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05 Dec 2012 23:36:59
All these rumours suggesting stoke will be bringing in a load of players but i know that stoke will only bring in one player in jan a LB probably olsson as nzonzi will put in a good word and he has been on pulis radar for a while

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05 Dec 2012 22:13:45
Fernando Torres is wanted by PSG.

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05 Dec 2012 21:52:59
Mark Beevers to sign 250k and three and half year contract. Also we are waiting for west brom to get back to us on the bid we made which around 1 million .COYL

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05 Dec 2012 20:37:10
Beckford is staying at Huddersfield said he is HTFC through and through and is loving playing for the "friendly, family club". Waiting on decision from pearson :-)

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Your welcomr to the highly paid - lazy - injury prone - league 1 striker
i really hope pearson agrees

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Please please please let this be true I hope lcfc get this waste of space off the pay-roll
I have a feeling he won't agree to leave and take a pay cut even though he won't get a game at lcfc

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The comment from the op that says (he is HTFC through and through) cheers me up every time i read it... thanks for that cracking little comment pal

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05 Dec 2012 16:14:17
Makes me laugh all the arsenal fans sayin wenger out. He is one of the best managers in the world and arsenals best manager of all time. If the board give him money he wouldnt need to sell his best players... Absolute joke. Safc93

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Spot on mate,they sell his best players every year and expect to win things,in a way he is a victim of his own success,how many times have they sold a top player for a fortune and he finds a replacement for peanuts that turns into a star.they have sold too many now and the guy doesnt stand a chance unless they give him some money.

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05 Dec 2012 12:31:59
Southampton's transfer targets for the Jan & Summer transfer windows:
Jack Butland - Birmingham
Abdisalam Ibrahim - Manchester City
Michael Dawson - Tottenham
Liam Trotter - Millwall
Domenico Berardi - Sassuolo Calcio
Matt Phillips - Blackpool

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Dream on, they can't afford em

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05 Dec 2012 08:21:05
BRISTOL City today announced a club-record net loss of £14,406,061 for the financial year ended May 31, 2012. keeeeepppp selllllinngggg

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05 Dec 2012 06:59:39
Watched the fab muamba documentary on tv last night what a man he is played football for the love of the game and just wanted to be a better player all the best fab for what ever you do in life

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