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07 Sep 2011 19:39:03
Dan Seaborne may never play football again. Look at Peter Cech after fracturing his skull - he still wears protective headwear now. If you take into account the fact that Seaborne is a defender and being able to head the ball and challenge for aerial balls is an essential part of a defenders game then in reality, the future looks bleak in terms of his future footballing career.

From sources within the club I can confirm Saints AREN'T looking at any loan deals for 'cover' whilst he recuperates - Dan will continue to be assessed in the next few months and then in January, if needs be, Saints will permanently sign someone to replace Seaborne. With Jos Hooiveld already on loan, Nigel Adkins does not want senses of uncertainty around player's futures in his squad as the Southampton manager feels it can affect having a good team ethic and moral. Meaning loan deals are to be avoided unless absolutely essential, in which Hooiveld was.

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Cech wears a scrum cap to boost his confidence, not for medical reasons. If he needed protective clothing to play he wouldn't be playing. Once the skull heals it actually gets stronger at the point of the injury and heading a ball isn't likely to send anyone bandy

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07 Sep 2011 11:30:43
Hi Eds, i have just seen that you have created a Boxing and Wrestling page but I was thinking wouldn't it be better to do a Rugby page due to the World Cup and rapidly increasing popularity of the sport. What do you like? You may get more site visits than Boxing or Wrestling.

Wheeler92 {Ed001's Note - I am not a rugby fan myself at all, but there is an intention to do a rugby site in the future.}

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Why wrestling over rugby? The world cup starts tomorro for the toughest sport in the world, and you put up a page about grown men rolling around the floor together cuddling each other? Is this a liverpool thing?

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Rugby a growing sport? it is a load of crap, there are idiots who actually think Rugby is better than FOOTBALL! Tennis is better and even the Darts is better than the Eggchasing Rugby!

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How is rugby a growing sport ? You really have made yourself look like a p.rat on that one, you wasn't glued to your set like millions of others when we won the world cup? Or one of the many millions watching when we were cheated out of winning the last final? No you wasn't, because your a dense little boy

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Is rugby actually a sport or just a passtime/hobby like golf?

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Your the dense prat rugby has been 1 of the fastest growning sports worldwide and before you say i dont know what im on about im a big fan of union and league and have been to quite alot of games, and to the first reply some people do prefer darts and tennis but you probably only prefer them cos u cant get your head around rugby. I watch football and rugby whenever either is on and wouldnt say i prefer either but there is definetly more and more people getting into rugby every year {Ed025's Note - im with you there is great...when i see some of these footballers rolling around, after an innocuous challenge, like they have been shot!, i think..imagine him in a rugby match!...its a very tough game, and skillful..i cant wait for the world cup to start..

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Totally agree ed i love football but hate it when players are crying on the floor or go down to easy also hate it when players on over 100k a week just dont look like there tryin for clkub or country when theres rugby players who are covered in blood and dont want to leave the pitch. Footall players could learn alot from rugby players especially the respect they show the ref even though there twice the size.

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07 Sep 2011 08:17:24
Q: Why are Man United hoping to build a 40 thousand seater stadium in Brighton
A: So they can be nearer their fan base

Mr. Jones

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I wonder if liverpool will ever win the league again? I hope you Liverpool fans enjoy watching us make it 20 times

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What ship will never dock in liverpool's port?

Red Devil

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Improve your banter and that applies to all on this post

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07 Sep 2011 09:22:13
Anyone esle think Cfc will be looking for a new manager by Xmass?

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Who is CFC? i can think of about 100

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07 Sep 2011 09:17:04
To all these Anti Burnley fc rumours, Negative, almost spitefull comments, Let me assure you as a life long burnley supporter, Burnley fc will not be a division 1 side next season, we have a good side and we will be a hard team to beat this season.

I would like to say to all the anti Burnley fc People out there, we can boast of a club with integrity unlike some of the clubs that have gone into administration & then started again as though nothing has happened

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Burnley make be a decent family club but they must have the least ambitious board in the entire Football League.

£48 million parachute money and Kilbty & Flood are still selling all the decent players. Rodriguez will be the next in January when Kilby wants to top up his pension fund.

The rest of the good players will be sold next summer to pay for Flood's court case when he has to pay millions back to the Allied Irish Bank. Failed businessman Flood means relegation for Burnley.

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Burnley are a joke club - how can anyone who employs Brian Laws as manager be taken seriously?

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07 sep 2011 01:52:12
rangers are about to fall big time hmrc are about to pull the plug on the spl team they have no cash and cant pay what they are due sad times ahead at ibrox,billy bear season ticket holder

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