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03 Oct 2011 22:55:45
A sad Shrimper to say the least.

Plymouth to nick Sturrock and Coughlan juust as we hit the heights in League 2.

Names in the frame for the post at Blues are the following:

Peter Taylor
Steve Cotterill
Mark Stimson
Justin Edinburgh.
Sean O'Driscoll
Richard Money

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03 Oct 2011 22:53:37
Luis Suarez has announced that he will be competing in the 2012 Olympics, entering the 3m Springboard. Bookies have announced that he is now a hot tip to finish above Tom Daley

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03 oct 2011 20:09:05
bristol city news; new manager will not be appointed until november at least, bristol city have been given some good news on friday (30/9) that the judicial review will be seen be a judge in cardiff crown court, which will take up to 28 days from 30/9/11 to complete the review, then they will know the sort of quality manager they will need to appoint,

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03 Oct 2011 18:25:34
I tend to agree.

Can see us losing Coughlan.

When he spoke to the local press about this last week he didn't give Plymouth a definite NO NO.

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03 Oct 2011 18:14:34
Sorry to invade your board but George green is he any good does anybody know ? Snodin Everton fan ! Any footage to be found ?

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03 Oct 2011 17:13:31
Accurate post about the bookies.

I'm A Southend supporter and am sadly hearing that it is on the cards Sturrock and Coughlan could be switching to Plymouth very soon.

I wondered why Coughlan didn't directly say that going there was a definite NO NO in the local press last week.

Also heard that Steve Cotterill could be in line for the job at Roots Hall if he leaves troubled Portsmouth in the very near future.

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03 Oct 2011 15:36:52
If the EPL do decide to let the top two from the SPL join, do you think Motherwell will be able to upgrade their stadium in time...

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No, they'll ground share with Celtic

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03 Oct 2011 13:43:41
People saying saints will slide down the league are just stupid, ur just jealous that ur team didn't start as well as saints ( Wigan fan )

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So you, as a "Wigan fan", don't think that Southampton will move from 1st place in the Championship all season. They've played 10 games and you're crowning them Champions already (because if they don't finish as champions, won't that mean that they've slid down the table?)

Good work genius, you've done yourself proud with that one, good job you're a "Wigan fan" eh, otherwise someone might assume you're the same sad Soton dipstick who uses textspeak when he types... oh my

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03 Oct 2011 13:41:00
Really a leicester fan ripping off saints, ur just jealous because you've spent all that money and u didnt get the start u wanted, and also just because u beat saints Brighton and derby doesn't mean u going to get promatation. There is plenty of sides that will beat u

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Hmm, abuse from a bloke who chooses to use text speak when typing and who can't spell even basic words correctly. Thanks for playing Cletus, back to McDonalds for you, shoo.

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Hmmm a crisp muncher slagging off a saints fan about his spelling and 'text writing', is that because you haven't got anything to say about football?
Not a great return for 10 mill spent so far is it? , you won't even make the playoffs son.

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He didn't say he was a Saints fan, i just assumed he was a bit thick to be honest. I've had plenty to say about Football, but some folk would rather pretend everything is super and make silly end of the season predicitions after ten games... oh look, there's another one, well done, son.

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Sorry to have rattled your crisp packet! back in your box SON.

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Too true foxes won't be going up this year all bark and know bite like all other crisp munchers! Giving it the big one 'cos they got a bit of foreign money!

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Y'know i can understand why maximus enjoys himself so much on here now, you lot are ridiculously easy to wind up!

"Rattled your crisp packet" - are you honestly telling me that that is the very best thing you could come up with? I'm guessing you don't have a job, you should have paid more attention in school, son.

As for the little squeaky voice piping up at the end, you might as well give it up now fella, "too true" he says, whilst peering over the bigger boys shoulder in the playground... chortle!

Go back to your computer games children, leave the grown ups to do the talking.

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Well is obviously did rattle your crisp packet son as you threw your toys out .

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So it was grown up reply to the original post was it, get a life and a job, quite happy with mine thanks.

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So it was grown up reply to the original post was it, get a life and a job, quite happy with mine thanks.

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03 Oct 2011 12:36:23
Got to say clive allen is a joke ( and i'm not arsenal i'm leeds).
Would he normally shake a managers hand? No he's just a coach and only did it to wind up aw.
Wenger shook redknapp and kevin bonds hands that's all he needed to do.

There's being gracious in victory and then there's being a wind up merchant and that's clive allen, spurs fans should be ashamed of him.

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Im ashamed of you being a Leeds fan.

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Classy responce tool

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Its "response" tool.

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I'm proud you're not a leeds fan

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Im pround im not a Leeds fan too!

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Pround! and i'm the bad speller, think i've made my point tool. tko

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03 Oct 2011 11:40:21
You are the thick one mate, you keep contradicting are saying the league positions after 10 games are not a true reflection, well if that is the case you can say the same for the teams at the bottom "not a true reflection of where they will finish" you dont win the league in Sept/Oct you also dont get relegated in these minute you say look at the table stating crap like team in 9th is better than team in 22nd and then you say league positions are not reflected this time of the season, what you clearly dont understand all teams no matter how good they are lose games.... who's argument is Flawed...yours big man.
PS: I have never once stated we would win the league but you keep harping on declaring ourselves champions, it must worry you

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Congratulations, after failing to grasp the point for the umpteenth time you've worn me down, you win, Southampton are awesome and will stay in the top six for the entire season, i base this assumption on their ability to beat teams at the foot of the table, and i choose to ignore their record against teams at the top, hooray for you, i hope you enjoy the premier league.

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03 Oct 2011 11:05:13
Original owners of popular songs, sounds and looks strange when other teams sing them, please leave them to the original teams to sing?

oh when the saints go marching in.......southampton
You'll never walk alone......................liverpool
Glory, glory hallelujah......................totenham
Blowing bubbles...............................west ham

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They're not technically the 'owners' though, are they? Rodgers and Hammerstein are the 'owners' of 'you'll never walk alone' for example

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You'll never walk alone was originally sung by Celtic fans

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100% true watched program on it was sung by Celtic then love this one first recorded team to sing it in england was man utd Liverpool fans must love that {Ed001's Note - not true, it was not sung by United fans, it was sung at Old Trafford first, but at the memorial service for the Munich disaster. It was never a United fans' song, not that it matters, it is a song who cares who sung it first?}

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Stephen Hawkins sung it first didn't he??

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03 Oct 2011 10:20:33
Human error is a fact of life, but not haveing the guts to hold your hands up when you make a mistake is what disgusts me about Atkinson. No gut, no integrity, no class, but worse still, would not be shocked if the FA closed ranks behind their man !

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03 Oct 2011 09:19:26
Doncaster Rovers 'chairman' John Ryan is just a front for the club and took his money out of the club a few seasons ago. Members of the board (the ones actaully supporting the club financially) are becoming increasingly sick of him taking advantage of his position such as offering players ridiculous salary increases and offering deals without their consent.

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Sounds like points deduction to me LEEDS MOT

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03 Oct 2011 08:55:22
A bit of difference between beating a team that was relegated last season, and losing to last year's champions, I think.

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03 Oct 2011 08:22:36
Why are foxes n saints arguing for this seems bait pointless as a foxes fan I'm happy with the progress were making we haven't conceded a goal in 4 league matches n were climbing the league saints hav had a great start and can quite easily see them in the frame by the end of the season for promotion foxes vs saints was a game of two halves and in the end we were lucky to scrape the win as schemichael kept us in it let's just b happy that our teams are doing well n just njoy seeing the dirty tree shaggers getting shafted by mclaren shame he resigned now he wud hav tuk them down UP THE FOXES

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03 Oct 2011 07:33:56
Yet another flawed arguement from a Soton fan desperate for both love and attention... Yes you brushed Watford aside, yes i do think Watford are a poor side and yes you can only beat what is put in front of you - except that isn't the case is it? Because as i have pointed out (Parrot fashion apparently) time and time again, you have LOST to the two best teams you have played.

Take on, and beat, the best teams in the league and i might change my opinion of you, but while you continue to beat the poor sides, and lose to the good sides, i'll still consider you to have had an easy start. Don't worry though, as a consequence of playing the rubbish clubs early, you'll have a nice long list of good clubs just waiting to knock you off, should prove interesting if nothing else.

As for Leicester 'should be' - why? Is the season over already? We're unbeaten in the league in 7 games and have just given the No3 side a good hiding. We've beaten Southampton and Brighton when they were top, and held 'Boro and Cardiff to draws (on the road) - i think we're doing ok personally.

Hope you enjoy the season.

Two best teams, season not over blah blah blah, lost to the 2 best teams is only your opinion but it seems you are so bigoted with your views ....we lost to leicester and if you were there you will know you were lucky, we battered you for the last 30 mins,
Schmeichel was brilliant and lucky, he even sat on the ball coming back of the post. 10 games in is quite a good indication of how things will end up, i am not saying we will win the league but i do think the top ten at the moment will not change much from now on in, and be a realistic Saints fan i would of taken that had you offered it to me at the start of the season, looking forward to your reply when you get back from school. STID

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..I don't think i've ever read so much bull, just worry about your own team fella and leave us Saints fan's outta your jealous rants. COYR's

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Have you finished? I?「どィび「m not sure why I?「どィび「m bothering with this to be honest, I think you?「どィび「re being deliberately thick because I find it hard to believe that anyone, when presented with basic facts, could be this stupid without trying.

Take a deep breath and have a look at the league table - look at the position of all the teams you have beaten, and then look at the position of the clubs who have beaten you. What you?「どィび「ll see, it glorious Technicolor, is absolute, undeniable proof that you have lost to the two best teams you have played, it?「どィび「s not that hard a concept to grasp is it? Surely you can understand basic sums? A team in 22nd is not as good as a team in 9th - it?「どィび「s kind of how a league works, ask you Dad, get him to explain it to you sometime. The league table is not a figment of my imagination and you can have a look at it any time you like, if you think that me stating a fact is bigoted, then you have absolutely no understanding of the word and I?「どィび「d advise you to trot off and get yourself a dictionary.

One more thing. Ten games does not even constitute a quarter of the season, so feel free to declare yourselves champions now if you like, but just remember that the lions share of the season is still to come.

To sum up, as simply as I can manage?「どィャカ

1. I?「どィび「ve not said that Southampton are a bad team
2. I?「どィび「ve not said that Southampton are a lucky team
3. I?「どィび「ve not said that Southampton won?「どィび「t get promoted

All I?「どィび「ve said is that IN MY OPINION Southampton have had an easy start, and I backed that up with facts taken from the league table that clearly shows the teams you have beaten are all waaaay down at the bottom, whilst the teams who have beaten you are up at the top end - you?「どィび「ve decided that makes me a bigot (pfft) and I?「どィび「m obviously trying to insult super Southampton, I?「どィび「m not, I?「どィび「m simply voicing my opinion and you?「どィび「re having trouble with that for some reason, ho hum, off to school I go, apparently.

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Jealous rant? There's gotta be something in the water because you're every bit as thick as your mate if that's how you read it, fella.

I'm not going over it all again, just look at the league table, then look at the league position of the teams southampton have beaten and compare that with the league position of the teams who have beaten southampton - you can phone a friend if you like, although it shouldn't be that hard to grasp even for a mental midget like you.

Seriously chaps, have you told anyone that you've left the building because i imagine that somebody somewhere is going to be in trouble if you don't go back soon.

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...haha, ok if we beat Derby and Westham in our next matches will you be able to sleep at night without sitting up rocking, continually dribbling and muttering about our team??

Again I repeat, just worry about your own team. I'm done with this conversation.


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Cool, you wern't invited in the first place... and yes, for the record, if you beat Derby and West Ham, i'll (honestly) consider you to be a real-live contender.

...but that won't happen, 3pts against Derby is possible, depends on how they react to the good hiding we gave them, but West Ham are a country mile better than Southampton and i doubt you can beat them (but that's just my opinion)

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...there is no hope really....let it go!!

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I get what you are saying, but the FACT is the leauge does not lie and we are top of it. Of course we will have a blip every team does but we are top of the leauge deal with it.

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Leicster you may of beat us at your place but it was'nt plain sailing, i was at the game and second half we battered you and lets not forget the Lambert own goal was a clear push and should not of stood, cant wait to see you at St Mary's give you a footballing leason.

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03 Oct 2011 07:30:12
Billy Davies - New Blackburn Boss
Glenn Roeder - New Nott'm Forest Boss
David Jones - New Bristol City Boss

Will all happen before Friday.

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Even though i know this is but a figment of your imagination i sincerely hope that Roeder is the choice at Florist, that'd be even funnier than appointing desperate for a job shteeve... brilliant!

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Steve mcclaren is going to be the new blackburn boss!!

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