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06 Feb 2012 22:49:44
Brighton to offer Vicente a two year contract if he can prove his fitness over the remainder of the season. The Spaniard suggests in his latest interview that he feels his recent problems are NOW behind him and is at last happy within himself.

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06 Feb 2012 20:34:54
If Baggies lose on Sunday, Hodgson will be sacked (like Di Matteo) - Telegraph report. Steve Bruce being lined up as his replacement

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06 Feb 2012 20:32:31
My Mates, Dads, Uncles, Great Nephew has it on good authority that a Consortium made up of 90s children's entertainers Dave Benson Phillips and Pat Sharp will have completed a £30m takeover of Coventry City FC, they have plans to turn the Exhibition hall into a giant fun house for pre match warm ups and a game of "GET YOUR OWN BACK!" will be played after each sky blues defeat.

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06 Feb 2012 15:58:55
3 lancishire clubs for religation this season BOLTON WIGAN, BLACKBURN its on the cards already, We have been shown that the three promoted teams have what it takes to beat teams in the prem

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Only Blackburn out of those are in Lancashire, :-)

Mr.Roller Coaster

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06 Feb 2012 12:30:12
Keep seeing comments on this site about O'Leary not being able to do anything with 100Mil and being the reason we got into trouble in first place!!
Totally flaberghasted! He actually spent 65Mil and recouped 100Mil, which the chairman squandered - the very same chairman that brought us to our knees and then blamed O'Leary. I remember when he was manager - Top 5 and Europe for a couple of years - or have you back stabbing morons forgotten all of that. Next thing you'll be spouting is that Revie was a crap manager. Makes me sick to think that some so called LUFC fans could be suffering with alzheimers. Do us all a favour and stop posting and stop associating yourselves with our great club.

IMHO DOL would be a fantastic choice, but Ken won't bring him (or Howard) back.

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06 Feb 2012 12:28:46
To help Fernando Torres end his goal drought, Chelsea staff have clubbed together to buy him a cow. He will have to supply his own banjo however

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06 Feb 2012 12:13:40
Thought Man Utd's best player yesterday was Howard Webb,single handedly dragged them back into the game from 3-0 down.

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I thought it was the whole rank rotten chelski defence

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Funny enough I thought Howard Webb was man of the match, why is this bloke still a ref in the premiership? he is rubbish and seems to have a thing for man utd,newcastle and everton {Ed025's Note - you sound like a very bitter person...can i ask if you are a liverpool supporter?

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Ed i dont support either team and the ref decision have to be questioned. below par for such a big game to many times manu have ad favorable decisions not yesterday game. why does the pl/fa not approve tv replay decisions . we can use tv replays for off the ball incidents and racial abuse but not for crucial decisions that affect the out come of the game .which could the difference between being champions or relegated . rugby has already proved it it works all the crap about it would slow the game down are nonsense .each team could challenge a ref decision a couple times in a game .

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Yes ed, a bitter liverpool fan... what makes me laugh Liverpool fans is that the FA say no two footed challenges, but when you played Manu one of your players blantantly does a two footed challenge in front of the ref and does not get sent off... now, how is that fair?? Straight red... also Suarez last night, straight red again... how is that fair, need I say more? {Ed001's Note - the laws of the game make no mention of the number of feet used in a challenge, why are you talking about that? Perhaps you should take the time to read them before talking nonsense regarding them. Neither challenge were deemed a straight red for a reason, because the referee believed neither were. When you don't even know what the rules are regarding challenges, I really don't think you are in a position to argue the decision.}

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06 Feb 2012 10:22:02
18games to go and Peter whittingham at Cardiff can naff of and find a passing team that suits his game and fans that actually understand the game. Bye bye whitts

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06 Feb 2012 08:52:17
re the bad ref decisions yesterday [chelsea v man utd]. why cant one club eg arsenal, biggest moaners decide to use tv technology at the emirates only, but visiting teams get the choice of if they'd abide by it? in reality there are on average 2-3 decisions per match that are questionable and it would only take a few seconds to review. is this a too simple idea pl/chairmen?

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