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30 Dec 2012 23:03:28
Ed, what in are rumoured to swansea city?

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The train from cardiff is due in at 4.30 today...

ben dover

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30 Dec 2012 22:58:39
Watford are not interested in nor will be signing any players in January. The only movements to Watford will be from Udinese, if any.

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30 Dec 2012 22:01:42
Hughton has got his man - Craig mackail smith , hopefully he will provide the energy Norwich need up front as help for the tireless holt !!

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About right another championship player for a soon to be championship team that's why your never do anything because you don't pay any money for top players mind you no top player will play for you

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No one has got CMS yet, loads of clubs chasing him , not just the carrot crunchers

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31 Dec 2012 14:20:56
It just shows how little you know bout football. There is noway norwich will go down. U must have to much time nothing to do

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Sad Ipswich fan above do you want him?because you won't get Campbell your skint.

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More chance of Ipswich getting Campbell then you getting bent or crouch cms or any other little dream you have cause you ain't got any money and you 100% won't pay money out lol

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Why would Norwich go for CMS when they have the ability to stick £6m in the pot for Charlie Austin or shoot for Hooper at Celtic ? Is that the sort of ambition Houghton has....if so I think we'll be seeing you soon in the Championship

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Because you havn't or would pay 6mill simple as that

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And 4 defeats on the trot, dropping like a stone

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30 Dec 2012 20:30:57
Please Mr Brent do all you can to bring Sean O'Driscoll to PAFC to sort out the mess and steer out club back up the league.

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30 Dec 2012 19:46:37
With Rafa wanting to make his own stamp on his Chelsea team expect him to make up to 5 signing this transfer window with 2 of these expected signings being Demba Ba and Theo Walcott, with Chelsea also being intrested in David Villa, Luke Shaw and Dan Agger

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5 Signings !! Chelsea aready have enough players for 2 Premiership teams and cant get it right and your telling us you need another 5. If this is the case then its just another embarressing illustration of how some clubs are being run by buffoons with No knowledge and No coaching ability. Cant wait to see the money run out.

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Looks like shaw may have played his last lge game for soton , chelsea poised with the cash

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30 Dec 2012 19:40:31
Theo Walcott, Demba Ba and Luke Shaw all look very likely that they will now sign for Chelsea this transfer window

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You have more chance of signing George Bernard Shaw!

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30 Dec 2012 18:41:53
Birmingham may be forced to sell Jack Butland to Liverpool because of their Financial situation.

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Butland will go in January but not to Liverpool.

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30 Dec 2012 18:36:42
Hull city
Mclean to posh
Bechio yo hull
Graham swans to hull

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30 Dec 2012 18:15:16
Matty Phillips to Norwich

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Matty Phillips is ready for Premiership and Blackpool will sell as his valua at end of season will be less than January due to playing in a poorer Tom Ince less Blackpool. Not sure that Norwich will be his destination.

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Phillips has been awful all season, what is he meant to be a striker or a winger?He is not a winger in my book, he has no tricks and not much delivery.All he does is kick the ball past defenders and tries to beat them with pace.He will be found out in the EPL again if he moves there.And it shows us just exactly how bad Scotland is just now, picking such a ordinary player.And I have nothing against him being English, guys like Rhodes, Bardsley, Mackie, Morrison do it for us. {Ed003's Note - He has hardly played this year through injury? 'found out in the Prem again'? he got rave reviews.}

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No Ed wrong again, he has played most of the season.Its just that he has not been noticed as his form went of the boil, when he was linked with a move to the EPL.Plenty of Scottish SPL players deserve a chance over him, such as Gary Mackay Steven, and even Ryan Frazer even if he has not played much.Both players have everything you need to be a winger, and have power pace skill and delivery, plus they can entertain. {Ed003's Note - Right so when I take my seat at Bloomfield Rd I'm halucinating and he has been playing loads? he was left out at the start of the season after handing a transfer request in, after the summer window he was slowy intigrated back into the team until he was in the starting 11 then got injured he has started 10 games,so who is wrong me or you? }

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You he has made Scotland squads, and we do not pick players that are not playing for there clubs, especially from ordinary leagues such as yours.Maybe you think its Kevin you were watching instead?Since your a fan then, tell me what he has that makes him a EPL or international class player?Even Burke got more assists than he did last year for Birmingham and 14 goals. {Ed003's Note - You tell me seeing as you stated he has been awful all season ? or is the truth you have not seen him once? unbelievable.Oh and Kevin has hardly played}

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I have saw him play 17 times this season for Blackpool, still you think that is not a lot of games.Are you going to answer a fair question?Want to tell me what he has, apart from blinding pace?As I do not see much of a footballer there.Hopefully when we get a new boss, he will see the same.The guys simply not international class in my eyes. {Ed003's Note - you keep contradicting yourself,find an argument with another englishman,you are boring me}

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I am not looking for a argument and never asked for your nationality, why are you turning this into a Scotland V England thing?What is with the hostility, and why cant you answer my question?You sound quite a bitter person, could see you and Maximus getting on like a burning house, that he would wish was north of Berwick.

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30 Dec 2012 17:01:03
Russell Martin won't leave, I asked him after the Wigan game when I had a pic if he was happy and he said he love the club and pilk's won't leave as his family have finally finished settling in Norfolk. COYY

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30 Dec 2012 16:54:53
Any Stoke Rumours Edd!

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Yes, you are punching above your weight......literally.

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The league table does not lie

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30 Dec 2012 17:17:05
Celtic fan here , but after todays result Peter Houston must go , I have always liked Dundee Utd but this guy has turned them into a middle table team at best.

Some of the results this year have been shocking.

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30 Dec 2012 16:23:20
Qpr to be relegated & Harry to quit - very soon !!

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Dont worry, he is never far away from his next sacking/mutual consent etc.

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We will have harry at wolves

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HARRY more likely to head to Reading if he doesnt remain at QPR. You have to remember he lives in Bournemouth at the bottom of the M3 so Reading will work well. Dont expect him to venture any further away cus it aint gonna happen.

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30 Dec 2012 16:21:44
Pilkington is worth 12-15 million. Easily.

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5 mill max , he ain't that good

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12mill your having a laugh can buy norwich for that

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30 Dec 2012 15:25:04
Middlesbroughs big January move will be for birmingham winger Nathan Redmond the club is riddled with debt and will be forced to cash in on there top stars plus the fact that Redmond isn't the first name on the team sheet at the brum means they would be willing to sell for anywhere between £3 -£4 million
Zigic will be given a free transfer and will probably move to former club racing Santander in Spain butland will move to a premiership team and marlon king will join leeds for £2 million

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Ha ha stick to fifa redmond would never join boro for starters you ant even got 4 million.

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Zigic wages too high which has been the problem with Birmingham offloading him earlier.

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30 Dec 2012 15:22:48
Chelsea are now favourites to sign Arsenal forward Theo Walcott and are also in talks to sign Demba Ba from Newcastle as well as being intrested in players such as James Milner, Falcoa, Luke Shaw , Mrtin Skrtel and David Villa however not all of these players will be signed as departures are a key factor in the transfers.

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Walcott will be offered improved deal Arsenal , expect him to stay , i think chelsea will def sign Falcao , shaw and demba ba

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I think Shaw will def stay at Saints at least until the summer

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Everywhere you look now its shaw to chelsea, its gonna happen, long term replacement for cole

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31 Dec 2012 11:05:36
George Bernard Shaw not Luke Shaw, he's staying at Saints mate

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Well everywhere i look it actually says he's going to Arsenal but he won't be going anywhere before the summer at the earliest.

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30 Dec 2012 14:43:35
How long will sturridge last at pool before he falls out with Suarez !! They are both greedy & never pass !!

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Suarez doesn't need to pass , he scores when he wants

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^^Agree with that. Sturridge is greedy and hardly the difference?

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30 Dec 2012 13:27:49
Sorry Higdon is terrible, yes scored a few in the SPL, but wont cut it, at a higher level. You can keep the donkey!

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30 Dec 2012 12:59:07
if clarke thought thorne did ok i was at the wrong match, he runs like hes carrying coal.what is clarke doing playing rosenberg wasting 3 pts i think

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30 Dec 2012 11:18:18
all these swindon rumours they are all B/S
Dicanio has overspent as normal.
Theres a danger of another embargo.
The so called Rich Board will invest no more.
As Bournemoths Russian he will ensure his Manager has Funds.
Bournemouth will win the Division whereas Swindon just might survive.
I think it's just the Board have had enough of Dicanio
Look in Jan there will be several outgoings and little incomings.
Oh correction Dicanio and his agent just may make a few Bob themselves
Sad day for Swindon Town

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They wont' win the lge, won't get promo at all , tranmere, doncaster and coventry to go up

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30 Dec 2012 10:47:47
Ed... any news on who is the leading candidate for the director of football role at plymouth argyle. Hopefull its o.driscoll as he apparently is good mates with carl fletcher and I think he would be great for the club. {Ed013's Note - No afraid not and he is linked with Barnsley job}

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30 Dec 2012 10:26:59
Any legitimate rumours for Fulham. It seems that Sinan Bolat is nailed on. Madlung from Wolfsburg have gathered pace and there is a lot of talk that we are going to go i for Darren Bent. Midfielders are a must though

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Here is a legitimate one, rumour has it you might be in the bottom 3 come May.

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30 Dec 2012 10:19:42
McInnes saved his job with the win yesterday and I think he knows this. Frantically now trying to bolster squad before being hit with Millwall, Leicester and Leeds. Personally I think we will be lucky to get 3-5 points out of these games unless changes occur. But which sucker wants to come to Bristol ?

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The West Countrys massive club are on a one way ticket to League One and oblivion.

One of the crimes of the Century how this club has been mismanaged on the field over recent years.

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What massive club terrible support not even biggest club in there city

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West Country never been a football location and loaded with Rugby teams. Needs a great management personality to coach, attract and deliver rather than simply trying to buy in players who dont perform with consistency. They tried with COPPELL but something went amiss. Personally I would edge for MARK HUGHES who needs to repair his credibility. McINNES is not the guy

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30 Dec 2012 10:08:06
Ive heard alot of peple say and put on
this website that T.Robinson is Moving
away from Pride Park(Derby County) but
I can assure that is not happening for
at least three years!

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I've heard he Will see out his contract with time team..... :-)

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30 Dec 2012 09:59:04
Premier League Relagation
Zone at the end of the season.

Aston Villa

Championship winners at the end of the

Crystal Palace

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30 Dec 2012 02:04:19
Ed's, can Southampton recall Billy Sharp back off loan from Notts Forrest or isn't it possible? He's scoring so many goals and would be brilliant if he came back. {Ed003's Note - He is there until the end of the season}

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