Football Banter Archive February 02 2014


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02 Feb 2014 08:30:57
In for talks Monday could be released!
Excuses running out the team need leadership not a friend!
Big name seen around club!
Premiership pedigree.

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02 Feb 2014 06:02:45
Well here goes.
I have been a bit nervous about the boys recently.
I watched the game yesterday.
Here is what I thought.

We did ok in the first half and were unlucky not to score. (story of the season so far)

Fabio made an excellent debut good signing.

Zaha sub was spot on. He should have started.

We were awsome when we scored two goals early in the second half.


If I were Norwich fan I would be asking the question. How the hell did we lose that.

Why did we switch off and defend when we took the lead. Why?
We got stuffed from that point.

We should have controlled the game at that point. We gave Norwich way too much respect.

Whitingham was awful. he was awful for the second half of last season too. OGS was right to get him off and he should be dropped now to get his hunger back.

Kenwynne decent first goal but not much apart from that. Average debut. We will see.

Zaha was class. But went missing after Cardiffs second goal, he must keep his intensity up. Fitness?

Ben Turner is out of his league It is obvious. He gets skinned time after time and now is being targeted. Way too slow. We needed a centre back during the window. This boy from Seville seems a bit underrated. Seville are mid table and he has played quite a bit for them. Could be a coup.

Bellamy should have been captain. Plenty of effort and heart on his sleave.

Mutch average.

Why was Fabio taken off. Started going pear shape at this point.

If we play like the last 30 mins again we are going to get mauled.

But finally some luck. We were due some. So do I feel bad for Norwich. Hell no!

Keep the improvement up.

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