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03 Feb 2012 21:05:50
ok take that back ! bet all spl cup games are under 5,000 ! cert!

i have nothing against scottish football ,
apart from !
its crap
its boring
its like watching tennis!
its like watching paint dry!
the fans are all little girls that wear skirts!
the league should be renamed the tin-pot league !
you cant understand a word they say , its like being on holiday in china!
all there best players and managers end up in england! (i wonder y )
other than that we are ok !


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Wrong every one of your predictions first game played today crowd 5000 plus guaranteed both games tomorrow 10 000 + 40 000 plus
cardiff easy 3 points yee haaaaaaa

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Closest you've been on holiday too china is watching big trouble in little china on the television probably furthest you've ever travelled is fleetwood or maybe if you stole a donkey lytham st annes

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Hmmmm? "easy 3 points..?Ǩ

Yew haaaaaaa !

Mr.Roller Coaster

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03 Feb 2012 19:59:19
weekend predictions !
stick £1 on each of theses and probaly lose!

cardiff .........2-2...........blackpool;
west ham .....3-0...........millwall;
bristol city.....2-2............leeds

normally get 1,or 2 right . best day 3 right !

stopped doing scottish football scores cause its to easy to predict . bet at least 3 spl games are under 6,000 attendances! stick money on that its a cert


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Cardiff will take 3 or 4 of off the seaside donkeys

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Fleetwood are the best team on that coast

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Ha ha ! 5-1 fa cup! just watched blackpool hammer cardiff 3-1 , i mean hammer , watch out .
cardiff will take 3 0r 4 of the donkeys !
again laughing at pne and scottish football !


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03 Feb 2012 19:53:59
I am a leeds fan I really hope we get clarke which is looking odds on because he is class,he would have taken leicester job but it meant moving his family who are settled.remember after you lost play offs he said he might want another challenge,I think he was just waiting for the right job,and think about it he doesn't need to move his family will be done by next tues cos bates is in leeds on sunday.

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03 Feb 2012 19:43:18
Does anyone know if a player can cancel/buyout their contract if they are not allowed to played in a certain percentage of games during the season ie the tevez situation. If tevez came back but mancini refused point blank to play him,isn't he in effect stopping him from working/doing his job thus stopping him earning his win/goal bonuses etc. Seem to remember a story about a player maybe using a similar rule to force a clubs hand but cant find it with a google search

cheers {Ed003's Note - I'm sure it is 10% that rule,however Tevez is choosing to stay away and not making himself available for selection}

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03 Feb 2012 18:20:13
To a deluded Southampton Support who reports that Bridcutt from Brighton is to be loaned with a buy option in the summer I have been led to believe his wires are crossed.

The story coming out of Brighton are that Jack Cork who Gus tried to buy in the summer of 2011 has had a change of heart now that Southampton are on the slide and is in talk about a loan and perminant

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03 Feb 2012 13:52:59
Ward, Henderson and Pearce showing immense loyalty my AR$E.
When Pompey get liquidated on the 20th they become free agents and can demand a very nice signing on fee.
If it doesn't happen on the 20th, then the 2 months unpaid wages rule will kick in a week later and the become free agents..... win win situation for these three players.

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03 Feb 2012 13:32:25
Wonder how many skates will give it all that knowing they'll be the one's in the bubble instead of "fighting their own battles". All happy that players didnt disappear, see how they feel in 2 months when they havent been paid for 4months

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03 Feb 2012 09:47:58
Hi Eds,
Sorry to bother you but i was wondering if you had an idea when the derby will be re-arranged for.
Kind Regards {Ed001's Note - I guess you mean the Liverpool - Everton match? There are a lot of derbies in the world so it would help if you named which one! If so, no, the FA have a number of dates available, but, due to Sky TV's interference, it is impossible to say which one will be allotted. The clubs will have to sit down together, with FA representatives and discuss the possible dates.}

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03 Feb 2012 12:43:04
Hi Ed's quick question for you. would an england rumours page not be worth it. With the summer tournament coming up, the discussion on who will become captain, who should be in squad etc..
just a thought,
Jenny {Ed025's Note - i will put it to the powers that be jenny...i think its a good idea..

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Cheers Ed, just think it would be a good idea, there is alot of fans out there who actually only follow international football too.

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Opps sorry to sign my last post jenny

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03 Feb 2012 11:28:24
Is it just me, or does JT getting stripped of England captaincy smack of guilty until proven innocent; ala Dave Jones. If so, this is a slippery slope to a place we shouldn't be and there will be ample opportunity to apply a suitable penalty if he Terry is found guilty. I no great fan of his and he always comes across as a bit of an arrogant twonk, but common sense must prevail on second thoughts this is the FA were talking aboutĶĶ COYRs

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Personally I'm glad he's been stripped of it. When Woodgate and Bowyer were in their prime, they weren't even eligible for selection whilst their court case was going on. it shouldn't be one rule for one, and another for another.

To be honest, he should have stepped down. He should have said "I'm not guilty, but I dont want to drag the national side through all this whilst the court case goes on. I know I'm constantly in the public eye, and my actions will always be scrutinised, and this is not something I feel we need in the England camp. I am strongly against racism in football and will make myself available for the captaincy again once my name has been cleared."

It would show him to be strong, a leader, and someone who cares about his country.

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However slim the chances are of England winning in the summer,the FA cannot risk the chance that a victory could be tainted with images of a racist lifting the trophy (if he was to be found guilty afterwards)

Mr.Roller Coaster

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03 feb 2012 08:02:49
sunderland and norich was a verry good game with a good score of 6 to sunderland and 1 to norich hoping to see sunderland keep up this good playing and hopefully get up the table

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On the broon ale lad?

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03 Feb 2012 07:52:51
why oh why would we even think about lee clarke.hes hardly done that much.yes huddersfield decent team but 3 seasons and still not got them up.and prob not this season either.its got to be warnock for me,no messing,proven,yes bit of a weirdo sometimes but who cares if he gets us going.bruce,ince ,def a no no...shrew leeds

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03 Feb 2012 01:11:25
Exactly one year after completing his £50m move from Liverpool to Chelsea, talkSPORT takes a sneak peek inside the diary of Fernando TorresĶ

31 January 2011

It feels so good to join one of the top clubs in the world. Yes, I was so happy when my Dennis the Menace Fan Club badge arrived today. Oh, and I joined Chelsea for £50m, too. No hard feelings for Liverpool, but Roman Abramovich believes I am the man to fire Chelsea to the Champions League final at Wembley and who can blame him? As much as I loved Liverpool, I can't see them reaching a Wembley final before Chelsea do. Besides, I have no doubt Andy Carroll will score nearly as many goals at Anfield as I will at Stamford Bridge. Feeling a bit tired now and, being a bit superstitious, I won't be writing in my diary until I score my first Chelsea goal, hopefully in a few days.

23 April 2011

Hmm, I didn't expect to wait so long, but I am very happy now I've scored my first goal for Chelsea. Nearly three months is a long time to wait for a debut goal, but at least I won't have to wait so long until my second goalĶ

18 September 2011

Yes! I scored my first Premier League goal in nine games, at Old Trafford. OK, so I missed an open goal and we lost, but it's not my fault Chelsea's midfielders are too old and slow for me, especially Frank Lampard. Who cares that he scores at least double figures every season, he's still fat. I will get my revenge on him when Spain beat England at Wembley.

24 September 2011

Eat my goal, Swansea! Two goals in two games, yes, El Nino is on fire (not literally, as Jamie Redknapp would mistakenly say). OK, so I got sent off, too, but I will be back very soon and with a flood of goals!

19 October 2011

This is what I came to Stamford Bridge for. The big European nights, the goals, the glory - if anyone ever doubted my £50m move, I proved them wrong tonight. My group stage brace against the mighty Genk will go down in history, alongside the legendary European Cup exploits of Di Stefano, Dalglish and Messi. The sound of plastic flags being waved by Japanese tourists at the Bridge has surely never felt sweeter.

12 November 2011

OK, so Spain lost 1-0 to England and Lampard scored the winner, but I didn't come on until after an hour and there were no goals in that time (yes, even though I was on the pitch!), so I am counting it as a 0-0 draw. Better luck next time, Frankie!

31 January 2012

I wonder if Mr Abramovich could buy me a goal against Swansea tonight?

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03 Feb 2012 00:01:21
The notion that the most dedicated football manager in the league would leave a club, a team and a Chairman who love him for stagnant local rivals is just plain stupid!

Clark and Hoyle are like two peas in a pod. Clark has enough integrity to see the season through and, enough capability and passion to deliver for Town at the end of it.

You don't fight to keep the best striker in the league at your club and then move around the corner to a Chairman who would sell his granny's winter clothing in January to make a quick buck.

Bates reminds me of Mr. Crabs from SpongeBobSquarepants...(£) I can't see Clark even wanting to consider the position at L**ds - but bless them for trying.

Lee Clark has more ambition than that. When he has lead Town to the Championship I'm sure he'll consider other options. Likely to be teams with greater realistic prospects than a 'selling' club like L**ds.

Who wants to work for a Chairman who wants more seats in the ground than quality on the pitch?!

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He hasnt come out and ruled himself out though has he,Leeds are a much bigger club than Huddersfield,if he is lucky enough to be offered the chance,hell jump at it,no brainer really eh.

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