Football Banter Archive April 15 2012


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15 Apr 2012 23:31:02
Bothroyd to return to Cardiff City if Q.P.R fail to survive relegation.
Jermain Pennant may join the Bluebirds on loan or full transfer if he fails to get consistant first team appearances.
Malky Mackay will also try to add Swindon Town's Matt Ritchie to his currently small squad.
He will be able to dive more into the transfer market as extra funds were made available a few months after the, spirited, Carling Cup defeat to Liverpool.
It will be an interesting summer at the welsh capital with promotion chances, currently, hanging by a thread.

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15 Apr 2012 23:17:02
Serbian star Aleksandar kolarov is moving to inter Milan for around £25m.
Roberto mancini cant see the quality of the left-back.

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15 Apr 2012 22:39:20
{Ed022's note - brand new player profile on Edinson Cavani. In my opinion, this will be the transfer saga of the summer and the talk of all media outlets. - Also, for you that don't know, we Eds have been running a new player profile website which is based on profiling the players linked with clubs from all over Europe. The description is on the homepage if you all want to check it out. Thanks all.}

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15 Apr 2012 22:28:26
Matthew Jarvis set to join Stoke City for £6 million

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15 Apr 2012 22:26:58
Gabby Agbonlahor and Darren bent will head the list to leave if Aston villa are dragged down

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15 Apr 2012 22:26:08
If Southampton fail to win Promotion they will struggle to keep hold of key players such as Rickie Lambert as he now wants to test himself at the highest level, Danny Fox as he has the quality to play in the premier league, also a surprise return to bolton in a coaching role for Radhi Jaidi

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They wont go up there not good enough

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Not good enough?? - still in the auto place with a couple of games of the entire league season....what a load of shart you talk mate....COYRs (good banter though ya plum....)

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Fox has played there with Burnley,they went down.Celtic sold them six months in,to a awful spell in Scottish football.And since then has been nowhere near the Scotland squad.Even when we lack quality left backs.So much so Phil Bardsley plays out of his comfort zones in most big games for us.Its good Mulgrew has came into the squad,and will offer us another option there.Somebody who can create and take chances.

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I think saints are defo going up, plus lambert said he wanted to end his career with saints

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15 Apr 2012 21:38:26
when do teams have to name the provisional squads for the euros n oylimpics

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Who cares

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15 Apr 2012 21:10:30
Bournemouth interest in Eddie Oshodi

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15 Apr 2012 21:08:27
biggest spenders this year !!!
man city ...
are you in fa cup
league cup
champions league
channel 5 cup
top of the

face it city , your ****..and you know you are .
tevez hates being there and wants to go back to utd ..or blackpool , he likes the pleasure beach and sun.. doesnt like playing for clubs under a
shadow of clouds!

maximus ...

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Manc problem for me is their manager. They seem to try and play like they are at home when they play away. Look at their squad, they should have won the league about a month ago. Boot out Mancini and get someone in who knows what they are doing?Ǩ If I was Manc I would go for joachim loew or someone of a similar elk. Or even take a punt on David Moyes, the man has premier league pedigree and would get them moving in the right direction?Ǩ jose mourinho would win them things?Ǩ and stuff too! even if they do somehow win the league, get rid of Mancini

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Hey mini.....i thought it was just the sweaties and crisp munchers you loath, but it appears to be nearly everyone....:-) COYRs

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15 Apr 2012 19:26:28
Reading Ins:

Jacob Butterfield- £1.5m
Jordan Rhodes- £5m
Matt Phillips- £3.5m
Matthew Connelly- £1m
Aaron Cresswell-£1m


Brian Howard- Doncaster Rovers
Jay Tabb- Coventry City
Sean Morrison- Huddersfield
Simon Church- Charlton (Loan)

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Got to say, id be over the moon with those ins, Phillips and Rhodes unlikely though imo

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15 Apr 2012 18:52:42
Ballotelli dosn't want to leave man city but Ac Milan and LA Galaxy are placing high bids that mancini won't want to miss out on.

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15 Apr 2012 18:52:04
In the summer, millwall will sign doncaster's Tommy Spurr and Coventry's Richard Keogh. 100% certain wait and see

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In the summer your be in league 1 with them

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15 Apr 2012 18:37:09
There's all these Man Utd supporters on about Suarez diving all the time. I think they should look closer at home first. Mr Ashley Young!!

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I thought it was a pen... ha ha cause i did pen awarded and missed and scored ...
so well done ashley , won £45 ..and still got a x double on the spurs v chelsea game..need someone to dive.


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15 Apr 2012 18:19:58
Vas Te is not set to stay at West Ham after calls from teams such as West Brom , Cardiff , Athletico Madrid , Portsmouth , Bristol Rovers and even Juventus.

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15 Apr 2012 17:28:27
Southend Will be promoted to League 1. Even if it is via the play-offs. Shrimpers will make it into League 1.

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15 Apr 2012 16:27:29
that ref for united - villa is a discrace shud never ref a prem game again after lettin asley young con him for a pen when he was 4 yards away! unreal he shud of booked young! what adive...redman matt

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15 Apr 2012 16:25:55
weird how Torres went for 50mil, Carrol 35mil but Henry went to Barca for 14mil BARGAIN!

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15 Apr 2012 13:18:06
yes theres problems at Oxford is vital they get to play offs and get promoted.OK rumours have been around for a while but if they do not get revenue from somewhere before the end of May amd promotion it looks bad for Oxford

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15 Apr 2012 13:17:50
Why do so called 'fans' only back a team after a win then slate them the week after, it seems after a loss they forget the things that manager has done well and forget the good wins. If your a fan you back the team an look forward to the next win, heres to a final 9 points for Leicester, show support.
Back Pearson!

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Well said m8 there are a lot of Leicester fans on ere that are complete knobs, no patience they expect to win the league as soon as a bit of money is spent they dont seem to realise that all these new signings need time to gel as a team and it dont help sacking all these managers and gettin new ppl in. Im with you i think Pearson is the man for the job but im afraid we gonna have to regroup in the summer and give it a go nxt year as after yesterday's defeat to Millwall has been the final nail in the coffin!


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I dont blame konchesky swearin at that fan i would too, hes been a key player. Weve just not taken our chances so we move on an enjoy the last 3 games an come back fighting next season

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Last week you all shouting def for play offs then can,t take BANTER when it comes back

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Were not on bout banter, we can take that, im on about in general fans slating their own team so do 1

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