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13 Feb 2013 23:45:56
Saw Elvis outside Ricoh Arena!
I have a suspicious mind!

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You mean you actually saw Elvis in the ghetto? Still, I suppose the sky blues could do with a good luck charm.

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13 Feb 2013 21:19:58
Robins actually applied for the job

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13 Feb 2013 18:04:56
Sammy Lee to be named new manager.

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13 Feb 2013 18:02:18
FL give Swindon takeover the elbow, just will not happen. So will be administration and 20 point deduction

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13 Feb 2013 15:36:41
The cracks are starting to show at West ham. Firstly between Allardyce and The Owners. The signing of Wellington Paulista is NOT a player who Sam wanted. I will be very much surprised if the bloke pulls on a West Ham shirt during his tenure at The Boleyn Ground. Paulista is NOT rated in South America at all. Indeed Wellington's agent has been trying to secure a move to England for the player, for almost FOUR years. without success.

I'm afraid Paulista is a typical Barry Silkman 'special'. A South American 'gem', who is nothing more than a bum of the month. Gold and Sullivan have made these type of signings for years with the aid of Silkman, their trusted lieutenant. Only Benitez at Birmingham can be classified as a success whereas the rest have been duds.

To be fair to Gold and Sullivan tho, they HAVE backed Sam as much as they could. He wanted Jarvis and Carroll. they delivered. Unfortunately for whatever reason bothJarvis and Carroll have not delivered where it matters most. on the pitch. let's face it, the wheels have come off West Ham's season. On the pitch itself, from the Liverpool game onwards, cracks have appeared big time as far as the way Allardyce, sets out his teams. His lack of plan be being all too apparent. Despite public support of Allardyce, privately the Owners must have doubts about giving Allardyce a new contract.

Any successful business must be able to think ahead. In Gold and Sullivan's case, it's about staying in the Premier League, which Allardyce will achieve. Then the next step is moving into the Olympic Stadium and filling it. To do that you are going to have to win football matches whilst playing an attractive brand of football. I'm afraid that Sam Allardyce is not the man to lead us to a bright new dawn.

Opponents have sussed us out now. Zonal football, playing off the second ball just ISN'T working anymore! Getting the ball into the box as quick as possible, for the big men to either get on the end of or knock it back for a onrushing Kevin Nolan rarely comes to nothing! Allardyce has NO plan be whatsoever. Against the Stoke's of the world, that's fine. But against a team that keeps it on the deck, plays with a bit of invention and have a bit of pace in the team. We end up like a punch drunk boxer, reeling all over the place and hasn't got a clue!

Do you honestly think it's going to get any better next season? Don't think so! Football is changing, coaches are younger and have new ideas. Southampton Football Club are a classic example of this. Nigel Atkins did a good job taking the South Coast Club from League One till the Premier League. Yes, his sacking was brutal and had the Southampton fans in arms. But they brought in a young Argentinian coach Mauricio Pochettino. Southampton now play a fast paced attacking game, pressing from the front. After beating Manchester City 3-1 down here on the good old South Coast. It's a case of Nigel who? That's life, that's football.

I'm afraid that come the end of the season, we have got to be looking at someone younger. Someone like Roberto Martinez comes to mind. He has done well at Wigan with peanuts. They always play attractive football as well. He knows the Premier League, been there got the t-shirt.

Another manager, admittingly without Premier League experience, but who I believe would do well is the hugely charismatic Slaven Bilic, who of course has played for the club. A hugely intelligent bloke who knows football inside out. A man whose teams always play attractive football. Still that can wait till the end of the season.

Time to stay behind the team and our present manager Sam Allardyce - A man who has done well to stabilise the club and I'm sure will always get a good reception when he comes back to The Boleyn Ground. It is in many ways harsh on Sam, but in football there is no room for sentimentality. You have got to keep progressing, otherwise you sink like a stone. We are more than a football club, we're a way of life! COYI'S!

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13 Feb 2013 15:45:15
Hardly a surprise, if Neal Ardley doesn't get 3 points this weekend at home to Bradford, after taking the club to the bottom of the league after 25 games in charge: Sanchez is in Monday morning.

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13 feb 2013 13:53:23
lets forget mark robins
we need a new forward to score goals let move on mark who

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13 Feb 2013 13:43:05
According to the early odds Simon Grayson is almost certain to be the next Preston manager.

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13 Feb 2013 12:45:19
Well, see latest in the paper. Exactly what I said earlier. All this other stuff is juts nonsense. they will not appoint anyone in a hurry. SAMMY LEE now front runner we can't afford DOWIE's wages

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13 Feb 2013 12:23:42
there is a god westley has gone onwards + upwards

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13 Feb 2013 12:06:34
Ashley Harris will have talks with management over his removal from the first 11. Harris believed to be upset over his omission from the first team in recent weeks and the constant speculation over his future.

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13 Feb 2013 11:40:57
Heard Chris Wood has fallen out of favour at leicester after a bust up with pearson, potential loan?
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He's injured, but well done anyway.

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13 Feb 2013 09:49:24
after missing out on all of his first choice transfer targets in january, gillingham boss martin allen has conceded that the league 2 title is port vale's to lose, after his side gave away an 8 point lead at the top of the table. the team's alarming reversal in form has seen them win just one of the last 7 home games and with a decimaated squad after the departure of quality players in the window who the club failed to replace, boss allen just now hopes they have enough to secure a play-off place and will look to rebuild in the summer.
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12 Feb 2013 23:27:56
its season over for leeds they will get a few more points to stave of relagation but that's about it its a realaty that without money you have no chance and its sad to hear leeds can't compete with the big boys they can't even compete with sides thatshould not be said in the same breath we have become a joke
the so called takeover was a joke warnock is a joke and so is the team let's face it we are finished as a force in the football league we will scratch about in the bottom half of the champoinship untill some billianaire comes along its all very sad but I am afriad we are going nowere fast we wernt even a very good third divishion side so ifyou have a bob or two and are looking to invest you can't get better than leeds
regards graham gregg
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What after all those multi million pound players they bought. not ha ha

Romsey Saint

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Its oright romsey saint your team will be back playing leeds next season lol

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Dont think so me old mate and even if we were it would be so one sided you would be a bigger laughing stock than you are now. billionaires your avin a larf ha ha

Romsey Saint

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One sided I believe we whipped saints in the cup already could of been a cricket score for gods sake!
leeds fan!

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Yep, your first team narrowly beat our reserves. Well done. Enjoyed taking 6 points off you last season though.

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