Football Banter Archive October 16 2012


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16 Oct 2012 22:35:05
kettering have had to postpone their last 3 games have had the leccy turned off havent paid their cva payments have no players,the majority shareholder says people are talking about taking over ! how much longer are they going to wait ? and take over what ?

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16 Oct 2012 21:24:04
Any Middlesbrough fc news?

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16 Oct 2012 19:47:03
Dawson and a unnamed trialist to sign till january. We will then make a contract offer for the better one. We will also be signing clovis kamdjo in january, as the deal is already done. This will sort out bristol citys defence

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16 Oct 2012 13:26:24
Ed have you got any swfc news? {Ed003's Note - nope,sorry try the massive page mate}

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16 Oct 2012 12:17:51
One of the MAIN reasons the man in the street is turning his back on premier league games and turning to the local pub to watch are as follows, Man Utd v Newcastle (tin pot cup,live on tv,2 reserve teams) £45, Liverpool v Newcastle (premier league) £48, Chelsea v Newcastle (premier League) £54. ONLY FOR AWAY SUPPORTERS!!!! Absolute disgrace and about time The premier League had a clampdown on these greedy clubs. I just wish my team would charge the same price as we have to pay when these clubs visit us. How many would turn up? Very few.

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16 Oct 2012 06:38:28
I've heard DeLaRusso is signing for Barcelona?

But he probably already knew this!

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Inter Milan joined the race for DeLaRusso {Ed003's Note - lmao,he does keep us up to date don't be cruel}

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DeLaRusso has not read that particular newspaper yet.

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Daily Fail and will battle it out for DeLa Russo in January

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He does a better job than maximus

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I have heard the rumours and I am very happy to me linked with clubs like Barcelona and Inter, it just shows that I am doing something right but I would like to state that I am very happy where I am and hope to be here for many years.


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Pledging ur future to football rumours!well played mate just shows money isn't everything!

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To be honest this website is turning into the DeLeRusso thinkin a change of website name-,with the slogan "you heard it here first"

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