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05 Mar 2013 22:42:19
old big hooter went mental when ninni got sent off, the affront of the referee sending him off for studding a real player in the chest! mourinho was behaving as bizarrely as usual refusing to celebrate and saying the best team lost, was he behaving himself so as not to annoy his future employers?

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I think he was upset because he really thought he would win the treble this year, he was in shock.

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What would fergies reaction have been if a real player had done the same to van persie and got a yellow that he said ninni should have had.

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05 Mar 2013 20:45:01
Jordan Rhodes will leave Blackburn in the summer if their unlikely promotion bid fails, a handful of top half prem clubs interested

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Good, huddersfield have a sell on clause

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Quite possible but persons were saying 'top half' prem clubs before he went to Blackburn!

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They said he was unproven in the Championship, most on here doubting he would be good enough and not worth what Huddersfield were asking.

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05 Mar 2013 16:00:32
Shrewsbury Town fans get angry. Former striker/winger Derek Asamoah who went AWOL from the club to try and get a move is to return. Manager Graham Turner has said his side lack pace up front and need that extra pace which Asamoah has.

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05 Mar 2013 18:57:36
Spoken to the Main editor Steve at The Derby local paper and he has told me Cloughs Current Plans.

Last 6 Games will be used to see how some of the Current Crop of u18s will do in first team football.

The positions he wants to look for players for the first team in the summer are

Centre back
Left Back
Right winger

He also said they have received a number of calls from agents/clubs asking for trials for their young players that are out of contract in the summer.

He also told me that they have been to games throughout the season to watch the following players.

Marc Mcnulty
Chris Forrester
Chris Humpreys and Shaun Hutchison
Will grigg and Malvind Benning
Jon Taylor and Jermaine Grandison
Paddy Madden

He also said they are keeping tabs on players they still have interest in

Martyn Waghorn
Aidy White
Alberto Bueno (Loan)
Johnny Russell.

He was told the main priority and the reason for the appointment of Sam Rush was to make derby better at Negotiating with players who are out of contract. Nigel felt he lost out to clubs in the summer because of the departure of Tom Glick.

I was told also they have Started a Talent search in Ireland with Derby county's name becoming more popular over there with having 3 current internationals and a number of youth internationals. They have also been keeping tabs on a younger at Cheltenham town (16 years) and Bristol rovers also 16.

He said the overall plan is to have a strong u18s, u21s and first team and not have to take players from each age group leaving a team short of players. They also want to form a Bigger partnership with Burton albion in terms of Progressing young talent in the area and work together on providing excellent coaching.

Feel free to ask questions if you disagree or want to know anymore.

Thank you

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05 Mar 2013 17:30:04
Believe Bournemouth are about to have ther Russian money cut back.
Appears they have overspent and altough not far fro an auto place the Russian have said no more

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05 Mar 2013 14:15:16
Mark Hughes to take over at Leeds United in the summer.

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Look at the money he spent and results he achieved at QPR, Leeds can do a lot better than him.

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Only someone unemployed will go to Leeds with the current owners in place. Thought they were going to be the next Man City with these new Arab investors? Leeds still a selling club.

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Mark hughes haha - more like yosser hughes gis a job

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To the 2nd reply every club is a selling one so don't try and act like leeds are the only team that sell players

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Leeds get nowhere because they sell as they cannot hold onto players. Everyone was supposed to get jealous when the Arabs took over as you were going to bring in all these players, but you continue to sell your best ones, which in all honesty are not even top players at Prem or Championship level.

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Think you will find since we have been taken over we haven't sold any of are best players yes we swapped becchio with morison but at least we got cash aswell so come on then who has gone!

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You have got yourself into a bit of a pickle there one minute your saying leeds are a selling club then next you go on to say there not even good enough players in the championship never mind the prem so isn't that a good reason to get rid of them.

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Not at all in a pickle at all. Norwich seem to be the only ones interested, you've become their feeder club. It is a good reason to get rid of them, but they were your best players and the Arabs aren't shelling out for the big names you all said would be coming.

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Think you need to wake up a bit matey norwich have are players yes but that was are league one midfield and eventually they will get found out bit like howson has already

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05 Mar 2013 12:32:08
Jordan Obita has extended his loan at Oldham. He will remain at Boundary Park until 1st April

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05 Mar 2013 10:59:29
Peter clarke is brilliant defender just lacks a bit of speed that's all from htfc fan

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05 Mar 2013 09:18:10
What is going on at AFC Bournemouth. back room staff being made redundnat, including some highly valued and long serving staff we hear.

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