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07 Oct 2011 20:21:43
maximus how can you say Holloway is only okay, best thing to happen to Blackpool in the last 30 years.

its not madness they need games especially Clarke and Matty, plus they have 28 day recall.

now go study your score predictions for next week and see if you can get more than 2 right

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Ok i agree ! yes what he has done is brilliant , but think we need matty phillips and the others at bloomfield road! just my views!
and studying next weeks games!!!!


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Maxximus u slag scottish football but blackpools best players probably ever both played for rangers and one couldnt even get a game ; ferguson and fat adam

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07 Oct 2011 18:26:19
off to pub to watch boring england play !
still get behind them, good luck to the other home nations apart from wales , scotland , rep of ireland and ireland!
even thou am a blackpool fan and off to west ham next week , really looking forward to liverpool v man utd next week , let the debate begin!!!!

maximus oh and wil go 2-0 england tonite rooney firts goal!

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07 Oct 2011 15:26:32
karl henry going to qpr in jan to play along with joey barton in midfield lol

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07 Oct 2011 13:28:01
The Southend fans that fall asleep wit regard to teh Paul Sturrock rumours are sleepwalking into a very big surprise when they wake to find their manager gone, along with his assistant back to Plymouth Argyle. This is FACT - the Southend Baoard know it to be FACT and are doing their utmost to try and stop it happening. However, Luggy has made his mind up and is just waiting for th ei's to be dottend and t's to be crossed with the takeover. Theerfore, the Southend Board (ie Tara Brady) have already commenced the search for a new manager. Suffice to say the top 3 candidates all have Portsmouth FC backgrounds.

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07 Oct 2011 12:15:49
Yep, same guy again preaching on how every Saints fan presumes that 'because we are top now that we will be at the end of the season' - obviously not! So many twists and turns to come yet. But a little advice for ya - just worry about your own team and de-twist yourself and ring out the bitterness.

show me one post from a Saints fan that states we will win the league, you cant can you so if you didnt hear it with your own ears or see it with your on eyes,don't invent with your small mind and share it with your big mouth, now go and wipe your mouth because there's still a tiny bit of Bulls##t around your lips.


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You can scream 'Why, God, why!' whilst shaking a fist at the empty heavens as much as you like, it won't change anything: Soton still won't get into the Champs League and your fans will still be the biggest windbags since the invention of the deflating bouncy castle.

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Oh dear still top of the league though oops yea we won't be there at the end of the season or will we either way we are playing f@king good football coyrs

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I've watched the Championship for many years... but not this year, thank god; it seems to be a very poor standard looking at the sides in the top six and the games on the Beeb.

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Absolute rubbish mate. This years Championship is not only serving up some great football, but is also very competitive. How many other leagues have at least 6 teams that could win it, and at least 12 that could make the play offs. Plenty of twists to come.

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07 Oct 2011 06:57:37
Southampton are a ma-hoo-sive club, they're only in the Championship to give their collective of world beaters a bit of a breather before they go on dominate the Premier League. Apparently Lalllalalalallalla is going to be "a star for Saints in the Premiership" let's not worry about a little thing called promotion eh? Let's just assume that they're going to go up, in fact, let's all laugh at the Southampton dreamers
The above post is obviously from the so called Crisp muncher fan, He snipes at Saints because his side are underachieving, this keeps the emphasis off his club, nobody has said we will get promotion this season but it is a possibility. nothing wrong with having a dream, we want bigger and better things unlike some clubs that will just settle for what they have got and stagnate where they are.
PS I will worry when people stop talking about us

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Yep, same guy again preaching on how every Saints fan presumes that 'because we are top now that we will be at the end of the season' - obviously not! So many twists and turns to come yet. But a little advice for ya - just worry about your own team and de-twist yourself and ring out the bitterness.

Southampton Till I Die.

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And while we remain at the top - the dream stays alive. So take your ma-hoo-sive mouth, and try to dream the same. Laa-hoo-sser.

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Good work fellas, i sincerely hope Southampton stay top for a while to keep your dream alive, it's going to be hilarious when they fold and you lot suddenly decide to stop posting on here. You'll join the mouthy Forest fans who appear to have gone AWOL, funny that eh?

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06 Oct 2011 23:33:02
roman abramovich's master plan is about to be revealed,stamford bridge is built on land that is worth millions,its owned by fans who bought the stadium to save chelsea fc (and they didnt pay much) from going bankrupt,roman is wanting to buy the stadium from these fans at the price of which they paided for it,and then selling the land on,which will net him millions and millions,yes he will build a new stadium for chelsea,but guess who will pay for that? its not roman. {Ed002's Note - The Chelsea Pitch Owners came in to existance as a protection mechanism and they own the Freehold of the Stadium, which has a reasonably low value (£15M from memory - most of which is held as part of an unpaid loan). The idea was to provide protection from property developers and the stadium is leased to the club - I can't recall how long for but it is 99 or 199 years or 999 years or something. The Pitch Holders group is not for profit and Chelsea are looking to buy back the Freehold at cost - given that (a) Chelsea do not have the financial problems that it did when they first sold the stadium to a Marler (the property developer) and as such protection is not required, and (b) the freehold is held by a not for profit organisation who have not paid for it in any case. Chelsea will argue that the club's preference remains to redevelop Stamford Bridge to something between 55-60k but they cannot do this without the local authorities agreeing to allow the overall height of the structure to be raised (which they will not do) or the owners of the top two floors of the adjacent hotel agreeing to sell thereby facilitating redevelopment. Thus the long term plan will be to move elsewhere. None of this is new of course, and the recently commissioned report looks at the various options, the pros and cons of each, and the expectations that the extant owners have for their sites. You comments about Mr Abramovich are unsubstantiated nonsense of course - you may wish to consider where the money invested in Chelsea in recent years has come from before you make unfounded accusations about him netting "millions and millions".}

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