Football Banter Archive October 03 2012


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03 Oct 2012 21:41:51
middlesbrough are by far the most underachieving club in the chapionship! your team were playing derby tonight and just happened to burst my coupon, i put ten teams on as a laugh, would have returned 6183quid, every other team came up yet you team couldnt hold a lead of 2-1 going into the last 8mins of a game. bunch of amateurs the lot of you! {Ed003's Note - ouch!}

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Ha ha ha ha ...please tell me your a pne fan .... got what you deserved ..jack ..or a scottish fan...


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03 Oct 2012 19:23:56
matt holland and fibis walnis to be the ipswich town fc manger and assistant manger when paul jewll is sacked after saturday game

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03 Oct 2012 08:53:36
Thanks very much for Nigel Pearson!........................oh! and thanks very much also for all 3 points, easier than we thought it would be!

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Town didn't turn up yesterday, hope Vaughan fit for Sat.
Leicester are a good side.

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Lets not get to cocky yet mate long way to go...jimlcfc {Ed003's Note - this is going to be one very tight league, I know it is normally a competetive league but this year I reckon it will be ace :-) }

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All credit to Leicester by far the best team I've seen at the John Smiths stadium ! We shouldn't be 2 downhearted we r still the highest placed Yorkshire club in the land !

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What a creep you are.....
and just goes to show how bad yorkshire football is if your the best... leeds and barnsley and shef weds will finish above you..wembley are hoping you dont make the play-offs again .. the worst ever league one support at wembley.. what was it again 13,000 ... york city took 20,000 .. town didnt turn up ... who did then.?.leicester hammered you..
rubbish team ..rubbish star wars fans ..

maximus {Ed020's Note - huddersfield have the same amount of points. its really starting to niggle me all these town fans stating there the best team in yorkshire 2 months into there first championship season.}

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