Football Banter Archive December 16 2012


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16 dec 2012 21:35:48
john stones to everton, made me laugh, not good enough for everton youth team, we have many better young defenders than john stones, everton's transfer priorties are certainly not john stones

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16 Dec 2012 20:53:15
Danny green won't be leaving still has 18months on his contract. Why would he go to swindon

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16 Dec 2012 17:38:45
Whats happened to the 5 youth team players we signed at the end of last season....balls had a limited amount of time wakefield the same and the young keeper obviously benefiting at the moment with sullivan going but wheres macormick and mullen? current youth team players have been on the bench rather than the first year pros are they on loan?? the team on saturday looked very one paced young legs needed to give it a spark at times but none of the above even sub....

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16 Dec 2012 15:08:24
BRISTOL ROVERS: Best bit of news this year. McGhee didnt achieve anything. Need enthusiasm, energy and bring into team some confidence from an experienced player manager. Fingers crossed the appointment is productive cus they cant afford to get it wrong this time otherwise team is toast with relegation to Conference.

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16 Dec 2012 13:18:21
I'm sorry but am I the only Huddersfield Town fan who thinks that Peter Clarke isn't good enough? He's a constant liability and is costing us vital points as we fall further and further down the table, luckily we put a lot of points on the board early on! We need to stop the rot and to do that Clarke needs to go! I'd give young Murray Wallace a run out or sign a young upcoming centre half. Also surely Jack Hunt needs to play Right Mid, his attacking is much better than his defending and a new right back should be purchased! Also Alan Lee, Lee Novak and Simon Church needs to go and Wells, Russell, Wood and Beckford needs to be signed and also possibly Mackay-Stevens! Wishful thinking but we need immediate action and use of the money from Rhodes!

Apologies for the long-winded rant.

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Russell and Mackay Steven would cost £2 million a peace,doubt you could afford that kind off cash.Its why your going after guys like Jamie Murphy for nothing.

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Alan has changed a game for the better when he's come on previously, defo keep a hold of him! agree with others. ye i was worried about clarke at start of season, and we're not going to sign all them! trying to get beckford on loan til end of season, there is the wood for 1 mill rumour, and been constantly linked with the 2 dundee lads- which we could afford but do we want them?

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16 Dec 2012 17:22:37
Ryan Frazer is a quality young winger at Aberdeen
And is not going to sign a new deal
Maybe Huddersfield should try and get him
If he does not get a EPL club like Everton coming in
Championship football is better than playing reserves
Could be a good move for him if he plays every week.

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The Dundee United lads can play at a higher level than the championship.CMS has already been at Liverpool only injury kept him back from making it.And he is over them now,so many EPL teams would be happy with any off them,think Wigan would take them just for starters,Martinez loves the Scottish lads,the question is more like would they want to play for you?

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Dream on m8, only we (blackpool) would take your scottish players on .. as are town is full of scottish ..desperate to move away from jocke land.. liverpool sent him packing ..cause he`s useless..


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Dont need the jocks, play woods at right back with lynch on left, gerrard n clarke at cb's n hunt on wing like you said! but keep novak n lee(bench) this is not the issue, players like danny ward n simon church need to retire let alone leave! then arfield,gobern,robinson need releasing and hammill sending back to wolves! wells would be a good signing in jan and beckford full time or wood!along with massive overhaul in summer!!

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Woods was crap for Dunfermline,spent most off his time being awful for the teams in the first division.The best left back you have is Lee Dixson.Gary Mackay Steven has power pace first touch and tricks and delivery,everything that a modern winger needs.And for me he is every bit as good as Robert Snodgrass who is taking Norwich bye storm at the moment,and just as good as James Forest at Celtic.As for Russell is is robust mobile good in the air and can finish,and has a electric burst off pace to pull away from his markers.And has fast feet and close control like the other guy.If Connor Salmond got a move to Wigan,so could he.As he is twice the player he is already at a younger age.

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Paul Dixon more like,also if championship clubs had a clue.They would be lining up to sign Murray Davidson for nothing from St Johnstone,instead off letting him sign a new deal.He is big and strong has a great engine and can tackle,and get goals box to box.And has decent vision to make the right pass.He would be a good holding midfielder if played there.

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16 Dec 2012 11:35:15
Swindon Town Board are fed up with Dicanio's outbursts to the media,latest giving his name to medical facilitysohis squad can get
Super facilities,wow that's a first.
No his days of wasting money and falling out with players are over.
With the budget hes has swindon should be top of the pile not 7th.
No just wait yntil jan when theres no funds for him,plus if Austin is sold he still will get
The chairman and Board have been so quiet since Oct why????
They have lined up a replacement,not before time

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16 Dec 2012 01:08:36
Leeds fan here - nice to see our boys doing such a good job for you. Great run you are on, long may it continue. MOT

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