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20 Dec 2012 21:05:13
Hi ed

Any chance of these for lfc

Ozil {Ed025's Note - ozil, alonso,and cavani...out of liverpools price range, the rest are ..

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And would Sturridge, Ince, Walcott, Ba, Butland and Huth make them competitive with the top clubs? I don't think so.

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More watsed money from lfc i suggest. also rogers has said he wants nobody whos just there for the money, so why buy sturridge?? if he was that good chelsea wouldnt sell him

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20 Dec 2012 20:33:32
Bradford should get Serge Gnabry on loan from Arsenal in Jan would be good signing.
Also think Nathan Ake from Chelsea
would boost the defence.
Also think we need a RB maybe
be Marnick Vermijl on loan from Man U

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Why would Premier league clubs want to loan out to the bottom tier?

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24 Dec 2012 14:57:51
yes , wake up . a win against arsenal in the cr***y cup and you think you are premier league, and everyone wants to play for you.... JOKE CLUB

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20 Dec 2012 19:24:59
(ed) any sheff wed rumours? {Ed003's Note - try the Sheff Wed page mate}

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20 Dec 2012 19:07:44
Brighton to sign wood and Austin and to sell cms and bridcutt

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CMS will be leaving but you deff wont be getting austin... he's premier league bound

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20 Dec 2012 12:07:45
Well Swindon fans looking on your page on here looks like some of your fans have come back down from cloud nine and are beginning to realise your not gunna have 50million to spend! I can't believe you actually believed you was gunna get this much money, I've been waiting for the sports chanel to say you have agreed terms for sterling Walcott and sturridge!

Also, for the record, this is aimed at the fan that called me the 'stupid Burnley fan' that you was 'gunna prove wrong' and then 'we'll see who's laughing!'

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20 Dec 2012 10:57:47
Cracking ties in Champions league!

My last 8 predictions:

Bayen Munich
Borrussia Dortmund
Real Madrid

Just got a sneaky feeling Celtic will turn over Juventus, Cant see Arsenal coping with Bayern Munich. Man Utd/Madrid a tough one but going with Madrid - just!

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Celtic havin a laugh??
man utd to squeeze through..
arsenal out ..
celtic hammered..


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Celtic turn over Juventus? More likely to turn over Fray Bentos.

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So all of a sudden Italian football has become better than Spanish football to the English.Celtic beat Barcalona,and were robbed of a draw in Spain.When Barcalona got a goal in injury time,time that come from nowhere.And bye the way I am not a Celtic fan.Lets see what happens nothing is impossible if Celtic play to the top of there game again.

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22 dec 2012 13:00:20
time will tell, maximus.


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