Football Banter Archive April 21 2012


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21 Apr 2012 21:29:26
Hi ed,do you now the Reading goal music is called,thanks. {Ed001's Note - not a clue sorry.}

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Big bad wolf? or somthing like that

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21 Apr 2012 20:19:14
west ham fan hear win 2 games and were there blowing bubbles and saints wonr be marching ing in lol

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Unless saints win vs coventry. nice one...

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If saints beat coventry
it s the play offs for you
but leicester might have
something to do about
that dont count your
chickens yet see what happened to saints today leicester could do
the same to you

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No you Won't you Spammers will be down there for eternity.

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Leicester are more than capable of beating anyone in this league when they turn up! especially at home so dont get too excited mate! It all depends which Leicester turn up as we have nothing to play for. But at the end of the day saints deserve yo go up far more than west ham in my opinion so hopefully justice will be done!


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21 Apr 2012 19:52:27
i am a saints fan we got
what we deserved nothing
but dissappointed with
fonte again stupid foul
for their goal that lost it
got to beat coventry now

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21 Apr 2012 18:13:14
The unlikely escape is realised! Onwards and upwards COYG COYG

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21 Apr 2012 18:08:05
Oxford money problems will be known within the end of the month.
Failure to sell Constable to Swindon cost them dearly.
Sad situation they had banked on play offs revenue from that and final would have helped,however now in deep bother.
No rea assets to sell mmmmmmmmmm

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21 Apr 2012 17:03:39
the skates are down bye bye
off to league one you go

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Good luck next year :) i hope you beat 15 points XD

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You was on here quick? lol EDD you didnt post my last post :/

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21 Apr 2012 15:20:36
I am not buying Carlos Tevez u-turn and just think both Tevez & City are using the shop window tactic to find a mug willing to buy this club hopper!!


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21 Apr 2012 10:33:50
Good to see silly season has started already!

How can you say players aren't prem quality? Half of that league aren't prem quality but they play in a team and work well.. Stephen hunt for eg!

As for people saying reading fans are delusional.. No one knows do they. Sir john is trying to keep rooted and saying no big buys, anton is saying he'll but what's required.

I'd be surprised if Andy Johnson came anywhere near the mad stad, he hates us as a club and we hate him

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21 Apr 2012 02:59:37
There is plenty of teams in the championship that deserve to go up, wether it automatic or play offs!

Good luck saints, Blackpool, Brum and cardiff!

Hope Leicestrr can turn over West Ham at home ! That will make my season! I thought we overspent but when you look at Fat Sam & what they spent then its no comparison!!

Come on you foxes! Condemn the sh***y West Ham to the play offs!

Heres hoping! Good luck everyone other than West Ham!


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Goodluck leicsterboy do us a favour lol. Clarkey saint

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Come on you foxes do us a masive favour just in case we slip up LOL. I do hate fat Sam

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Idea!!! - lets start a fat sams a tawt club.....COYRs. Good luck LL, mini and Brizzal city.....

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I reckon blackpool will win the play offs holloway has done another good job.i know he took us down but i liked him ,mad mandy got rid to soon any way good luck blackpool...jim

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What foxs win joke with morgan in the team why do you think forest got rid and foxs buying him for £1 m mugs

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You have done well in previous seasons with morgan in your team so dont talk out your a**e


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