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28 Nov 2012 19:50:23
Derby county are to sign.The club have just recently this week been given a small financial boost by Co investors selling some shares of their American companies.Also Nigel has told his director Sam rush that there are better players available to January than in summer.So if anyone on this list joins in January expect not much activity in summer.

Sean Maguire-Development Squad
Marc Mcnulty-Development Squad
Anthony Wordsworth-First team
Jermaine Grandison-Development squad/First team
Luke James-Development squad/First team

All above are out of contract in the summer and either signed before hand for the summer or agree a small fee.

So Far the names that i keep hearing from people in the know is another controversial signing in Big rivals
Nottingham forest Local Lad Lewis Mcgugan who is said to be growing tired of being cast aside by each new Management i feels there is to much competition
for places in his posistion and dosent want to be rotated.Then Gary Madine and Emile Sinclair both
players not seeing eye to eye with their current teams backroom staff and are looking to move with Sinclair already been shipped out on loan and Madine expected the same.What im hearing is that the madine deal would be a Loan with view to pernament.

As far as out goings derby are looking to move on
Deeney,Davies and a get a couple Players out on loan.They are also trying to see if there are any offers for Bailey and Croft who are both not needed and are out on loan but i hear bailey is more likely to stay especially with the amount friends he has at the club.

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The problem with rumours/lies like this is because Lewis is a local lad, a lot of people know him and there for it is easy to find out if there is any truth in it.
Lewis wold only consider leaving forest if he gets told he hasn't future or if the club accept an offer from another which he feels could achieve his ambition of the prem.
Derby are not going to offer him this so there for it a no go.

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28 Nov 2012 16:28:06
Saints Vs Norwich. , lambert vs holt , so people who is gonna win tonight , the Saints are playing very well as are norwhich , with gaston and punch , cork , Spider-Man man playing so well , plus the defence are playing good , I'm going for a SOUTHAMPTON win COYR , come on people who's it gonna be ,,,,, maybe John draper of lordshill but now living in norwich {Ed025's Note - a draw for me..

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Come on norwich.... baz

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Poor baz just realised west ham
are rubbish
so going to support norwich

ah bess him

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Another win gone thanks to poor goalkeeping even granny clifford would of save it at the near post. Gazza needs to go out on loan and get a steady keeper in. maybe its time for KD to come back into the squad. that was another 3 good points gone by school boy errors. as a UEFA COACH myself i find it had to see how NA can continue with gazza .

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Hi Baz nice to see you have come out of your hole........ how did your boys get on last night ha ha

Romsey Saint

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Think the guy above who posted "as a UEFA COACH myself " forgot to leave his name...pinocchio..


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U are still in the bottom 3 and are still going down......baz.

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Time will tell baz but if history tells us one thing its both the decorations and the iron hoofs come down after christmas

Romsey Saint

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Norwich deserved a point.handball for saints goal.OTBC

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It was clearly 'ball hit hand' but agree that Norwich deserved a point. Looking at Wet Spam's fixture list i reckon the iron hoofs will be coming down before christmas this year.

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28 Nov 2012 12:45:16
I doubt Swindon will sell, there isn't a need at the moment we have been turning down bids for our better players for the last couple of seasons, I doubt Millwall will offer the couple of Million we would ask anyway.

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28 Nov 2012 08:50:20
the decline ha started, lge 1 beckons

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