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19 May 2012 23:36:38
Just got in well done Chelsea

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19 May 2012 22:44:21
Congratulations to Chelsea,

Fantastic rear guard display and
Drogba's goal was clinical as always.

Enjoy you West End Boys

Tim the Wolves fan {Ed025's Note - well said mate

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19 May 2012 21:17:31
Exeter city squad for 2012/13 season

David James (GK)

Steve Tully (RB) Troy Archibald Henville(CB) Danny COLES (CB) Billy Jones (LB)

James Dunne (CM) Liam Sercombe (CM) David noble (CM)

Alan Gow (CAM) Elliott Frear (LS) Jamie Cureton (RS)

Subs: Artur Krysiak (GK) Tom Nicholls (ST) John O Flynn (ST) Pat Baldwin (CB) Richard Logan (ST)

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I'll probably stop laughing in a couple of weeks! Bryher Pilgrim.

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19 May 2012 20:24:40
Any Middlesbrough fc news ?

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19 May 2012 20:09:37
joel ward is friends with my brother and told him he went to ipswich and couldnt believe how poor the stadium and training ground is compared to brighton so it will be brighton or leeds

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I think your brother isn't friends do you as all though are team is average at the moment are training pitch is better then your stadium and as for Leeds say no more but this sounds like a comment from the trailor trash up the a140

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19 May 2012 19:53:28
any rumours on bfc ed {Ed013's Note - Who?}

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19 May 2012 19:01:13
To the person who posted about little norwich 0858 this morning we had more season ticket holders in L1 than bin men get every week .only spend what we can aford. Are debt is coming down fast. So no admin for us. We wont gamble our futrure paying players we have or we would like to sign more than we can aford. We dont want to be like others you know who they are.

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And that's why little Norwich will be relegated next season no ambition back to 14000 crowds again and holt and lambert want out says it all about you lot let's all laugh at Norwich {Ed013's Note - I doubt that very much as when they were in league 1 they had over 20,000 every week}

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19 May 2012 17:33:47
West ham have just been promoted to the premiership thanks to an ex barnsley player. So my question is why did barnsley not put a promotion clause in his sale to west ham? I now hope they get relegated next year

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They did 50k

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Im with u barnsley should be relegated {Ed013's Note - Why should they be relegated}

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It was a joke ed in response to the other post saying we should e relegated

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19 May 2012 17:33:16
Oh for god's sake will people please stop making up rumours about Akinfenwa going to good clubs (southampton for example...). He is a league two standard player, just because he has 99 strength on FIFA does not make him good in real life!

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I honestly think people use FIFA to research players like their stats and valve and it's just so unrealistic and pathetic, some people think that is just how it work it's crazy, and to be perfectly honest these people are idiots

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I definitely agree, but I would like him to come to Southend!

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19 May 2012 16:43:13
Im a celtic fan through and through , but i am aware that most of our squad couldnt cut it in the champions league or EPL but also on the other side if we wer ever to get a move a down south then obv we would become a more attractive prospect to big names , we would have more revenue also to afford them , our history and fans alone would be a factor but also the money we could put out to players it would take celtic 3 or 4 years but they would become an established team in the EPL also i wouldnt bet against a Big Money man wanting to overtake a club that has vast worldwide support and would be very easy to promote and make a few quid out of also every person with a bit of sense knows that we would attract big names if only we wernt playing in scotland and we dont to shabby when it comes to that already .

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The scots hate the english untill it benifits them... stop in your own sunday league we dont want you

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We do not hate all the english. its just the ones like you we don`t like.

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19 May 2012 14:32:21
Anyone think we should try and get Craig Gordon. One of my mates is a Sunderland fan, and says he's quality - just been unlucky with injuries. Worth a punt me thinks, especially on a free ! {Ed025's Note - whom may i ask are we?..

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Saints fan :)

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19 May 2012 13:59:55
I have no problem if holt wants to go thats same for lambert to. Please dont p*ss us about if u want to leave go as soon poss we will manage with out both of u.

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You will have problems it will be a struggle next season

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Thought you Norwich fans thought you were a big club? And yet you can't keep hold of an old over rated player who think he should be in the England squad because he got a couple of headers last season lmao

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Holt overrated, pilkington is your best player

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19 May 2012 13:36:32
i think most southampton fans would want antonio back, they sung his name in the friendly with reading, sheffield wednsday want him back we should sign him before he proves himself in the championship and will cost alot more i.e redman

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Did alright in league one but for the prem no thanks

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I agree. He should be under £1million and has been tearing apart league one in the past few months.

Worst case scenario: doesn't work in the prem and we sell him back to a championship club for a small loss.
Best case scenario: he adapts to the prem and is a steal.

Reasonable scenario: he has enough pace so it would purely be down to end product which he can work on. If he is cheap and low wage we can afford to bring him on and play him off bench and in cup games for first season to test the water. Hopefully he will useful to at least give us depth in squad.

Stupid to dispell a player just because he hasn't played in the prem. Lambert hasn't played in the prem or the championship when we bought him, so don't use that as a lazy excuse. Actually go watch the player and judge him and you'll see he is one of the best in League 1 for pace and end product.

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19 May 2012 12:05:10
saints are a bigger club than celtic FACT!! some of are pub leage teams down here could bet you FACT! pub league you lot play in !!!!!!!!!! coyr !!!!! kma!!!!!!!!

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This isn't a saints fan, everyone knows Celtic are a big team even tho they are in a poor league come on the majority of Scotland support two teams there goin to be big.

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You jokin? thats mad made me laugh tho lol

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What's the point in this post, probably a poet fan desperate for attention

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That's absolute rubbish, Celtic are a far bigger club,yes the SPL is nowhere near as big as the premiership but Celtic fan base is huge they constantly fill celtic park (60,000) Southampton don't even have that many fans never mind fill a stadium of that size celtic have a much bigger turnover than you, don't know where Southampton fans get this idea their a huge club from your a yo-yo team at best you have never won a top cup other than the FAcup once so how you all believe you are a massive club is beyond me, Celtic have far more history than you if you were both in the same league Celtic would be miles above you in every field, dan, leeds

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It's a Pompey fan

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19 May 2012 11:59:41
Ed- Why when you click "English Clubs Rumours" are West Ham in the Premier League? They're not up yet, the final is today. {Ed001's Note - we know, it was a mistake but Ed003 would blame us if Blackpool lost after we moved it. So we are waiting on the result first, then we will move it or not, as the case may be.}

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West Ham are in the Premier League

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19 May 2012 08:58:54
So holt and lambert want out of Norwich no ambition from the little Norfolk club herd they want a bigger club with more support so Ipswich would be there first choice but Ipswich won't have them so there next choice for bigger clubs would be Sunday morning leagues

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Haha hilarious, I watch Norwich a lot and pilkington is the main man not holt! They do lack ambition, but Ipswich seem to have too much

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Can never have to much

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Yeah I guess

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19 May 2012 08:34:00
Any truth in the Bellamy rumors ED? {Ed013's Note - No, wait and see what the new manager thinks}

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19 may 2012 07:08:35
any bristol city transfer news in or out,

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19 May 2012 01:12:55
17 May 2012 15:36:35
17 May 2012 11:34:54
Fulham look placed to sign Jordan Rhodes from Huddersfield for a sum of around £3.5m


After we turned down 6m in Jan? Don't be daft, he's going to Newcastle United IF we stay in league One for 6m plus Nile Ranger, he'll stay to try lead us to the Prem otherwise

6m stop living in dreamland if you got 3.5m for him that is an amazing price for someone who is unproven at prem level, he will leave if you dont get promoted and i guarantee it will be for much less than 6m

So £6m plus Nile Ranger values him at about £8.5m. Just under what Arsenal paid for Podolski, the German international and regular scorer in the Bundesliga. As a fan of a club who puts over the top valuations on players, dont ever moan again about how poor the national side is because we have no young players coming through. Stupid prices for a 3rd Division player is what forces clubs to go overseas for their players.

I am a newcastle fan from Scotland and watch him a lot and i would say that he is worth that! he is quick, strong and knows where the goal is!

Didn't arsenal pay £10 million for chamberlin an unproven at a higher level, league 1 Southampton player last year. Wonder how he's doing.

Noone bidded for him in january, only west ham enquired in which you said 4m+ but your valuation has risen now but you stil over rate him, he is only another version of beckford, great for leeds in league 1 scoring like 35 goals then rubbish in the prem for everton and average in champ for leicester, and beckford is better thsn rhodes so dont get your hopes up! 3m max! {Ed013's Note - Beckford didn't do too bad for Everton with a return of 10 goals when he was a sub most of the time}

Hes going for 3.5 so stop thinking hes worth more than he actually is

Wouldn't pay more than 3.5m for unproven 3rd tier player. Toonlad9

There are a few clubs trying to get him including Norwich, but stop talking nonsense about £6M, you quote you turned down 6M in January what evidence are are you using - Newspapers? - the reality is that he's likely to go for around £3+ add on's, and even that amount is a major gamble for any premier club because there is always a doubt that he will not be able make the step up to that level.
if news papers are an unreliable source of player transfers then why are so many people putting so much credit in the fulham story first broke in a news paper....

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19 May 2012 01:06:16
Oldham are one of the clubs in talks
with port vale man marc richards
and are also trying for mousinho and
are giving up hope of signing nicky
hunt due to wages and are planning
on casting a U turn on the release of
phil McGrath
also Simon corney latest meating with
dickov words exchanged in thier must
be a vast improvement to the second
half of the season or dickov could
leave due to oldham having the worse
form since january in both seasons
dickov has been in charge with
oldham being bottom of the form chart
on both seasons

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18 May 2012 23:54:08
Hearing rumours on twitter that Leeds are close to completing a deal for Portsmouth pair Greg Halford and Joel Ward for around £1.7mill.

(Pompey Fan)

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Ha ha ha - where's the other pompey fan today??.....COYRs

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Did you miss me lol

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