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31 Mar 2012 21:31:20
only good result today was
pompey got stuffed bye bye
pompey pompey bye bye {Ed025's Note - you are a very sad you know why no one wants saints to go up!..their supporters are definitely making a name for prats..

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Ed25 I don't think you have a right to judge considering that we are doing exactly what Pompey did when we was in there situation {Ed025's Note - you were never in danger of becoming extinct!...for me its just downright nasty, and since when did two wrongs make a right?..people come on here having a go at your smugness and vitriolic manner with which you post about other teams, you should show a bit of humility!, and then just maybe you will gain a bit of respect from your peers..

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Sorry Ed025 i agree with post before, i dont want to see Pompey finish as a club because i enjoy the rivalry but i love seeing there fans suffer, you are not a Saints fan so you never see the abuse us Saints fans got from Skates and other fans for the matter when we were in trouble they loved it when we got relagated 2 divisions to league 1. Looking back now it was the best thing that could of happend to us made us start from scratch, the only diffrence is with us and Pompey is we had a club worth buying. Pompey have no asset's, they have an old run down stadium, no traing facilities and squad of loans players. The end of the day people slate us Saints fans but any rival clubs love to see the other suffer we are no diffrent.

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31 Mar 2012 20:04:22
in reply to this

During Westleys reign at Deepdale the standard of football has been absolutle rubbish. He has lost the fans and the players once he loses Hemmings and Ridsdale (shortly) he'll be sacked. 2 wins in 14 is sack material at any club especially the way we are playing. We still have to play 4 of the top 6 before the seasons out. Relegation is a very real possibility. Im scared for us!

i toatally agree. he is not good enough and has to be replaced. hope lee clark or billy davies will be new manager


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To say he has lost the players is an understatment,I dont think he is best pleased that his own player/s were giving info to sheff Wed before todays game.

Mr Hemmings Horse

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31 Mar 2012 19:51:33
Beast England Starting X1 For Euros:


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31 Mar 2012 19:27:33
i know every team hasa
bad day but thevsaints
display today was pi##
poor hope n a kicks asses
before next match especially
the defence

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To be fair,Blackpools ressies did play well. :)

Mr Roller Coaster

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Did nt have a lot of opposition
did they

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31 Mar 2012 17:58:51
Today is the reason we at city wont celebrate the premier league championship this season, when a very limited below average side can lead 3-1 and we can only scrape a draw, it shows that we just are not good enough. Mourinio in the summer please and get rid of ultra boring mancini

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Get a grip u stupid fool u cant blame Mancini, blame the owners how would you feel if you new you had no job at the end of the season no matter how well you do. Man City will always be a small club(fact) You think going out every summer spending 100 million on players you dont need will make you good...NO what it will do is frustrate the players you already have and nobody can buy them because of their wages what you are giving them club will just go down hill, owners will get bored of same old city after next season and no one will buy you so good luck, il give Mourinho until december if it happens.

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31 Mar 2012 00:31:42
busy dayout tomorrow!
pub at 2 , game v soton 5.20 ,
then the boxing local lad brian rose fighting
at winter gardens at 7 ! to keep title .
would be a good day if !
1) my football coupon copes!
2) blackpool win 7-1 !
3) peterbro win !
4) brian wins
5) scottish football folds!
6) the missus doesnt nag me when i get in at
6 in the morning and hammered!
7) check lottery in morn and win 6 numbers
millionaire , did you know if you get 3 numbers
you could buy preston....
8) ed025 is a secret liverpool fan..

all the above ,apart from no 4 ,wont happen
so end of day will be s**t!

maximus {Ed001's Note - no 8 is right....}

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31 Mar 2012 00:05:13
What do people think of Jelavic? Just coz he comes from SPL people assume he aint that good and overrated but what a good striker, top class signing {Ed025's Note - i know its early days yet..but he does look the business..

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He didnt look that good at rangers cause of s**t football and no service , but looks
a very good buy with a team that can play abit!!!!!!!!

maximus {Ed001's Note - to be fair he was great for them at first, then he just seemed to stop trying.}

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