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09 Dec 2012 23:23:58
Watford looking to get Forestieri, Vydra, Abdi, Pudil on permanent deals, also thinking about adding Anya, Ekstrand and Battochio to that list. Zola also expressed his desire to sign Huddersfield keeper Alex Smithies as a replacement for 35 year old Almunia

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09 Dec 2012 21:55:36
We should offload Macdonald and bring back Mcleod, maybe as part of a swap deal. I hear he is on a rolling contract, so can he just walk out of the club if he gets a better offer? {Ed003's Note - he is on a monthly contract and can't play for another club until January}

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09 Dec 2012 20:24:09
the silence is deafening...... bbbbbaaazzziilll where are you

Romsey Saint

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As you last week baz, well done Liverpool......COYRs

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09 Dec 2012 19:40:08
Sunderland will bid around 1-3 million for Brad Potts

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09 Dec 2012 19:26:18
fed up with your posting what suits you ,stick it. {Ed003's Note - What's wrong?}

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09 Dec 2012 15:02:46
I think we should only be looking at prolific goalscorers, and maybe one more centre back of Bassong's quality.
Up-front i think Simeon Jackson need a chance. He is a live wire everytime he comes on and i don't see the point in bringing Steve Morison on for the last 10 minutes. At that stage we're gonna be hitting balls long and Jackson would have much more chance of reaching them cos hes much faster than Morison. Last chance he got he scored against Tottenham and he's good for assists. Give him a chance please, even if its just the last 10 minutes instead of Morison. If he's not gonna get a chance as a sub, let him prove himself in the reserves at least.

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09 Dec 2012 14:22:37
Alan Hansen has publicly said burnley are on the slide. If we string a few win together then well be rite. Against rovers and hull we were solid so I can't see us going down

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What does hansen know about the championship ? or football for that matter ,this is the man who famously said you cany win anything with kids about man u ,he also said france couldnt possibly win the world cup without a recognised striker,they didnt lose a game !

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09 Dec 2012 13:17:13
when will Dicanio realize he is the Boss and just maybe the reason goals aint coming could be his management style.
All we see in Paper is how he continues to slagg off his team in public.
Also the snipe at paul Bodin last week, the kids did ok,and to be honest Bodin seems to be doing a dect job.
All that aside the Town were promoted last season and are in a good spot in the Division again promotion why not yet will Dicanio be here in Jan as he has spent his budget.
Perhaps a new Boss and new methods could ring the changes,the Board will most likely get

rid pay him off

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09 Dec 2012 10:07:19
Hi all, not so much of a rumour but a reply to some of the things I've read on here. I frequently pop in and out this site and have posted a few times and the amount of person posts I've read about Celtic players not being good enough for epl and spl is a Mickey Mouse league blah blah blah. How many roumors on this site are involving Celtic players just now ?? Answer is lots ! Qualification to the knockout stages of the champions league doesn't all of a sudden make them
good players - they were good players before and a lot of people down south would just refuse to admit it.
Hooper prob around 8 million (bought for 2.5).
Wanyama prob around the same although I'd push for more with a huge sell on clause.
Forster is already attracting major attention down south for his performances this season.
Kelvin Wilson is also being tracked by a number of teams.
On top of that we still have players like ledley, Forrest, Matthews, commons, brown. And one that won't take long to pop up on the radar down there is ambrose.
So to all the haters I would love to try hear your arguments about Celtic not being good enough for epl etc. and just to add to that we also have the most loyal and passionate fans in the world. !! If you don't believe me then check out the atmosphere before the game where we BEAT Barcelona

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Calm down son,we dont hate celtic we dont care about them,big fish little pond .get over it.

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Goodness gracious me you are getting rather carried away with yourself young man, good results in the CL but that does not make you world beaters. Play in the in the English CL first to get a taster for top flight football then if your good enough and get promoted you can play with the big boys.

Romsey Saint

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April the 1st my scottish bagpipe player is months off ..
re post in 4 months would you ....its xmas .


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