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06 Feb 2013 18:16:14
Its very obvious that Huddersfield Town are struggling to find a manager and have been turned down by Adkins and Billy Davies.

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Why is it obvious?
It's your opinion and what's that worth?

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06 Feb 2013 16:02:11
Maybe - but consider this: Bony is the top-scorer in the Eredivisie, and having already had the obligatory 'new Drogba' label slapped to his forehead, has been linked with half-a-dozen English clubs already.

In short, if West Ham want him, they better be prepared for a bit of a battle for his signature - Bony is strong, mobile, and a good finisher both in the air and on the floor: forwards like that are at a premium, and plenty of clubs will be willing to stretch their budgets in the Summer to give the Ivorian a home.

We all know what's going on here: the transfer window has shut, and there isn't enough content to go around - so the tabloids have had to get creative. Sam Allardyce may well be an admirer of Bony's, but don't start getting your hopes up until he's pictured in the West Ham shirt.

I think he would do extremely well in the East End, and Allardyce would know better than most how to use him, but it seems extremely unlikely that he's going to pass-up the kind of money he'll inevitably be offered elsewhere.
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I imagine if there just giving him a home then he'll just go to a estate agent not a football club

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06 Feb 2013 15:19:12
billy davies turned down blackpool to pursue another oppurtunity could it be the huddersfield job, don't know if he'dbe right man for job lot worse out there though and got to be better than nobody. come on deano stop dragging your feet and some one up!
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06 Feb 2013 15:11:08
University of Louisiana Cougars have had scouts at PNE over recent weeks as they are looking for a new water boy. At this point it is unknown exactly who they were watching.
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06 Feb 2013 15:08:19
LeGod is using local media to stoke up support over his in the mind rift with our chairman Nicola Cortese. MLT thinks that because of a 15min meeting with NC that they know each other - it takes a little longer than that, and NC is correct when he says they do not know each other, his concept and understanding the English language is better than Matts. COYRs - (PS who is the Manc on the DEcho site - sounds like a typical supporter from Guildford or the Home counties that has seen MU on the telly a few times with his Dr Pepper and prawn sarny. ")
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Agree. Matt's mouth is gradually destroying the legendary status he created with his feet.

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06 Feb 2013 13:04:02
swindon had the opportunity to sell ritchie for 1.2 milliobn last season but we got rid of him this season for 500k
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06 Feb 2013 11:09:08
derby will be on course for play offs once there loan signings are complete. i'm in the know and cloughie has bagged a gem with this 1
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