Football Banter Archive December 24 2011


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24 Dec 2011 23:35:35
Think people are a little bit misinformed about Bolton's debt, £90m is owed to Bolton-born Eddie Davies, a self confessed Wanderers fan who has put his own money in since buying the club in the 2002-03 season, the other £20m is owed to the banks. So long as Eddie is willing to invest then Bolton will have money to spend and that includes money for Jay Rodriguez and others.

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24 Dec 2011 22:38:51
Arsenal -

In :
Henry (loan)
Hopefully a top class cb.

Hope these happen not too keen on Kalou would prefer Gotze or Hazard.

Also spurs to sign Llorente Kaka & Samba.

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Hmmm tottenham fan?

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24 Dec 2011 19:37:42
Andrew Driver to Cardiff City for a cut-price 300k in January.

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He has a year and a half left on his contract.So he will not be going for that price.And no doubt could find a bottom half of the table EPL side.He is a lot better than Johnson,who signed for Wolves.Ally

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Erm jonsson is a holding player driver is a winger hmmm carnt compere em n if driver going to championship carnt be that good can he ?

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24 Dec 2011 19:36:14
Hull City A.F.C Targets:

Jordan Rhodes - Huddlefield Town
Lukas Jutkiewicz - Coventry City
Lee Camp - Nottingham Forest
Robbie Brady - Mancester United
James McArthur - Wigan Atheltic

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Rhodes ha ha ha ha,even McArthur is played at Wigan.So there is no chance he is leaving.I know as I am a Rangers fan.And so is he and wants to play for us.We could not bring any players in,when he was with Hamilton.So he moved to Wigan,one day he will play for us though.

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Hull have more chance of signing rhodes than both celtic and rangers

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24 Dec 2011 18:52:07
El Hadji Diouf as said he'll do whatever it takes to persuade Billy Sharp to stay

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So billy will leave then

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Probably put him in a head lock, and stamped on his feet.

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24 Dec 2011 17:30:27
Well it isnt an exact science i am afraid. I dont know how to judge that millwall are better than barnsley. Maybe it was as thoughtless a comment as every other 'we are bigger than you' comment by once decent clubs. Or maybe millwall are just bigger than barnsley. Not sure. Maybe you could do it the other way round. You spent one year in the premiership a decade and a half ago- start there perhaps.

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24 Dec 2011 16:51:23
As a saints fan it's prob a poopy fan saying them roumers anyway he wouldn't fit in our team but just don't forget this is a banter site.enough said coyrds

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24 Dec 2011 16:05:39
Being honest i think southampton look a good contender for promotion this season, they are having a rough patch but im sure it will blow away in the next two home games, West ham are also having a little bit of trouble but both teams will get through, final table
West Ham P
Soton P
mboro P

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Cant see saints goin up got a good 11-15 but no other depth pains me to say it but those wool lovers in south wales will do better than god botherers team n his psychic mate!

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N yes i know im late in ttakin piss

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24 Dec 2011 13:30:24
just heard that in the next day or two Thierry Henry will be at the amex to sign for 2 months on loan at Brighton!
what a shock this would be, i heard this while listening to radio 5live!

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Would that be the radio 5 live from mars?


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24 Dec 2011 10:21:16
arsenal will sell in the summer + january almunia, mannone, diaby, arshavin and chamakh

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........and RVP.

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24 Dec 2011 10:05:53
Anybody could go anywhere if the money is right. There is very little loyalty in football these days, including managers. Just look at the way Nigel Pearson leaves clubs halfway through the reason if he get's a better offer of money.

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24 Dec 2011 07:59:22
Powell cools Schlupp rumours

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24 Dec 2011 03:17:57
this is to ally i am scottish and the championship is a much better league than the spl it is more competitive and in the spl it is just a two team league so stop talking s**t

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This is Maximus,ive given my self this big tough sounding name.As I lack low self esteam.And it hurts me,that most off the SPL clubs are bigger than Blackpool.I am ashamed that my team have never played in a magor European cup.And that they never will.I am thinking about buying a Preston season ticket. {Ed025's Note - the real a far better speller ..

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Not enough swearing....obviously not mini....COYRs..

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Its not more competitive at all.Its just a lot bigger than the SPL.And most teams have more money.Others like SPL teams make teams from free transfers.Plently of SPL teams could do well in that league.St Mirren,Kilmarnock,Motherwell.All play great football,crowds are up in Paisley and Motherwell down to it.And Hearts have a strong enough side to play there just now.They will lose players soon though.So if he SPL is so bad.Why is EPL buying our players?And the championship buys them to?Nobody has gave me a good enough answer to that yet.What are the reasons for this,apart from the obvious,that our players do not cost as much as over priced English ones.And not only that,but your teams want our managers.Is there any good English ones?I cant see them,none have won the EPL.And none have won the SPL for that matter.The only thing that keeps the English game interesting is money.And there is to many continental players there that is killing your game.And stopping young English guys coming through.At least up here in Scotland.We play our young guys.As we have got to,and it looks like its working.When our under 21 team,can take 3 points in Holland.Against a team that has won 3 out the last 4 Euro finals at that level.Ally

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Mate write as much as you want ,you keep dreaming that scottish football is good , it aint ! your kids beat the dutch yipee ! now your going to win the world cup! get a grip ,our ladies are better than you!


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And that is not a real answer to any of the questions.Its just a flippant attempt at humour.We never go on like that any way.Its you lot that do the shouting about winning things.And then come back with your tails between your legs.When teams like Romania and Portugal beat you.We get told we live in the past.And here is me talking happilly about the future off our game.And its not all doom and gloom.Your just bitter that players would sooner sign for Hibs,than play for Blackpool.If anybody else wants to be a hypocrite,and slag our national team.When it plays in your EPL.The league we are constantly being told is the best in he world bye your lot,feel free.Just remember its not making your leagu look any better.They must have something about them,to be EPL players right?If you lot rate it so highly?I rate the Spanish league higher myself.Just wish that our Scots were good enough to play over there.The only one we have is Harper at Real Madrid.Still its one more than the English have.Ally

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Dribble dribble dribble dribble and finally what a load of dribble.


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Put it away Maximus,you are scaring the children

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Right can see why jou like the spanish league thats a boring 2 hourse rase aswell ill give you that at the moment barca and real are better teams than we have in england but thats were it ends you put rangers ort celtic in the epl they would stugle if not go down in the first season just not good enough simples

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Rangers were good enough for a point against Man United ;last year.And narrowly lost in Manchester.And there is not many English teams that managed to do that last year.And if Rangers were ever there.We would attract better players to the club.Glasgow is a great City,and has a lot to offer.We could easily be a better draw,than most players going to midlands and Northen teams.What with our top class training facilities.Its not going to happen anyway.So I wish people would just shut up about it.English chairmen dont want the Auld Firm.As they know they would be a threat in 5 or 6 seasons.With there massive fan base,and world wide support.They would never want that challenge.Maybe one day TV will dictate them to be there.Un till that day,we can forget all about it.The money bubble in the EPL cant last forever.When it bursts you will be in the same boat,as the SPL clubs.Ally

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