Football Banter Archive December 03 2012


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03 Dec 2012 23:10:31
Christophe Berra linked to a January move to Southampton. Would be an awful signing in my opinion considering the amount of goals Wolves have conceded, well he will fit into Southampton perfectly.

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Saints you will be fools if you sign him. He turns slower than an oil tanker!

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03 Dec 2012 20:16:12
Get rid of that manager and put some one there who has the heart and passion for the club. Go away hill and go back to where you came from. There is life after hill trust me. John McD. Barnsley I bleed. {Ed003's Note - Should see a doctor about that mate}

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03 Dec 2012 19:00:14
If you piled up all the empty seats at elland rd, 23,000 you could get to the top of blackpool tower,maximus could then be the highest leeds fan in blackpool.

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You say 23,000 empty seat but can you tell what game if any we have had a crowd of 14,900 ? since the boxes were put in our ground holds 37,900 you need to do your reserch before writing your stuff..

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Please please .. am begging you to leave a name ..please .. need to know who am laughing at ..after that post above..


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Typical wendies always posting rubbish about leeds you couldnt even sell all your tickets for saturday oh dear and it was your cup final leedsmad! {Ed003's Note - I was going to delete this but arent the Wendies, Sheff Wed ? you played Huddersfield leedsmad???}

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Probably a townie, after losing their cup final on saturday, which ,despite nearly 4000 leeds faithful , they still only had just over 20,000 , and the best gate at cardiff was only 22,000, so let them all spout garbage, just jealousy

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Leedsmad or just plain you go to matches or sit at home wearing a leeds scarf when they win,lol,dont even know who they are playing,doh

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Something you can't get 20000 for a massive club like yours o hang on your not a big club lol

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Prob a Man U scarf

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Without a shadow of a doubt LEEDS UTD are the biggest club outside the prem ,regardless of our stay away fans,jealousy is a very heavy weight to carry, i feel sorry for the pea brained people who can only try and knock us,instead of supporting their own, whoever they are,so sad

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So leeds are bigger than wolves/bolton/birmingham/leicester/ deluded boy.

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Of course they are, none of those can hold a candle to leeds utd you person, and i'm not a f*****g boy, i'm guessing you must be about 12, as you don't know owt about football , the only biggish side u mentioned is wolves

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The only silly boy is you for listing teams that dont even come close to the mighty whites mot4life!

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You forgot to mention European Cup winners Forest, and even Derby (no offence) get more than Leeds.

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Fair point no offence,and cardiff come to think of it.

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You all pull leeds to bits, but are we still famous then!!
all the clubs people mention above how many have had ken bates as chairman
and the only charlton i know who is as big as leeds is jackie

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They try to pull LEEDS to bits because they are jealous, just humour them and have a laugh

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Your landlord ken has pulled you to bits more than a few jokey posts on here,

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Jealous of LEEDS! Thanks for laugh pal


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03 Dec 2012 18:35:32
Problems for Reading football club. Due to the Chairman coming out a few weeks ago with a list of 10 new players he wanted to get, multiple existing players have requested the right to leave the struggling club. The names listed include Le Fondre, Morrison, McAnuff, Guthrie and Gunter.

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03 Dec 2012 18:18:01
Tal-Ben-Haim has been invited by Harry Redknapp to train with QPR,doesn't bring a smile on my face..:(

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Nor will Harry bring a smile to your face in a few months time.

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03 Dec 2012 12:45:06
Fulham have secretly already all but put the paperwork through their 3 new signings, they are
Guercuff - lyon
Vorsah - hoffenhiem
David - fc twente

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If its a secret then how do you know

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03 Dec 2012 12:16:05
1 win in 17 games ! That alone should indicate that the next two games are massive for McInnes. I'll take a bet he wont be there after Jan 5th. Pity cus I like the guy but Scottish football is not as difficult as English leagues. Board should get wise to that but they still keep on learning.

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03 Dec 2012 11:08:42
Sean Hutchinson under contract for another 18 months, will take £1m to get him. Murphy, Humphry, Randolph, Law, Higdon to name a few are out of contract this season.

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03 Dec 2012 10:24:28
Mohamed Fellah-New Hoolahan
Mohamed Abdellaoue-Top Striker
Any chance of buying either of them
in the January transfer window? Think
they would both be good quaility
players for us.....

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03 Dec 2012 08:33:26
Port Vale will sign Lee Hughes from Notts County on a free transfer in January. The paperwork has already been done.

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03 Dec 2012 04:18:57
Anybody know how true the Shane Long to Liverpool rumours are? I think he would be class in red. YNWA!

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If you want him to look class in red, maybe he should sign for a big club, like Man U.

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