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08 Mar 2013 19:03:53
Lol bless typical 'I support a team that were good once' status! Get over yourselves forest won't make play offs Brighton have momentum and also a game in hand over you. you're not a big club anymore.

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Oh dear, is that someone with a tight bum speaking, don't worry Brighton your day will come in a few more seasons {Ed039's Note - A tight bum?)

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I think he means as in squeaky.

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Forest will make the play offs at the expence of brighton

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08 Mar 2013 17:27:52
congratulations to the portsmouth fans rescuing the club and all the best for the future,
huddersfield fan

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Yes very well done.


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Totally agree with Max and the Huddersfield fan, all the very best to the Pompey fans (LCFC fan)

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Being a Swindon fan and knowing what Portsmouths fans have had to put up with. I wish you good luck for the future. Great bunch of fans

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09 Mar 2013 21:22:33
No I completely disagree, its another club going into admin and getting away with it. All clubs that go into admin should be removed from the league, them the fans can rebuild the club from non league. Clubs and fans enjoy the success that comes with spending to much then cry when it goes pear shaped. My local club walsall might be a small team with only a couple of fans but its the best run club in the country yet teams that choose to cheat like portsmouth, leicester and leeds don't seem to get the punishment they deserve and so always finish above the well run clubs which is unfair.

Admin should mean kicked out of league.

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Indeed you are sir!

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Club and supporters were full of it when they won the FA cup with a team of superstars, now it has all gone pear shape they want the rest of football to feel sorry for them, well I for one dont. If you are one of the many who are owed a great amount of money and that is not only the taxman but honest working people would you be happy? would any of you except not being paid by your boss because after a days work no you would not its time clubs were made accountable for there actions and get kicked out of the league. rant over {Ed039's Note - Thats a bit harsh, I dont think what you take into consideration is that it is not the fans who are to blame for the inadequate men/women in the boardroom, all fans do is pay their money and expect clubs to do the right thing by them. Week after week the Pompey fans turned up and paid their hard earned money, filling stadiums only to find out that the conmen who had bought into their club had been ripping them off, ripping the taxman off and ripping joe soap business man off as well. Take it from a Rangers fan, the fans are innocent in all this and I for one wish Pompey fans and their club well)

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Well said eds, My team nearly went out of existence and it was a bad time for us huddersfield fans, what kept my spirits up was the amazing response from the football family people like john motson who had no link to huddersfield making a donation and other clubs having bucket collections all the people wishing us well at away matches it was fantastic. so my self righteous friend you are completely wrong, huddersfield fan

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08 Mar 2013 17:04:40
Angel Rangel has signed a new deal with the swans

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08 Mar 2013 12:24:12
Any decent Wednesday rumours besides we are massive

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Yes your massive. good luck for season


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08 Mar 2013 10:27:36
if moyes were to go no idea whos i'd want to replace him! i'm a fan of the assistant stepping in that way nothing much changes!

these are the others that are probaly going to be considered

bilic. martinez, Di Matteo (Spelling), Adkins, bic dunc ferguson and probably di canio!

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Love to see Adkins get that job if available. Birkenhead lad as well so you wouldn't need an interpreter!

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08 Mar 2013 08:03:40
Wayne Rooney will not be leaving Manchester United.

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07 Mar 2013 22:58:40
Why we don't play George Barker up front till end of season and give the boy a chance! he's been epic in Development squad

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