bit more time to integrate new faces to he squad... He said he'd like to get more than 1 but at least one by Friday is the target.

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29 Jul 2012 17:44:09
think Stoke are for the drop , TP has
no money to spend, we need to sell.

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Lets see who we brought in by end august. even if we dont sign many players cant see us going down

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29 Jul 2012 16:13:52
nigel pearson will be replaced as leicester city manager by end of august if performances dont improve after yesterdays performance against shrewsbury

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What an person, it was a friendly

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Haha what a silly post lol must be on a wind up, season aint started yet and your saying if performances dont improve nigel will get the sack lol

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29 Jul 2012 16:33:43
Oxford United are not interested in any other players other than the 3 trialists they have with them in the USA.
Defenders Alex Evans (Cardiff) and Ryan Tafazoli (Southampton) and midfielder Courtney Harris (Fulham).
They will only sign 1 of the defenders. And will only sign Harris if the injuries are worse than first thought. And will also only be 6 month contracts, just to cover the injuries to Michael Duberry, Harry Worley, Andy Whing, Liam Davis and Peter Leven.
They have only played 4 mins between them in the 2 games so far.
Oxford will also confirm the signing of Manchester United left back Sean McGinty on there return from the US next week.
He was unable to travel due to visa problems.

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29 Jul 2012 15:41:10
I know for a fact that Hume is possibly the player striker in the league, he would NEVER join Fleetwood town who would destroy his reputation as a top goal scorer, Wesley has no clue on what he's doing, signing Chris iwulemo, who is not anywhere as good as Hume, if Hume was too leave PNE, I would have too be for a better/ Championship club whom are having plans for future development, lastly selling Hume for £200K is laughable...

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29 Jul 2012 12:51:17
Cardiffs money men have come out and said that there will be no more big signings this transfer window. Also a few cardiff first teamers are getting restless with the untested players that have been signed so far. Cardiff fans can expect a few of there stars leaving as they feel they've been sold a lie about the ambition of the welsh club. Expect a mid table at best finish this season.

Long life cardiff fan

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29 Jul 2012 11:57:12
Anyone know if adomah played at st. Johnstone? Sounds like bolassie played right wing. Not good .....

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Injured according to del but will be back against killie on Monday as will fontain

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He was on the bench i think he got a little niggle in marbs

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29 Jul 2012 11:32:28
Derby County signings

Krystian pearce-Pre payed
James Caton-Contract Offered
Valetine Gjoraki-Contract Offered
Michael Hogdeson-Contract Offered

Steve davies is the Subject of 500k
bid from Ipswich town but he has
a 1.1 million asking price and Jewell
has said he dosent have that kind
of money.But is willing to do Cash plus
player deal but clough is reluctant
after he has already got his targets
and needs the money to get them.
Whats the most interesting about this
is that Blackburn made a 850k bid that
was rejected and that lasted 2 days
yet this ipswich 500k bid seems to
have lasted 2 weeks.

Either way there will probally be a late
suprise bid from a team or he will see
out his contract which is probally
the best answer for the club but not
steve davies as we only payed 250k
for him and that is what the loan fee
will be for any of these maynard
and sammon strikers

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29 Jul 2012 08:56:37
Mk Dons should aim to try and sign 1 or perhaps 2 of the 4 senior players who remain on contract at pompey as portsmouth must get rid of them by the 10th of august or face liquidation. The Dons should definietly put a bid in for either Ben Haim, Kanu, Dave Kitson or Liam Lawrence all of which could have a huge impact on our strengthening sign-they are all good quality players i hope robbo makes a bit for a couple of theese players. COYD!

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29 Jul 2012 02:33:32
the web un has headlines stating paul jewell is not willing to stump up the 1 million asking price on steven davis, hes not got that kind of money he states and having bought davis to pride park, only willing to pay the 500k, obviously clough is not gonna take that, so this could go on forever, 51 appearances in 4 yrs is poor from an injury prone player, even tho his scoring record is good enough, my say is off load him and get a fitter replacement quick before this season gets under way.

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28 Jul 2012 23:43:36
Any truth in the rumour that Matt Ritchie could be leaving Swindon anyone know?

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28 Jul 2012 23:05:01
Anyone got the latest on Brightons big signing? Not herd n e thing today.

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28 Jul 2012 21:16:39
Portsmouth Fc lost: stephen henderson,kelvin etuhu,joel ward,jason pearce,aaron mokoena,david norris,luke varney,erik huseklepp,greg halford,ricardo rocha,hayden mullins,jamie ashdown, are 12 players. A little more and we are out of administration,and sign: brian howard,izale mcleod,mustapha dumbuya,mikkel andersen(loan),luke rodgers,lloyd sam,jon harley and the main hiring season is Frederic Piquionne(If Lawrence,Ben haim,Kanu and Kitson leave.Info on the basis of pre-described by me, the first team in portsmouth 2012/2013 will be :


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Piquionne is the sort of big wage player that got you in so much trouble in the first place, they would be stupid to sign him

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28 Jul 2012 20:42:11
just a thought ... if scotland go
independant .. they should put their
national mens team into the womens
olympics games football .. and they just
might win a game .. but i dont even
think they would ..
any fans wanting their money back
for the keith southern test..
should contact www.amaknobhead .com
left b4 this own testimonal ..
oh and if huddersfield get to wembley
again ... 14,000 would you like to
borrow some fans .......?


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Do yo mean the 12000 you got for home games in prem league week in week out, even bradford get attendances close to yours in 4th tier... we took nearly 40,000 to old trafford and lets see who has bigger attendances this year!!
if we borrowed some of your fans who'd go to your games!
ten years service and one of your best players now he's left for new challenge he suddenly a n*b-head, well we knew this would happen,serves you all right, funny though as he'll only be squad player down here!

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Ha ha ha .. u took 13,987 to wembley
even york city took more than u......
next time m8 , call rent a crowd ..doesnt cost much..


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Ha ha i dont think blackpool fans should be talking about attendances to anybody do you? looking forward to seeing all 1000 of you down here when you get turned over by a bigger,richer club with more fans better players and better ground!

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Say`s u ... 14,000 to wembley ..
and stop putting your girlfriends name as your posts ....


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