Football Banter Archive November 30 2012


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30 Nov 2012 23:30:38
I wonder what Striker Gillingham will sign in January.We bidded alot of money for Gayle and Beavon in the summer so it could be an excitring January if we spent £200,000-£300,000.

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30 Nov 2012 22:22:17
leeds win the empty seat award for the stadium with the most empty seats at 23,000 ,come on leeds worldwide support uncle kenneth needs the money as he still owns the ground.

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I thrive of the fact that other fans feel the need the put garbage on here about leeds WERE NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE haha

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Bates owns nothing to do with LEEDS, but hey, we don't care , on the march, WE ARE FAMOUS AGAIN, AND RICH

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I think it's your fans put rubbish on here things like your a big team now that's rubbish

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If you wasnt bothered or jealous about leeds then you wouldnt feel the need to post stuff

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I would read the mail on sunday online if i were you theres a piece about your takeover .oh dear .your not famous any more ,or rich .lol

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30 Nov 2012 22:17:23
This isn't a rumour ans such bt I think there's a chance olly might come in for ince from Blackpool when zaha leaves in january what do you think

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I think you need to see a doctor

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30 Nov 2012 20:18:15
and also robinson at west ham

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30 nov 2012 20:15:12
west ham ins lescott 4mill,brayford 2 mill , darren bent 8 mill , awyew brothers 10 mill , sulamanjani 2 mill

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Avin a giraffe, Lescott not for sale and certainly wouldn't go anywhere for 4 mill, let alone west spam, who haven't got 26 mill anyway

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30 Nov 2012 17:44:21
Blackpool to knock down 2 stands as they are not needed with crowds dwindling due to apalling form,

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Just the 2 all they need is seats for the managers and subs

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If huddersfield make play-off final ..
they will be given 5,000 tickets for match..maybe just maybe they might sell out..


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Just the 2 all they need is seats for the manager and subs ... what a really great and funny post... did you get your wit from your dad? cause he must be a funny man..


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Glad you think we could make the play offs leeds fan

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"if" read slowly ... anyway how did you get on in your cup final... ha ha hammered..


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Very funny leeds fan,minimouse {Ed003's Note - it's always best to leave a name especially when bantering}

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Think the hammering you got of leeds has confused you... we won 4-1 at peterbro ... and your about the 4000 person on this site to call me minimouse..
tell us something new like 4-2 your own back yard cup final..

maximus aka minimouse

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Getting a bit hot under the collar are we leeds fan lol

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Looks like Huddy are following the Blackpool route and singing players from Scotland,they are more akin to Blackpool than you would like to imagine Maxi

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30 Nov 2012 17:03:11
Leeds to beat u lot tomorrow 2-1 Neil warlocks Barry army mot

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Wrong, 4-2 MOT

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30 Nov 2012 14:12:43
Im a leeds fan so quite impartial on this, but noticed that paul robinson looks avaliable from blackburn. Now the club that should be going in for him are southampton. Gazzianiga is not good enough later remains to be seen. saints should sign robinson, loan gazzaiga to CH club and keep davis as backup fro robinson

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If you're a Leeds fan why would you post about soton

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30 Nov 2012 12:50:29
All this gossip about Darren Bent leaving or wanting to leave Villa is true. Yes, he may not have handed in a transfer request but he will be the major big money deal leaving one English club to another in the New Year.
For me, Bent will end up at Newcastle. Underachieving this year, money to spend, worked with Pardew before and their attack doesn't look as good as it was last year.

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Lol former mackem striker to the Toon - NEVER also he will want silly money too...

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30 Nov 2012 12:31:26
iv e heard chelsea have overtaken
man utd as the most hated
after all whats happened

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I don't hate anyone 'cos i'm so excited. Only 3 more Chelsea managers till Christmas!

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Don't you believe it son, Man citys little neighbours still the most loathed team on the planet

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Chelsea ought to sign that villas boas chap he looks quite handy,

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30 Nov 2012 12:19:17
AFC Wimbledon to beat MK Dons this Sunday in the FA Cup... Then again this is a rumour site full of lots of Dodgy Rumours! Ha Ha

Come on MK!!

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