Football Banter Archive January 13 2013


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13 Jan 2013 22:21:06
Huddersfield Chairman Dean Hoyle will not allow Grayson to spend any more money in January transfer window. Hoyle is unwilling to let Grayson put the club into financial problems in order to ease the pressure on himself. As a result Nakhi Wells is due to sign for Wolves.

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13 Jan 2013 22:18:01
Daily Fail are running a story that Sean O'Driscoll will be appointed Bristol City manager in the next 24 hours

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13 Jan 2013 22:07:55
Bristol City set to appoint a new manager and director of football tomorrow.

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13 Jan 2013 22:41:31
Would love Oxfordnto try and lure Paul Benson on loan with a view to perms ant transfer. Could be an option if we offload Smalley, Worley.

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13 Jan 2013 21:23:10
Just a quick message to all Boro fans... Does anybody agree with me that if Boro don't sign anybody at all during this window of opportunity to strengthen at the fitness end of the season we are going to miss out on promotion yet again? I think this season most of all it deserves a bit of money shot at it through the position we are in. What happened to the Bennett money that was going to get invested? I think 5mil in moggas hand would guarantee promotion but IMO we aren't going to make the playoffs coz we arent going to make any signing just like last season and we are just going to miss out again. Every team around us is strengthening and Boro are just waiting on injuries yet again... Anybody agree?

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I think all we need is a proven championship striker to make us the finished article. we'ver battered too many teams this year and come away with nothing due to a lack of end product.

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13 Jan 2013 20:55:59
Did anybody else hear when quizzed on if the gooners could overtake us on sky Souness said he doubted it because we are playing better than Arsenal they prob won't buy in Jan and we had something in the pipeline!!


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13 Jan 2013 20:12:59
How come you never post my comments Ed: {Ed001's Note - you mean like your imbecilic comment about Uruguayan's not speaking Spanish? If you weren't such a tit you would have comments posted, one day when you grow up into a big boy that is.}

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Dont beat about the bush Ed say what you think

Romsey Saint

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13 Jan 2013 19:00:56
If Real Madrid do not beat Manchester United in the champions league and ending up not progressing, Real Madrid will start their search for a new manager as they will sack Jose Mourinho

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13 Jan 2013 18:07:39
Another dire Preston performance under Westley - after this dire display he must go. Owen Coyle come on down and get us back on track.

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13 Jan 2013 18:00:50
Okay here's one for you. What KIND of striker do Norwich need? Forget names, we won't know until it happens. What are we looking for in a striker to carry us forward in the league? Something to fit our current system? Or someone to build the team around? Big? Small?

P.S. - Don't just say someone who scores goals. That's just a tad obvious. Enjoy.

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Somebody from Leeds :P

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Need more than a striker to keep you up

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13 Jan 2013 16:36:13
After Ritchies showing yesterday would be amazed if Bournemouth were interested. Certainly wouldn't walk into the team based on that effort

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Great, The plan works.
Ritchie deliberately plays poorly and we come away with four points from our mighty opponents, who will surely top the premier league anytime soon. Manchester is quaking in its boots.

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13 Jan 2013 14:13:08
This window I can't see us being very busy, Puncheon and Shaw to sign new contracts, a cb and a winger will also be brought in, no new keeper.

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Need new defenders known that since the summer

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13 Jan 2013 13:24:34
Leicester in talks with Colin from Leeds,, Leicester need a new car park attendant :-) LCFC blue

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Nah, no good. His parking tactics are all wrong and he never guides the right car into the right spaces.

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Nothing his Manager can do once he crosses the white line.

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13 Jan 2013 10:50:46
The win against Peterborough saved his rear a few weeks ago but this was always a task too big for him and was always just a matter of time. Hopefully the board will have already made plans pre Xmas for this and someone will have been lined up. Hopefully someone with a little experience, knowledge and ability to kick 'A' ...cus lets face it..we won't be buying anyone

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13 Jan 2013 10:35:25
flitcroft will get Barnsley out of trouble

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13 Jan 2013 09:24:32
Everton have no money to spend
Villa only have £10 million
QPR can only sign "one or two" players
And so on, so forth

So many fans are going to be disappointed. Too many fans have unrealistic expectations

There is this chav bling approach held by fans. Sad

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12 Jan 2013 23:42:48
Think it's the end of our ever present stint in the premier league for us villa boys

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12 Jan 2013 23:25:12
So as I remember Leeds were going to sign multi million pound players with the money that was going to come from there new billionaire owners and as of yet they have signed............. yes that's right sweet FA ha ha

Romsey Saint

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Good to see other fans still so interested in the mighty whites, wouldn't get to cocky sunshine as soton will be back down next season

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Good call saint, these pages were rammed with leeds fans crowing about being the biggest team in the championship etc bilionaires, all rubbish.i tried to get them to read the article in the sunday mail which exposed gfh as chancers

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Not being cocky son just stating the truth about your pathatic asperations regarding your new owners which seem to be like you full of hot air

Romsey Saint

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Lol 'mighty white' thanks for cheering me up!


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Mighty white wasnt that a name of a bread years ago? where is that now soon be same for leeds

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Im guessing the person that keeps singing of his posts with saint is a southampton fan well we hammered your lot in the cup come back when your club has actually won something

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Mmmmmm seem to have hit a nerve, no good living in the past live in the present.... we are premier league and your not simple as

Romsey [Southampton] Saint

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You saint lad need to wake up your club are only in the prem to make up the numbers as for leicster ha don't make laugh its one thing splashing all the cash like you have but it won't be getting you no where fast wouldn't speak to soon if i was you mot!

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You leicster lad need to get a grip your club is a yo yo one just shows how far your club are going you after bring back pearson again!

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Dont make you laugh? where are leicester and leeds again? please remind me! you won't even make playoffs this year so we have a much bigger chance than you of playing premiership football....FACT!


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