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18 Oct 2012 19:17:10
now Halls in i would love to see Matt Kilgallon Steve Morrison from Norwich and annother attacking player in the moulld of either jason punchean or george boyd and i think we haav enough to hit the big time.i aalso wouldnt mind Adam Hammill in jan if we couldnt get punchean or boyd and he decided againstt stayin at hudds.

at present id say our strongest side was as follows.


byram lees pearce peltier

austin green

diouf mccormack hall



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Still a mid table team at best

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19 Oct 2012 13:11:48
You will need more than just them players to hit the 'big time'! leeds are just about mid table team! got no chance of playoffs this year, you all have your hopes up because of warnock but see where you are at xmas and i think reality will hit!1


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19 Oct 2012 14:56:12
who cares what you think. how much have leicester spent? how are they doing.?

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Second in the league mate thats how we are doing jimlcfc

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Funny feeling about leicester ... if you get your away form going ... your straight up .. good side .. did i say that?


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Jealous fans saying midtable, everyone knows leeds are on the way back,so far on a shoestring. when TO is finalised and we get the money for the missing pieces we will be top 2 , leicester wil drop like a stone, after spending a fortune,2nd in the lge but only 3 points more than the mighty whites MATE

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20 Oct 2012 14:00:33
is that all anyone can ever say?? 'how much have leicester spent blah blsh blah' its getting extremely boring!! if you have the money then spend it its simple! what are you sposed to do these days with the amount of money being chucked around in football, especially the premier league!!

And mighty whites?? LOL still living in david o'leary era i see, we'll see how mighty you are at the KP stadium haha


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I am a huddersfield fan so i am hardly pro leeds but there can surely be nobody outside leicester who think leicester are bigger club than leeds.

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Where in any off them posts does it state that leicester are bigger than leeds then? leeds are no longer a big club there just another bog standered championship club and have been for years


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Kp stadium,another sell out but aptly named,im desperately trying to think of leicesters glory days but keep drawing a blank,anyone remind me of mighty leicesters achievements

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Thats because when we were winning tropies and top half of the premier league along with playing in europe you were on a downward spiral mate

LeicesterLad {Ed003's Note - Ouch]

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18 Oct 2012 19:07:59
think the hall signing could work out to be a decent signing.ive seen him play once or twice and he looks like a winger that likes to head for the byeline and pull crosses back which could work out realy well with Luciano on the end of the crosses.I reckon he wil start off as abit of a impact player similar to when gradel first came to leeds.think he may be a lethal weapon for the closing stages of games with his speed and trickery.Hopefully then he will prove himself like Gradel did and work his way in to the starting eleven on a regular basis.I know its abit of a step up in standard but didnt keith Andrews once make the step up from league 2 mk dons at the time to premier league Blackburn?i may be wrong but seem to remember something like that.

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18 Oct 2012 16:42:05

I was surprised the other day with the £11M price tag for Wilfried Zaha but not it just went up.

Here's chairman Steve Parish on how he values the winger:
"Other sides can fly their kites but it would take £20million before we even got interested.

Apparently Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester City are interested...


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18 Oct 2012 16:21:35
Hammers Vs Saints this weekend and a game I look forward to. Both play a very different style and with the added bonus of Carroll at 35 mill Vs Lambert at 1 mill - who's your money on??...COYRs

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2-2 both scoring..


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My money is not on Saints

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Whu 3-0 hopefully, carroll 2 no mark lambert 0

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18 Oct 2012 14:41:50
Matt Le God has been spouting in the local rag that our Saints chairman Don Cortese is not a very nice individual - these comments are probably based on LeTiss now having to pay for his seat at St Marys the same as us all. Matt is still a hero to us on the better side of Hampshire and was just about the most skilled touch player I have ever seen, but he is not a business man - The Don appears to be hard nosed when it comes to running our club, and he has a vision which is the envy of many and the back bone to realise that vision - the majority are thankful to Matt for his commitment to the club, but we all know the future is what matter and in NC we trust. (And NA) - COYRs

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Le tiss kept us up for 8 seasons nearly on his own stayed loyal and saints through and through cortese is a person put there by our saviour liebherr don't compare the two that's just mad silly text

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18 Oct 2012 09:11:20
leeds united most expensive season ticket £752 in the championship
leeds united most expensive football programme in the country £4
where is all the money Mr Bates ? in ya back pocket i expect
Only another a week or so before you go
Good riddance

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17 Oct 2012 23:37:14
Ashley young would have loved to have played Tuesday night against Poland, absolutely perfect conditions for diving.

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