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07 Oct 2012 20:14:25
ok so yet again we have a "we've done well" from the Hearts manager and were unlucky to lose at Parkhead. Time for a reality check-John McG is a good guy who cares about the club but his hands are tied. We are relying on a 17 year old striker as our other striker (Sutton) is completely out of his depth. We have other players who are patently not good enough- Driver, Suton, Stevenson (why bring him back?), Enkelman (at fault for the goal)- the list is endless. It is so sad to see such a famous club going down hill at such a serious rate.
If the owners are really serious bout letting us go into terminal decline then I would rather they indicate that as their strategy. If that then means we start at the bottom again so be it.

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Agree no hearts fan but they should be up pushing Celtic with the fan base any everything you lot have.romanov is playing games with ur club and its sad to see


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07 Oct 2012 18:31:50
I see, suarez was at it again this afdernoon, when will the FA get a grip of this serial cheat. I'm sick to the back teeth seeing ex liverpool player comeing on the box, making excusses for him, if he does not get the ocational decision, it is entierly due to his own conduct.

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Until the Liverpool supporters get on his case and tell him that in this country we dont do that and it is unacceptable he will sadly keep on doing it. Rodgers also has to somehow get that message through also.

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As i recall, rodgers said he was going to tell his players to dive as he was not getting desisions, see his player seem to be takeing note

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07 Oct 2012 08:53:35
yes the well has finally run dry at Swindon Town.
I heard Dicanio yet again threw his toys out of the pram.
I do however think Swidon Board will finally get rid of him.When you look at fees he paid for players last season and I think he released them for free this.
The Swindondon Board are I think Mega Rich and will rectify and resolve this embargo,yet Dicanio may just cry wolf to often.
Swindon would be a far better club with someone like Steve Cottril in charge.
The Chairman mad a brief statemnt as to the embargo and said it will be resolved

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07 Oct 2012 01:39:01
Everton will bid for Gary Hooper in January after Jelavic's success in Premiership they feel the current Scottish hot shot would be his perfect foil and under 8m
John P

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