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15 Apr 2013 23:28:30
Shrewsbury will appoint either former torquay and luton boss paul buckle, former resding manager steve coppell, former southend manager paul sturrock pr current shrewsbury coach mike jackson as their new manager at the end of the seasom when graham turner retired and takes up the role of director of football

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16 Apr 2013 17:41:37
i can't see us appointing any of them, but Danny Wilson has been linked with the job

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15 Apr 2013 21:57:17
Alan judge to middlesbrough along with will grigg and Luke james

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15 Apr 2013 19:53:28
Well done guys for not buckling under the pressure. Now get ready for the witch hunt. {Ed003's Note - Who,what ?? }

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St. Mirren and Ross County voted against the other ten SPL clubs. An 11-1 vote was needed for a new league set-up. 10-2 scuppered that plan. Geo the Ger {Ed003's Note - ahh right cheers Geo}

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15 Apr 2013 19:31:40
Swindon manager set to leave this week, what has happened to STFC gone from 2nd to 6th and looks as if play offs are impossible

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15 Apr 2013 18:02:48
Hope you are pleased with Gilmour voting against re construction. No change is not good for Scottish football. HK

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15 Apr 2013 15:59:27
had to laugh at the tv website MILLWALLS image tarnaged. By all accounts theve always been a team supported by thugs. Instead of teams loosing points because of money issues deduct points for things like this and racism. People can't say oh its a minority because when a team has money issues all the fans. staff, players everyone suffers not just a minority. {Ed034's Note - millwall has done a lot to try and change their image. Unfortunately for them, a small minority of millwall fans still think they are in the 80's.

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Deduct them points. A real reason to deduct a team points the same as racism will be punished with a stupid couple thousand pound fine. Pathetic. They could even ban millwall from the cup next year Then you have teams like Portsmouth who have ten points deducted for money issues and all the fans suffer. Oh and these comments are not banter but the stone cold truth {Ed034's Note - Portsmouth broke the rules, that is why they were deducted points.
The millwall issue is a different issue. These idiots that go and fight, are not football fans. They are hooligans, plain and simple. Millwall are trying to solve this problem, have banned a lot of these idiots and will continue to ban the. Unfortunately it is a bigger issue than millwall football club and is a society issue and millwall shouldn't be punished, as long as they are showing the fa that the are trying all they can get these morons away from their club. What else are they meant to do as a club???

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15 Apr 2013 16:36:36
Simeon Jackson is one of Millwall's summer transfer targets

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15 Apr 2013 15:44:40
Possible move for Danny Graham on loan if we go up?

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15 Apr 2013 13:55:40
Terry 'Clipboard' Connor faces financial ruin if Ipswich are relegated.

'Clipboard', in a move to lose the nickname The Wolves (Wolverhampton Wanders) fans gave to him, 'Clipboard Connor', has been seen using an iPad (please note other tablet computers are available) but has revealed to 'friends' that this was purchased on the 'never never' with 'Clipboard' planning to use the bonus of keeping Ipswich Town in the Championship to clear the debt.

With Ipswich now in very dangerous position in the league, that bonus is in jeopardy and Terry 'was Clipboard' Connor is starting to get worried.

MM has explained the situation to the players and is hoping that they can now rally round for the popular figure.

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15 Apr 2013 13:23:05
predicted summer story for Charlton
nothing happens in the first few weeks
Jackson, solly, kermorgant, Morrison, wagstaff, azeez, fox, harriot, wiggins, evina, andy hughes, Pritchard, hamer, green, cort and mambo all sign contract extensions or new deals.
stephens and hollands both attract interestfrom other clubs, stephens for villa again and other clubs and hollands with league one clubs. hollands works hard recovers form injury and fights his wa back into the side.
outgoings are bwp, fuller, stephens, joe pigott, semi ajayi, kerkar, matt taylor, green (on loan)
we sign 4 or 5 players as ffp rulesman we must cut the wage bill so incomings are
jon obika free
conor Henderson free
john bostock season long loan
luke brattan free
sam baldock 750k

this means ta we only spent about 750k all summer and tied down all players needed.
off the pitch is where the main work is done
a new investor big or small will buy some sort of stake in the club i'm sure as last summer backer pulled out. season ticket sales I reckon wil be 13000 overall and ave attendances will be 19000
we will sign a new sponsorsip deal for something and also increase our commercial standing a bit maybe 5 to 10% excluding all tiket dealings. cris powell will sign a contract extension after our succesful season ending in a hopeful top10 finish.
we made a 7m oss this eason with the average being 8mil. higer ticket sles mean an extra 1.5m and more tv oney added with increased other commercial revenue meaning an extra 2.5m in turnover next year. minus the 1.5m from the wage bill meaning only a loss of 3m to 3.5m
a feel good factor is made with a good summer off the pitch getting rd of the worries we have.

the cafc trust will start a proper campaign for people to buy shares and invest. richer figures like dave berry will get more involved and Charlton will start the season hoping to challenge for the playoffs. our budget will become even smaller but it will be better balanced on less player but better ones. some teams will have a mountain to climb to reach ffp rules whereas we have a hill with a few bumps to cross. next season we will finish 9th I reckon.
I have 3scources combined with what I know just be paying attention nd loving Charlton, 1 scource from the trust, one scource from a business magazine who is the editor and a charlton fan and one scource is just the papers and tv. on first game back tell me i'm right

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15 Apr 2013 13:00:36
This not a rumour but cold hard facts, within 4yrs West Ham Utd will be a Top 4 club in premier league clubtake that comment to your vault and see that lm right Forever a Ausie Hammer

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Top 4? Well you must be getting a new manager then because so far this season west ham have been the worst team to watch to come to st Mary's all season.

I can't grasp how hammers fans pay money to watch that style of football, I used to admire west ham as a club with its brilliant youth now all your team needs to do to put on a hammers shirt is be over 6 ft and be able to hit a ball 40 yards.

You had a good start to the season and now your doing meh ok ish that's why your mid table but you won't be a top 4 team your never compete with Man U, man city, Chelsea, arsenal and spurs so stop dreaming

Clarkey saint

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