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09 Oct 2011 21:03:12
Millwall have just signed QPR Striker Patrick Agyemang on loan with a view to a perm deal in January if all goes well.
Not being funny but he is carp ok lets have him if we want to go down, so mr jackett wants us to play divison 1 footy dont you love him, i hate him no clue ,no idea no future thats millwall sorry

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09 Oct 2011 18:59:58
Small Teams in the bottom 2 divisions have to accept the fact where they bring on decent young players they eventually have to flog them to teams that are of a higher standard and level. Especially so if they look certain to be able to play at that higher level.

Loyalty is virtually a thinkg of the past but I do admire Southend's Hall, Mohsni, Ferdinand and Grant because at some stage or other they have signed extended contracts at Roots Hall.

But the more consistent they become the more the vultures of the levels above will circulate above them and its a tad unrealistic they will sign 2nd or 3rd extentions when there is so much continued interest.

And the way these players are going they will attract exactly that.

The problem for Blues is that Hall and Ferdinand will have a year left on their deals next summer and I think Grant and Bilel will be out of contract.

I think these players will reject new offers from the club when interest becomes apparent elsewhere . They can all play at championship level. and thery are too good a players to let their contracts wind down.

Which is why I'm saying Hall and Ferdy could go next year with the chance of te other two going in january.

Otrherwise it'll be the Mark Gower and Peter Clarke situation all over again.

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The way the game is now mate is no-one,even in the premiership is safe from having their best young players plundered,the mega rich clubs just make an offer they cant refuse,the most talented players in any league will be got at after a good season,sad but true.

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09 Oct 2011 18:31:24
Liverpool and Tottenham will go head to head in January for the signature of Bolton centre half Gary Cahill.

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Took you long enough to read the sunday papers.

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09 Oct 2011 18:22:50
Southampton, along with Brighton, are already starting to slide. It may not look like it as they're still right up there, but look at their recent form... both teams have returned 7pts from the last 15 available, Brighton have only won once in 4 games and Southampton have won once in their last three. Oddly enough, Southampton have lost their games to good sides (Cardiff and Leicester) it seems they can beat the cannon fodder but put a good side in front of them and they lose - they've had an easy start, but there are an awful lot of good sides lining up to shoot them down. Won't be long before they take their rightful place in mid table, and then all these gobby fans will slip quietly into the night and won't be heard from again... can't wait...............................................................

Saints have got 10 points from a possible 15 you mug. Arithmetic is clearly not you strong point, so i would advise you to ask your teacher if you can have so extra Maths tuition. Easy Start, Leeds, Millwall, Birmingham, Burnley, Notts Forest all teams tipped to be up the top this season...Wake up you Fishy person
Have you not seen the league? Millwall r on bad form and so r birmingham and notts forest. Leeds have only weekend this season and you got outplayed by Burnley! So shut 'up you fishy person'

Bad form or not look at their squads their all good teams, your just jealous that were over achieving our expectations, your probably a fan of the underperformers the ones you just mentioned.
No I'm a Middlesbrough fan and i'll bet you 50quid your bubble burst soon... You can't buy yourself everything. Be happy with mid table finish

Your forms ended already then as saints are 2 clear at the top and beat Watford 4-0 with 1 regular striker, and we're not buying everything we signed 4 quality players in the summer and are looking to get a striker in january. PS I'll have that 50 quid you mentioned.

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09 Oct 2011 16:57:04
Unfortunatly it is life that those clubs in the bottom 2 divisions with decent players, those capable of playing at championship standard, will eventually move on to better themselves with clubs that are bigger and with better resources.

It is hard accepting this but its difficult to expect players to continue to committ to a lower league team when they have already shown part of their loyalty. ( your lucky if you ever see this at all).

In southends case Hall, Grant, Bilel and Ferdinand have already put to pen to paper on extended contracts.

And if they continue to be consistent in theyr fine form the more there will be takers from Championship level.

And after already signing extentions it'll be difficult to stand in their way this time round.

Especially come next summer Hall and Ferdinand will have only one year left amd I believe Grant and Bilel will actually be out of contract.

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09 Oct 2011 16:51:03
Maximus PART TIME SUPPORTER! What team u support? Probs Man U! And bet u from London. i travel 300 miles every 2nd week to watch the RANGERS . We may not have the money of the English but if we did !!! How many teams in europe can have 50,000 at every home game and take 200,000 to a cup final when wee only get 2 million a year t.v money for being champions and epl new boys get 30 million . BEST LEAGUE IN THE WORLD

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If you knew anything he supports Blackpool. Now go and do one Jocky, back to your two team "league"

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Steady on ,and calm down !
whats with the capitals ? someone upset you! you see another scots man making a fool of himself! follow your local team , you dont 300 miles away , so why chip at man utd fans living in london ,when your just as bad! swansea v wolves 20,000 is better than st mirren v motherwell 4,000 .
afc wimbledon get more than that !
are you mad cause youve been caught wearing your mums skirt?

maximus ; born blackpool ;follows blackpool! not 300 miles away sweaty!

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Oh well no luck maximus, not your fault your local team is blackpool.

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Frankly, I dislike Bolton but they would beat Rangers. The top two in the SPL are Championship play off contenders at best. Frankly, AFC Wimbledon watched by 50,000 is still AFC Wimbledon.

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09 Oct 2011 16:44:13
It is not realistic for a small club in the lower 2 divisions to expect decent players to constantly committ to them when they are of a higher standard.

In Southend's case Hall, Mohsni and Ferdinand have already signed extentions and once takers from championship level clubs get their claws in them the inevitable will happen.

Especially in the cases of these players when come next summer they'll on;ly have a year left on their deals.

Actually I believe Mohsni and Grant will be out of contract in may.

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09 Oct 2011 16:11:17
If I may I would like to express my thoughts on what might happen at Southend in the next year.

There is no doubt the team is in cracking form at the moment and Paul Sturrock has done superbly at Roots Hall despite the financial circumstances.

By my view is they won't sustain this over the course of the season therefore I'm sure as time passes they'll eventually drop off. Having said that I believe they'll still be in or around the play-offs come what May.

I don't agree with those saying Sturrock and Coughlan will be going to Plymouth . They''l stay put I'm sure.

Grant, Hall, Mohsni and Ferdinand are very good players but I'm afraid Southend are eventually a selling club and I think this will be proved regarding these players once the takers get their claws into them. they sre above the standard of League's 1 and 2.

I agree Hall signed again in the summer mainly as a " thank you" when his life could have been ruined . However there is only much of a thank you players will give ( you're lucky to get it at all) and my prediction is there will be many many takers for him at the end of the season and that he'll go to pastures new.

Friend of mine say Bilel has been unhappy for some tine despite his good relationship with the fans. Another who has already signed an extention and when players like him, Hall and Kane are as good as they are it is unfair to suggest they'll constantly committ to a Club that's not at the standard where they belong but thats life.

I wish Blues well this season but their fans need to be a little more realistic. Something that is hard to do when fans are die-hard fans who in turn forbid anyone from saying anything about the club that they don't llike.

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09 Oct 2011 12:37:19
Hi ed was wondering if the rumours of steve bruce being replaced by martin oniell are true any idea? {Ed002's Note - Sorry, no idea.}

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If he got replaced by Ronald McDonald it would be an improvement.

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09 Oct 2011 12:14:14
any latest on southend united

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09 Oct 2011 09:05:45
Bridge maybe but much as we'd love to have him back BZ is a complete non starter, how I would love to be wrong about this but I know I'm not.

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09 Oct 2011 00:16:46
Not a rumour this but I believe Southend will be promoted this season.

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