Football Banter Archive May 11 2015


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11 May 2015 21:34:38
qpr will be hammered by ffp, it will depend on parachute payments I think.

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11 May 2015 20:15:55
Liverpool won't get any top players until they get champions league again unfortunately.

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11 May 2015 20:13:27
If Liverpool FC can't get klopp, we may as well stick with Brendan. I'm not saying there's no one else possibly out there, just if you're going for someone it should always be the next level, and although I love Rodgers and will hope we stick with him, if you're going to replace him surely it should be what's known as an upgrade!

There are plenty of managers around the English league and the world but how many can come in a do much better with what was available to Rodgers?

Regardless of a better start to the season we wouldn't of done much differently we may have an extra 7/9 points (which would be terrific as it would mean top 4) but is it worth ripping up a project that's 3 years and a whole lot of money into, for a couple of extra wins!

No doubt this summer the teams that is there will perform better, and hopefully with the right striking addition we will be just fine! But I know we will get it wrong even benzema or higuain will be a mistake! This is were are scouts need to show why we pay them!

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11 May 2015 20:04:43
I wasn't pleased with Sterling's latest performance for Liverpool FC or for some considerable time tbh. Yes he looks good going forward, but he loses the ball too easily, and then has no fight to get it back.

He throws his arms up in the air as if he's been fouled and looks at the referee rather than fighting to regain possession. I put this down to a lack of winning mentality at the club, in the players to go the extra like a carragher of old. To strain every sinew to compete and give it all.

Sterling and the other young players need a role model. Suarez gave them guile and determination. Gerrard in the past gave leadership. Henderson is none of those things and players are not giving their all in my opinion. Its down to drive and motivation.

The skill is there but we need leaders and leaders who rule by example to make the younger players and indeed the older ones to step up a gear. I think its called PASSION. In any walk of life mentality and passion is key. This comes down to Rogers and his team again.

Motivation can move mountains. We need to instill somehow a winning mentality, channeled aggression. A mentality of averageness is not good enough.So often, small advantages prove game winners.

Too many players play like its just another game. Do you think Floyd Mayweather thought that going into the pacquiao fight was just another day at the office. He put his reputation and life on the line. Ok so he earned big books but he deserved it. Tell me how many Liverpol players deserved their paycheck this year?

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11 May 2015 19:12:15
Rafa Benitez is moving his family to Naples so it looks like he won't be joining any Premier League club as rumoured earlier this year.

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11 May 2015 19:07:33
Regarding West Ham:
O'brien can play in a few different places, as a last resort option, plus we will need players like him who know their role and understand they are only ever a bench warmer. Also Maiga can't be worse than Cole, Cole will be off in the summer so why not let him see his contract out. Replace the ones that expire in the summer and keep the money in the bank for the following summer. There is still a good few additional spaces in the squad for new faces.

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11 May 2015 07:02:34
With pep looking likely to end up at city, Liverpool should go all out for Klopp.

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