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31 Mar 2013 22:15:57
Listening to a radio station that have a lot of TALK about SPORT last night, they were discussing the M O'N sacking. They've put me off him, I don't want him at ER.
Collymore, who O'Neill signed, was saying his management style is dictatorial and he must be obeyed. The reason why he's been so good at Leics, Celtic and Villa was his no. 2, John Robertson, who didn't go to s'land with him, that is why he's failed and JR will not come back into football management. Sounds like a Wise/Poyet situation.
So, IMO, O'N without JR is an average manager, a bully and moulded by his time under Brian Clough.

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Martin oneill had a great time at Celtic although there was bit of "stuff" going on behind the scenes (although you get that at most clubs) great man manager, but very regimental, had a group of 16 he could put his mortgage on, anybody else was an outsider!
On the other hand not a great coach, never at training, that's we're John Robertson came in.?

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31 Mar 2013 20:31:22
Congrats to Ally McCoist leading Rangers to his first title (albeit the 3rd Division) and the club's 55th title overall.

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Yep me agree. well done rangers.
shocking what your league have done. that's why the english prem. is the best league. and the championship is the 5th best in the world. if you take the likes of huddersfield out then maybe the 4th.


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Yes well done a team with 40. 000 fans has won a pub league. not sure what kiss me quick minimouse has to do with scottish football.

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This so-called pub league has attracted an average 45,000 attendance at Rangers' 4th tier home fixtures - without a doubt the most loyal fans in world football.

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01 Apr 2013 09:57:31
rangers would not survive in evo stick league in england scottish football is inferior to england

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I would like to see them in the prem, great support , would see full grounds around the prem let the gers in that what I think anyway . jimlcfc

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Wow! Big win Rangers! I wonder if they put Manchester United in the Blue Square North would they win it? Stupid question.

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Yeah great title win lol. Although I'll think you'll find its the 1st!
40. 000 fans booing them off again (great set of fans)
Win the league by drawing 0-0 and a Queens park loss and just under 5hrs play without a goal against part timers ha ha ha ha brilliant well done The Rangers!!

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31 Mar 2013 16:49:45
What makes you think Westcarr and Bowerman will be released?

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31 Mar 2013 16:07:24
a current or ex lb chateauroux player (i think attacking mid) was rumoured with plymouth argyle last summer but nothing came of it, can anyone remember his name? not Claudio Beauvue

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31 Mar 2013 10:48:24
Barry Douglas dundee utd to go to Leeds for 1.2m

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31 Mar 2013 08:57:58
Can't believe what some so called supporters are saying on here. We are an extremely well run club. Just look around at the likes of Coventry and Portsmouth. Whilst I would love for us to be playing at the highest level I am happy that we still have a club. Short memories some supporters. {Ed034's Note - not as short as yours, you've forgotten to mention your team

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I suspect he's referring to MK Dons.

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31 Mar 2013 08:35:44
Maybe we should replace the first team with our under 18 boys as they have been grabbing the headlines by winning the league! Time for Warnock to make way for another manager to come in, O'Neil has just been sacked?

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31 Mar 2013 00:41:22
Town will always struggle as long as Peter Clarke is in defence, too slow for this level, skinned every week

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