Football Banter Archive January 27 2013


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27 Jan 2013 22:38:12
celtic supporter here, well done today the better team won, all the best in the final

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27 Jan 2013 22:26:19
Peter whittingham back to villa from Cardiff.

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Why ? to be swapping leagues next season !!

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27 Jan 2013 22:03:40
is bryan perea at watford yet?

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27 Jan 2013 21:47:11
Matej Vydra has signed a 5year contract with the hornets

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27 Jan 2013 21:11:21
I've heard Arsenal are running there eye over Liam Bridcutt

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27 Jan 2013 19:48:41
Ant Brighton Rumours Ed? {Ed003's Note - never heard of him,sorry}

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27 Jan 2013 19:40:40
Good young signing for you're boys ed, if you sign young stones,

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27 Jan 2013 19:35:42
congratulations, love a "giant killing".

Saints fan

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27 Jan 2013 19:28:04
Ritchie Wellens and his family at Latics game he on his way back ???

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27 Jan 2013 18:56:18

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27 Jan 2013 18:55:42
What do you think to fa cup draw ed difficult draw for
your boys, but this is the Fa Cup i/e luton /oldham/
mk dons {Ed001's Note - my boys went out to Oldham mate!}
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27 Jan 2013 18:09:23
oldham 3 liverpool lol ..This proves my point about Liverpool being a small poxy team of the past, I really think phillipe countinho will regret signing for them and not for an up and coming southampton football club.. Still laughing now.
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Liverpool are and always will be way bigger than southampton.huddersfield fan

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27 Jan 2013 20:56:13
I really hate liverpool but their still a better team than Southampton what they got beat by Oldham but they will always be a bigger club than Southampton

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Henderson has too be the biggest mistake in liverpool history at 17mill

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Liverpool have a great history and terrific support. Coutinho has gone to Anfield because of that - it is no good that any of us Saints fans should start comparing us with them because of one signing, and the NC interview on sky gives us his vision of where he aims to take us........then we may have reason to banter to a higher degree......COYRs

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28 Jan 2013 16:59:55
what about andy carroll

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How m any euro cups has saints won none end of

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27 Jan 2013 18:41:17
west ham are resigned to losing mo diame who ONLY wants to join ARSENAL.

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27 Jan 2013 18:32:11
WHU current targets:
Stephen Warnock Likely
Henri Bedimo Possible
Matej Vydra Unlikely
Emanuel Pogatetz likely
Martin Olsson unlikely
George Friend unlikely

Jack Sullivan (owners son) says that West Ham will likely make 3 signings before the transfer deadline on Thusday

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27 Jan 2013 17:30:49
Lots of teams interested in Yannick Bolasie. The ex-Plymouth man has found his feet since joining Crystal Palace from Bristol City last year and has caught they eye of two or three Premiership teams. The three are thought to be Norwich, Reading and Aston Villa respectively.

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27 Jan 2013 17:24:39
I saw someone say West Brom are back in for Luke Young. I'll back him up and say this is correct but more Championship teams want him including Ipswich and Derby and he's more likely to go to one of them. Talks are undergo.

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27 Jan 2013 17:12:31
would not be surprized if Adkinds goes to Aston Villa, Newcastle or West Ham if their form continues

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28 Jan 2013 18:50:14
no chance he's off to huddersfield, done deal.

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27 Jan 2013 17:11:44
coming from a saints fan whoever gets Adkins is lucky

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Coming to a warm welcome in huddersfield

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27 Jan 2013 17:06:14
Crystal Palace looking to sign a big red bus to park in front of their goal when they visit watford in 2 weeks time. Only way to stop Vydra and Deeney
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27 Jan 2013 17:01:03
We should not give Cortese stick.

He helped us get bought and saved us

He made the choice to sack Pardew and look where we are now

He brought in Adkins

He helped us sign quality players like Ramirez

Lets thank not hate
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Your his mum arent you

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27 Jan 2013 16:52:24

Priority Signing positions:

Striker-In case Lambert gets injured and also a striker for the future if Lambert loses his form for next or the season after)

Centre Back-cover for our other defenders or starting in defence

CAM/Winger-a playmaker in case someone gets injured and possibly to provide competion and bolster our attack

Less priority positions:

Left back-In case Shaw gets injured because Fox is not premier league

GK-cant see this happening because Boruc is good but maybe a GK as cover or for the future

I know not all will happen
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27 Jan 2013 16:43:56
I top priority positions signing:

Striker (in case Lambert gets injured which could happen)

Centre back (for cover or starting to bolster our defence)

CAM/Winger (in case we get an injury or extra talent to start)

Less priority:

Left back (we may need cover for Shaw because Fox is not premier league)

Goalkeeper (we may need one but it looks unlikely as Boruc is quite good)
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27 Jan 2013 16:42:15
Southend have rejected a bid from Gillingham for forward Gavin Tomlin
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27 Jan 2013 16:39:18
i think we should get Wellington Nem young and very talented. If Ramirez or Lallana or Puncheon (playmakers) got injured he would be a perfect cover.
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27 Jan 2013 16:37:34
we need to sign someone soon before it gets too late!
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27 Jan 2013 16:20:16
The trial for Loris Arnaud has been ended as we've reached the limit of French players per club. Also, I think Robbo is useless, he has roughly 10 minutes per match were he plays well. We need better LM than robbo or put Mcgurk on the left and Amoo on the right.
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27 Jan 2013 16:06:07
Smith scores for Oldham in the cup, bet someone says he's signing for barnsley next week,
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27 Jan 2013 16:03:22
Spurs tried to out play us at hoof ball in the second half but leeds were so much better
What a win
Peltier, brown, varney, green, Austin thank you for today. See you later
Warnock. Please go. you not fit to manage leeds
Bryan, mack, diouf. Hang around boys. We will be in prem soon
Finally. Surely 3-1!? If fruedel chooses to vacate post then shouldn't it be to passage ofay finishes.
Good second half boys. Bye bye beccio. We don't need you but the dosh will be handy
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27 Jan 2013 15:34:50
Barnsley won't sign Brian Howard too much trouble
Barnsley to trigger Tom Pope's release clause at Port Vale

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27 Jan 2013 15:19:43
former birmingham city player zarate will choose between sunderland and west before deadline day

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27 Jan 2013 15:00:11
Thanks to the editor of Carlisle transfer rumours a lot less rumours about clarke Carlisle ending up on Carlisle united rumour page, I s it me though or is clark Carlisle going everywhere one second he is at York next second Northampton. I really hope he is ever rumoured to join Carlisle or it would be Carlisle is going to Carlisle and Carlisle is expected to get first team football at Carlisle.
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27 Jan 2013 13:24:01
un fortunately the person we should be giving his chance too know is doing great at leicester, clarkes and ashworth decisions to let wood go astound me, I suppose gannassy going too get his chance know then, not and here we are looking for replacements, there's no way back for odemwingie know get rid asap.mantom at walsall is another one we gave away to walsall, star man in the mercury last 3 weeks, he should have been in for jacob by know but two or three opinions have cost him his baggys chance, suppose rosenberg is the natural replacement but clarke know he's not good enough and looks frightened to play him, has dan got some good foriegners to bring in like marcus haber, sherril mcdonald, up the bags
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27 Jan 2013 13:23:27
Hi lads i'm a plymouth argyle fan and was just wandering what you all feel about rory fallon? as you know he was at us for a few years and did okay and could never say he didn't try, now he's been at your club for over a year and would just like to no what you think of him? thanks.
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27 Jan 2013 11:54:12
Is monty gimpel going to sign a prosessional contract at Leeds
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27 Jan 2013 13:38:16
Adkins turns down Huddersfield job for a chance to manage Newcastle if Pardew is sacked in the near future.

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Peter Houston for the Huddersfield job

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27 Jan 2013 11:52:34
if chris ogrady as rumoured to return to rochdale then it will increase crowd by at least a thousand please let it be true we season ticket holders would buy next seasones tickets now pray to god

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27 Jan 2013 11:34:08
it looks asthough sporting lisbon are open to a possible deal for holland international Rick Van Wolfswinkel but with prices like 10-12 milllion thrown around its possible we could be priced out of the running, but with Lisbon in need of funds and Rickys agent admitting a move to the premier league is prefered I can't help but think "just maybe"
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27 Jan 2013 11:21:09
Any doubt any anti NC saints fans have about our chairman should listen to his sky interview......COYRS
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27 Jan 2013 08:00:45
Not a rumour but someone Norwich City should look at for sure...Andreas Cornelius, joint top scorer in the Danish Superliga, 14 goals in 20 games so far this season, scored a hat-trick for Denmark last night against Canada, making it 3 goals in 3 games at international level, he's also about 6 foot 3 and only 19, a very good prospect. Ok he's young and only 22 games in the Superliga but this could be the sort of player we need, young, strong and quick enough!

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27 Jan 2013 01:34:06
h.t.f.c. need to get a manager a.s.a.p so at least he has a chance before the transfer deadline to bring in new faces.adkins seams to be favorite but he might be holding out for a bigger club .
for me being a town fan for 40 years he would be ideal and on the grapevine dean hoyle has already sorted this out

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26 Jan 2013 23:49:20
Glen roeder at charlton today, could he be the next villa boss looking at Stephens, or could he be the next charlton boss looking at what a load of rubbish he will have to sort out.

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