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08 Oct 2011 20:25:18
Gus Poyet has admitted that despite the good start Brighton are struggling to attract good players. Poyet was snubbed by Jukiewitz of Coventry, Dobbie of Swansea and Wayne Bridge over the summer transfer window

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LoL! I wonder why?

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There was no enquiry about Jutkiewicz from Brighton in the summer, you are a bizarre triphead.

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08 Oct 2011 18:41:56
Southend will achieve promotion this season.

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08 Oct 2011 13:55:35
Let's forget money politics and rubbish us as saints fans said we had a good team and had a chance if they stay together. The league table doesn't lie 25 goals scored already and all are midfielders have scored and strikers. So why do saints still get sh@t have a look at your paper teletext or whatever you want at the tables. We are taking the Micky out of some teams and theres alot more to come just come dOwn and watch us well worth the price.just keep it up saints love ya coyrs

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Another blizzard of gusty drool from the most tedious fans in football. One word for you- Cardiff.

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Another word, Leicester - the two highest placed teams mighty Southampton have faced, have beaten them, ooya what a team!

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And if it wasnt for the casper city ghost saints could have spanked them if your honest.just wait for st marys my friend coyrs

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Coulda, woulda, shoulda... didn't.

What's going to happen at St Mary's then? I suppose you or one of the other clowns will predict that mighty Southampton will give lucky Leicester a good hiding eh? We'll see.

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By Cardiff, I mean another team that threatens to go up every year and never does. Thing is, history shows that, if you blow it this year, you're in for a long, long slog.

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Eh? That makes about as much sense as a chocolate teapot mate. "History shows", what does it show? The Championship is a nightmare to get out of and it always has been. The only thing that'll make it more difficult is the impending FFP rules but that won't hurt the sides dropping down too badly nor will it bother the sides who already have good squads, assuming those squads are sustainable financially, and i doubt any side would have put a squad together that wasn't sustainable into next season and beyond. History only shows us how tough the league is, it doesn't teach us anything new though.

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08 Oct 2011 12:47:51
Liverpool fans, lighten up a bit. I know your team's in terminal decline and it looks like you'll have seen the last of the Champions League for a good while. I think you're just angry because City are gonna replace you in the top 4. Mid table for the cheating reds, success for city.

Calm down, calm down...

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Liverpool fans have been on the city pages having a go at us, lfc fans are a disgrace, they are clearly deluded and living in the past
ps suarez is a cheat

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I think everyone is harsh taking the piss out of Liverpool - not long ago they went a whole season unbeaten - Summer I think it was!

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At least our players want to play for us.... You lot are a pathetic bunch of mercenaries. People laugh at you and your sheik.

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Dont think they do laugh, would much rather support a modern team than one still in the 1980s. Liverpool are living off past glories.

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08 Oct 2011 10:30:52
Emmanuelle Frimpong....what a lege on Soccer AM! not an Arsenal fan but the mans a geezer!

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08 Oct 2011 10:03:28
Are all Bristol City fans idiots, or is it just the two who suggested Gus Poyet and David Moyes. I've never heard such wishful thinking. Even with a new manager, City will be lucky to finish in the top half, with players like Kilkenny! I hear Dave Jones impressed under interview, and thats the best Brizzle can get, in all honesty.

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I think we all realised it was a bit of "banter" mate!

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