Football Banter Archive November 08 2012


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08 Nov 2012 17:21:45
to quote neil warnock,ryan is progressing well but not yet up to speed.
put him straight in then because no other player is up to speed either,
shrew leeds

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No other player eh,so in your opinion no Leeds players are up to scratch,what a stupid generalisation,its great we have such loyal,knowledgeable and optimistic fans as you,well done.

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Yes, we're rubbishe, & I've been following home & away for 40 yrs

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08 Nov 2012 18:18:38
The First thing MM will do is sort out that defence, its far to weak, so top priority defenders

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08 Nov 2012 13:58:15
Colchester manager Joe Dunne has been furious with his teams defending in recent weeks and has been given the green light to bring in at least one experienced central defender on loan before the weekend.

Sanchez Watt has torn his hamstring and will return to Arsenal.

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08 Nov 2012 13:46:55
Does anyone know for definite when the loan window closes {Ed003's Note - I think it's the 28th of this month mate,maybe someone could confirm this}

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Thought it was 22nd,but not 100%.

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08 Nov 2012 11:36:44
Canny believe that result last night, I was out for dinner and never seen any football & got up this morning to see the results .
Well done Chelsea brilliant!!! Lee :0

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08 Nov 2012 10:49:12
appleton hey....

dont really know him well..

but lets give him a fair crack of the
whip.. i am for one to give people time
to settle.. if we lose to bolton sat ..
then sack the f..ker ..


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Another fickle fan ^^ {Ed003's Note - I think you will find it is a joke }

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Hello mini - obviously being a Saints fan I aready know that Appy has more than a faint odour of fish about him......but the facts are he has been getting results that out weigh the financial support made avaiable to him at kraP nottarF; I think he'll do well for you. COYRs

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The fickle mans back again with absolutley no meaningful contribution - I hope he didn't offend you mini - COYRs

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Yep COYS ,hi...
he did offend me..spent most of afternoon sulking in class..anyway cheered up mums taking me to macdonalds..get in...ha ha ha ..

mr Fickle AKA maximus...

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08 Nov 2012 09:19:06
Respect to the hooped side of Glasgow - fantastic result - COYRs

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