Football Banter Archive March 05 2015


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05 Mar 2015 10:07:14
Can't see Wolves getting promotion now but i'd rather us stay in the Championship for the time being to see which of our young players is premier league quality. Also we require some more signings to ever compete within the premier league anyway.

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05 Mar 2015 09:56:05
I have for the last two years been passing everything I know on Whyte and Green plus any other of these persons to a contact in the authorities.

There has been a huge amount of fraudulent goings on that we have been subject to over 3 years.

I shudder to think at the thought that possibly the 2nd 5million drawdown may become a part of this if as I suspect the invoicing and cashback schemes are ongoing as would appear to be the case (why has the 1million + remaining from the 1st 5 million "tranche" suddenly dissappeared? We had only used up 4 million maximum based on all running costs.

I am relieved that the last of these Orgnised 'Businessmen' are about to be removed from Rangers this next 24 hours.

Just what we are about to find when Forensic Accountancy Investigation commences could turn out to be mind boggling. 85 million + missing.

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05 Mar 2015 09:48:15
Sterling was poor last night. Could not beat a man. I think he's missing IBE's play.

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