Football Banter Archive September 02 2012


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02 Sep 2012 23:56:33
MK Dons set to offer a short-term deal to Robbie Fowler.

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02 Sep 2012 23:30:42
Anyone's views on Tuncay Sanli. He's a free agent.. :/ ?

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02 Sep 2012 21:28:49
{ Ed 003's Note- Now the window is shut and we have more time ,just for fun we can have 'Most delusional comment of the week'. Last week we had PDC saying Swindon played like Barca,this week Nigel Pearson saying it was a defo pen.These have to be genuine or they will just be deleted,only for a bit of fun guys so lets not get blocked from the site for being a clever so and so..................................all yours}

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02 Sep 2012 20:15:36
Fans calling for Colchester manager to be sacked after 1 win in 18

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Yeah, agree. Sack him and you will get 2 wins in the next 20. Sack the players more like as their the ones who get the results. Rose and Heath phew!

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02 Sep 2012 21:05:19
the players have lost faith in coyle and his team! bolton need to steal from burnley again>

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With the results being obtained under Eddie Howe. He would be a good choice for Bolton, and an even better one for Burnley should he wish to move on. Burnley could do with the compensation payment to allow the new manager to strength the team, with players not linked to Bournemouth.

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02 Sep 2012 18:03:50
Stupid, stupid substitutions by Adkins gave the game away, Redknapp will in soon

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Mufc never give up every one knows

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Someone forgot to tell saints

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02 Sep 2012 16:46:29
well done leicester ... you were the
better team... the penalty you got wasnt !
but the one b4 was!!
swings and roundabouts..
my only anger was .. with holloway..
keep a winning team.. oh no.. not holloway
we didnt play well .. but that was down
to leicester .. you will be there or abouts ..

a cheesed off with holloway maximus ..

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Please eds which ever one ... cheesed off .... no i was ****ing fuming !!!!!
nearly pull the 3 tvs from the wall .. that was b4 the the game started ........
cheesed off i wasnt .. ****ed off i was !


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Im a lcfc fan and i was at the game on sat blackpool looked a decent passing side with some good players on show. dont think vardy was fouled but the one b4 was ,the result could have 3 all if both sides had put their chances away, ince looks class fANCY BLACKPOOL TO BE TOP THIS YEAR ...JIMLCFC

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02 Sep 2012 16:42:53
The Liverpool fans need to realise that they are part of a franchise and other teams in the franchise need money to! Liverpool will get some cash in about 3 years time when its there turn again! in the mean time your owners will pocket as much cash as they can! Don't you just love American owners!!

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02 Sep 2012 16:37:27
Why all the empty seats at St Marys? Anyone know?

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Everyone knew saints would
bad defence again plus some
stupid substitutions by adkins
adkins keeps saying we will
learn from our mistakes
well they want to hurry up
and learn
otherwise saints will be down by xmas
this defence will be saints
as been said since may
nothing been done

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Ground holds 32000 crowd was 31709 don't be an person that's not loads of empty seats should go instead of writing garbage

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