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08 Dec 2012 22:15:08
100Percenters in next 2 windows :

Hooper - Celtic - Liverpool
Zaha - Palace - Tottenham
Dawson - Tottenham - Qpr
Ameobi (Shola) - Newcastle - Arsenal
Willian - Shaktar - Tottenham
Walcott - Arsenal - Chelsea
Moutinho - Porto - Tottenham
Felliani - Everton - Man City
Sneijder - Inter - Man Utd.

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Bet your a tottenham fan

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100% ?.....thats gen is it? so the Celtic, Liverpool, Palace, Spurs, Newcastle, QPR, Arsenal, Shaktar, Chelsea, Porto, Everton, Man City, ManU, and Inter boards and managers have all contacted YOU personally have they to disclose their plans?....ALL these players have confirmed to YOU that they will be transferring to said clubs have they?...Jeez, your mobile must be on meltdown with all these famous and important people texting and calling you to confirm their intentions!.....NOT!!!.....100 per cent, never never never.

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08 Dec 2012 21:47:23
Nick Higgs the man who has taken Bristol Rovers to the brink of League extinction will have one last set of throws of the dice this week...

Roll one .... Monday will see Mark McGhee sacked.

Roll Two .... Approach Andy Tilson, Steve Cotterill and Richard Money to see if anyone wants to take on the rudderless ship .

Roll Three ... Rip up some of the contracts of the imposters who have been wearing the shirt for the past 5 months.

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08 Dec 2012 21:38:35
Hi eds any afc bournemouth news {Ed003's Note - not heard anything,btw do you know if a price was agreed if Wes Thomas was to make his move permanent?}

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08 Dec 2012 18:00:40
How did the massive Leeds get on today lol

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Oh dear lost
warnock doing a good job

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Lost again if you knew anything about football you would no that before yesterday game we won are last 3 games mot4life!

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Warnock is actually doing a good job with you not been a leeds fan you havent a clue what he has had to go through so far this season the uncertainty surrounding the club has been far greater than any club in the division sgt warnock's barmy army!

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7 promotions to his name pretty sure he knows what he is doing dont you best manager in the league by far need i say anymore than that leedsmad!

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08 Dec 2012 15:28:58
That's the only way Leeds will get 20000 + if they play away well done derby

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All these other teams fans hey, still watching out for the mighty white gods & how we're getting on, love us or hate us your all still interested in us.

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Trust me no one is interested in you fact ,the reason we answer is you put so much crap on here keep posting your rubbish and we will answer and you can still believe we worry about you

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Trust me no one is intrested well you obviously are otherwise you wouldnt of left a reply!

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The man is right we cant help giving leeds fans a dose of reality when they come on here and give it massive club rubbish.Maybe mr bates should send your worldwide fan base a map each so they can find elland rd then you wouldnt have league 1 crowds.

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Na we defo dont need to play away to get 20k where gonna be getting 30k plus once bates goes believe you me

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League one crowds wouldnt go that far im guessing you support the poodles a club that couldnt even fill there ground for there cup final ha ha!

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Actually your wrong a sell out crowd against chelsea and thats at home who looks a silly boy now get back to doing your homework!

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Lets sea your gate at your next league game not one against the euro champions which any small lower league team like yours should fill then we will see who's a silly little boy

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Where leeds united and we dont care what any fan from any club thinks as we love been hated by everyone!

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Loving all this jealousy against my club just shows that there cant be much happening at the clubs you support leedsmad!

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08 Dec 2012 16:04:52
Walsall are being nominated for the worst football club in the football league award, no money, no passion, no ground, no supporters, sorry walsall supporters you are a pitiful club and I think you will win it

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From a pompey fan

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Walsall fans turn up regardless of results and support their home town team not like so many glory hunters on here,i have been to walsall many times with huddersfield and they are a proud club,so they havent got big support,so what.

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That's from a Pompey fan he just jealous Walsall are a bigger club than pompey

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08 Dec 2012 09:04:24
How does this search thing work now? It keeps putting me on google when I search Burnley in mobile format, then when I click the first link on google (which is a link to your site) it puts me into desktop mode which is impossible to read on my phone! Help please?

Ps. If it's not broken don't fix it!

{Ed033's Note - We'll add the club rumours page on the mobile site so you can view the individual club rumours on mobile phones easier

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