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09 Feb 2012 23:25:59
steve kean is doing a great job . your club is fighting relegation and you should support the team and coach , the way you have behaved is shocking , get behind your team and manager

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Rubbish ! crap manager that couldnt even run his own bath!
carry on with the protests until he`s out!
kean out
kean out!


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I agree Kean is not great, however he is perfect for the Owners, talks a good game and tows the line, but Venkys are the real problem, all the hype and promises made, and yet all they have done so far is reduce costs and get as many high wage earners off the books, it started with Stan Ali and his team, he was never going to allow Venkys to run the club, too powerful and outspoken for them so he had to go. If Kean keeps Blackburn up this season he should be applauded even if he is not the greatest Manager.

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I will def agree with that!
someone on this site that makes a bit of sense like me !

maximus {Ed025's Note - like you max?? have predicted about 100 match results...and not got 1 right!!!...what you know about football, could be written on the back of a stamp..

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WHICH Team does Maximus support ?

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Ha ha ha , ed025 ! your joking ok!
anyway meeting my liverpool family in rainhill next sat ! fancy a beer !

everton 4-3 blackpool !
see you next week!

maximus {Ed025's Note - good luck max..

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Ed025 tell him?
am only been nice !

maximus {Ed025's Note - your always nice max...even scottish preston fans would agree...and good luck in the cup, your going to need it!

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09 Feb 2012 23:03:14
New England manager arrangements now sorted. Stuart Pearce will take over now with Harry Redknapp taking charge officially at the end of the season, but only on a tempary basis to guide us through the Euros. Once the Euros are over Guus Hiddink will take over the job perminantly.

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This sounds the most sensible idea I've heard on the subject.

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If that's the case, why not have Hiddink come in now?

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Please, don't give the job to Arry at all. Even if we ever won a tournament, the cup would never be safe anyhere that man!

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09 Feb 2012 22:55:55
06 Feb 2012 21:12:35
Brighton's midfielder Bridcutt is done and dusted just waiting for the 8th/9th to announce it.

Which Year?

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09 Feb 2012 22:41:52
Swindon about to sign a top class championship player until the end of the season,he will be out of contact in June however he feels swindindon would be a good chance to get regular football and attract interest, question is whothe hell is it????? will be announced over the weekend

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Swindon are chasing Brian Howard from Reading, but he does not want to drop to the 2nd Division

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It is manset at Reading, on loan only..

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Y drop 2 div swindon small club

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09 Feb 2012 21:19:12
look what redknapp done to saints
then pi##ed off back to pompey
s**te manager never an england

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I agree, the media love him because he is based in london and can't keep his gob shut. What qualities make him a good england manager I don't know, he's only ever bought success. Even at bournemouth he spent a fortune for a club that size.

Spurs have spent the best part of £250m in the last 5 years (Redknapp £120m of that) in three years and still can't break the top three.

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What redknapp done to saints he should of got a medal

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In the last 5 years Spurs spent £188.4m gross. However, that was only £63.4m net. This is equivalent to £12.7m per year.

In the three and a half years since Redknapp has been in charge, Spurs have spent £91.5m gross and £49m net (£14m per year).

The strongest team that Spurs could put out at present (Friedel, Walker, Kaboul, Dawson, Ekotto, Lennon, Parker, Modric, Bale, Van Der Vaart and Adebayor) cost £52.1m (Torres and some small change).

Five of these players were acquired by Redknapp for a total of just £18m.

There is more to Redknapp than a cheque book.

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Harry will always be a legend at Bournemouth, taking the scummers down was so sweet.

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Agree, there is more to Redknapp than a cheque book, there's a dodgy account in Monaco too!

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A couple of pompey fans pokin their noses in be glad when your down in league 1 hopefully no one daft enough to buy your club and gone for good cant happen soon enough bye bye pompey pompey bye bye

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09 Feb 2012 20:09:06
The FA have confirmed that they're looking for the replacement manager to be English with hands on experience with Premiership players.

Danielle Lloyd is now the 6/4 favourite.

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Which sel-respecting manager would want to work for them muppets,theyre a disgrace,and whats Pearce ever achieved?,think Id stay at Spurs if I was Arry.

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09 Feb 2012 19:40:57
The FA should give the England job to Les Parry. I'm sure his brand of exciting attack minded football (formation 4-6-0) would go down a treat with England fans. Seriously if Tranmere want to avoid the drop, Johnson must act now and appoint a hungry young manager like Mickey Mellon or David Kelly to breathe new life into the club. The attendances are dropping alarmingly and the lack of tactics on show from our current manager aren't going to bring the fans back to Prenton Park. I've been a season ticket holder for 21 years and have paid over £300 to watch these dire performances under Parry, I believe I'm entitled to give my point of view. I cannot watch the club I love heading towards league 2 without saying something. 1 win in 16 says it all!

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09 Feb 2012 18:57:50
I have never read so much rubbish as that placed on this site.

First the Ricoh Arena would cost approx £30-million tops, IF it was for sale. It is not.

Coventry City F.C. have first call on 50% of the company that owns the Arena, but Coventry City Council which owns the other 50% can - and will - veto the sale of any part of
the Arena company to the football club until such time as they (the Council) are satisfied with the business plan and other credentials of the club's owners.

That will simply not happen with the present owners, Sisu.

Also, the club is more than £30-million in debt. That was the figure a few months ago. The debts continue to accrue, with the club kept alive by Sisu, for reasons best known to themselves.

Whatever Sisu's original plan it has clearly not worked. The club looks certain to be relegated to League One. It has no Chairman, a temporary Chief Executive recruited from among the investors who have put money into Sisu to keep the club alive, and Chief Scout as manager.

Former Chairman Gary Hoffman is negotiating to buy the club on behalf of a group of as yet unnamed backers, but these negotiations are inevitably taking a long time as it can't be easy to conclude a deal to buy something that is worthless but owes it present owners a fortune.

Those are the facts.

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09 Feb 2012 18:51:51
we all want harry rednapp to be next england boss but what says he wants it

hopefully who ever the next manager is he'll pick players who should be there not on there name

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I don't

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I hate him and so do most ppl - rather give President Bush the job, got to be better than the 'Wally with the brolly'

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I don't want an England manager who can not read or write properly, keeps his money in another country and has been taken to court on tax evasion charges.

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09 Feb 2012 12:37:32
I remember when everyone was
saying 'we got to have an english
manager' the FA came up with the
one and only 'Steve Mclaren' Ha ha
What a shower of excrement he was
It dont matter who we have in charge
of england...We aint good enough

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09 Feb 2012 11:37:13
This post has appeared in a local rag for a Saints supporter called confucious - I thought I'd share it with you...... Confucious says...
10:16am Thu 9 Feb 12
I hope I'll be there to see us win and won't be still hunting for my troublesome cocker spaniel Fenton who's done a runner.

In hindsight I should never have allowed him to listen to the TV news. He was only partly relieved to hear that Harry's dog Rosie's bank account was declared innocuous. This at least eased his mind about his 'life savings' - dozens of bones buried secretly in our garden.

But I'm sure that what's really playing on his mind is the 'bung' he took sneakily from the water collection barrel in our garden last summer. He has also heard me singing 'Pay Up Poopee'
and I suspect he's got it into his head that his numerous daily excretions are taxable activities. There was the usual queue of four or five dogs at the solitary lamp post in our street yesterday morning and for the first time ever he refused to join it.

I have explained to him that he has nothing to worry about, especially with his abysmal reading, writing and organisational skills. I also told him that, despite the huge resources devoted to it, the chances of HMRC ever winning anything against Poopee or anyone associated with it seem to be slimmer than Tiddlesborough United's chances would be of beating Barcelona 9-0.

I suspect Fenton will be back before long as I see he's left his secret stash of puppy treats under his bed cushioning.

Bit of a 'geezer' our Fenton, but if I miss the Burnley match on his account he'll regret it.

Good ehhh? COYRs...

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09 Feb 2012 11:17:47
England Manager? Stuart Pearce. Why not Harry? Because at 64,how long will he last AND remember Kevin Keegan was English, built a side at Newcastle that would have wiped the floor with Harrys Spurs team and couldnt handle the England job. NOPE not for me, let Pearce build a side for next world cup without hasbeens like A. Cole,Ferdinand,Terry,Lampard,Gerrard {Ed001's Note - but Pearce is a joke of a coach and manager, he is awful and has no idea about attacking football. I would rather give the job to 'Arry's dog than Pearce, it does have a higher IQ after all.}

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I have to agree with ed001 - i have nothing against pearce but what has he done to even suggest he's good enough- he's flooped everywhere he's managed - to boot he sounds like a total imbecile when he speaks to the media and in my opinion is just in the england set up as a a mole for the FA.

It has to be Redknapp - and his age is to his advantage - few managers leave an international position then go on to have success at club again - he could get a 7 year deal with the FA to manage three tournaments with, in my opinion, the best group of young players this country has ever produced.
hart, jones, walker, richards, rodwell, wilshere, chamberlain, sturridge are all world class or very close to being world class players at the beginning of their careers - imagine where they'll be in 6-8 years time. and these are just the cream... there are a group of about 20+ young players of real potential currently in the english game

If not Redknapp the only manager i'd have is mourinho - as much as i dislike him he is a tactical genius and at international level its tactics that usually wins the competitions

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09 Feb 2012 10:46:43
07 Feb 2012 16:55:55
Preston North End are expected to bid £1.25M for Mark Roberts, Ben May & Alan Julian from former club Stevenage this summer, once Graham Westley is able to contact his old players--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

We do not have money like that to spend on
players never mind on a single player


Where are pne going to get 1.25 million from


Pne av got money but we wont spend on one player


It isn't one player you person it clearly says 3ssays 3 says names there.

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09 Feb 2012 03:00:05
Only one person to handle the England job, Sir Walter Smith. Restore some British pride in the team and a top class manager

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The dog and duck have just sacked there manager , and even they wouldnt have that rubbish spl crap manager.

ben dover.

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09 Feb 2012 01:22:20
England team for European Championships:
1 Joe Hart
2 Micah Richards
5 Michael Dawson
6 Ledley King *
3 Ashley Cole
4 Steven Gerrard (c)
7 Scott Parker
8 Jack Wilshere
9 Daniel Sturridge
11 Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
10 Wayne Rooney

* Joleon Lescott to fill in for king when not fit.
John Terry and Rio Ferdinand wouldn't be anywhere near the squad for me.
Rest of squad:
12 Kyle Walker
13 David Stockdale
14 Gareth Barry
15 Gary Cahill
16 Joleon Lescott
17 James Milner
18 Ashley Young
19 Darren Bent
20 Danny Welbeck
21 Adam Johnson
22 Leighton Baines
23 Robert Green

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So Englands technically gifted team will just pass the ball into the net? Need a CF hopefully Caroll can start to justify his price tag.

I still think we need a player who can actually hold up the ball and then provide for our attacking MF.

Unfortunatley there are very few players who can do this. Bobby Zamora would be the best player at the momnent.

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I'd have (as long as they're fit..)

+ 2 others. a defender and central mid - whoever impresses most between now and end of season. ...

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So basically most of same team that failed in the world cup gerrard no chance to old chamberlin id risk redmond from blues maybe people who are performing should be selected

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Virtually all of that team were at the world cup 2yrs ago? what you on about? I think thats probably, on current form the best england team we've got. HART..simply number 1, RICHARDS..By far the best right back this season, beast, DAWSON and KING..both far better than Ferdinand and Terry who have both been poor for a long time, plus Terry is too disruptive, Dawson and King are also a ready made partnership, Kings fitness could be managed in the tournament, ASHLEY COLE..still the best left back we have, even tho I don't like him, GERRARD..Ready made captain, experienced, because he hasn't played the full season should be in good fitness by the summer, touch wood, still offers a lot, PARKER..been the best midfielder in the premiership this season, offers grit and passion, WILSHERE..depending on his fitness, is pure class as we all know, if Wilshere isn't fit I'd even be tempted to ask Paul Scholes to play 1 more tournament the way he's played since coming back to Man Utd this season, offers experience, passing, control, would prefer Scholes than Lampard, STURRIDGE..offers pace, control, strength, goals and is in great form, OXLADE-CHAMBERLAIN..could be a gamble but hes strong, got a good head on his shoulders, quick, tricky, can run at people, offers a final ball and goals, Walcott doesn't, ROONEY..can lead a line but can also link up, with Sturridge and Oxlade-Chamberlain running into spaces, very experienced for his age and offers passion and goals. WELBECK could also be used, has played well this season.

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08 Feb 2012 23:57:59
Fabio Capello didn't quit England due to the John Terry saga, it was due to him being offered the Leeds job. To be announced this weekend by big daddy bates

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Lol nothing to do with both milan clubs thinking of getting him in the summer then? Oh wait, Leeds is so much more attractive! those lasses and that accent... compare to Milan Lasses and their accesnts. I know where I would go - ciao.

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