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02 Apr 2012 23:36:04
Kenny Dalglish job is safe despite recent form

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02 Apr 2012 23:07:48
Manchester United
Manchester City
Tottenham Hotspur
Aston Villa
West Bromwich A
Newcastle United
Stoke City
Bolton Wanderers
Blackburn Rovers
Wigan Athletic
southampton p38 W 0 D 0L 38 F 0 A 72 POINTS 0

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Something smells fishy.....any bottom feeders about today......COYRs

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Seems legit.
Norwich, QPR & Wolves to get relegated this season?
Wolves, probably yes but where in the hell have you got Norwich from?

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No i don't but i do now know how 10 year old skates waste their time in the school holidays these days. Enjoy your visit to Yeovil next season. It's a nice part of the world and you could learn something - they've just reported a small profit. Oh btw what happened to your prediction that we wouldn't even make the play offs but that you would?

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Why do Pompey fans always go on about the past, yes you did win 4-1 recently but why dont you look at all the results between the two clubs in History, i will tell you what i will show you. feel free to check it yourself.

At St Mary's (The Dell) League

Southampton wins 7
Draws 4
Portsmouth wins 4

At Fratton Park League

Portsmouth wins 4
Draws 5
Southampton wins 7

In cup competitions we have meet 6 times

Southampton Wins 5
Draws 0
Portsmouth Wins 1 (yes that was your 4-1)

By the way when you beat us we were in league 1 you were Prem, amazing how time have changed, Karma dont you love it. See you Saturday.

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Even Pompey fans think we will be promoted this season, thank you skates, enjoy league 1.

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We say it because we know it winds you up all part of the football banter mind you its only on the internet not in person a few southampton fans set up accounts on the pompey news website saying stuff aint they got not nothing better to do so sad , yeah pompey going through a bad time but i know we will come through it, karma yeah that will turn around again im sure you know football

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LOL oh dear Pompey fans, you hate it that we are on the up, you were all full of it when you were in the Prem and we were strugling. Gone all quiet now tho havent you.

I was in my local Natwest bank yesterday in Southampton and there were 2 lads cleaning the windows in Pompey shirts, i had my Saints shirt on and they said that they honestly think they will beat us about 4-5 nil on Saturday, i gave them this website and told them to come on here after the game. I had just got £500 out of the bank to pay for my holiday and i surgested to them they put there money were the mouth was and bet me £500 on the result, not surprising they declined my offer.

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Southampton will burn out and start to slide and will just manage a Playoff spot but miss out on promotion the three to go up Reading Birmingham West ham

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Southampton will burn out and start to slide and will just manage a Playoff spot but miss out on promotion the three to go up Reading Birmingham West ham
people been saying that for about 2-3 months now, our bubble has burst 200 hundred times, look the table does not lie we top on merrit, yes we have had some dodgy proformances ie.. Blackpool, Leicester but don't all teams have a few off days and we had a dodgy run at the end of January and the start of February yet we are still top. Six games left none of them are going to be easy six points ahead of West Ham in third with a far superior goal diffrence one game at a time starting with skates on Saturday 3 points in the bag, like i said table dont lie Saints top Pompey second bottom. COYR

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02 Apr 2012 22:37:44
Eden Hazard to Man city for 40million pounds

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02 Apr 2012 21:46:06
Final Championship Table:
1. Reading
2. Southampton
3. West Ham
4. Birmingham
5. Blackpool
6. Cardiff
7. Hull
8. Leicester
9. Burnley
10. Leeds
11. Crystal Palace
12. Brighton
13. Middlesbrough
14. Peterborough
15. Ipswich
16. Derby
17. Millwall
18. Watford
19. Nott'm Forest
20. Barnsley
21. Coventry
22. Portsmouth
23. Doncaster
24. Bristol City

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I know we (brighton) have a tough run in but there is no way we will drop that low in the table. Personally think we'll sneak the final play off spot, but if we dont its been a tremendous season for us in our splendid new home!

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So you think Millwall will win all 6 remaining games to overtake watford? watford may have a hard run in but no one thought we'd beat leeds or ipswich our last two games. we will not come as low as 18th

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Middlesbough and brighton down to 12th and 13th lol get a grip

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02 Apr 2012 14:50:53
On my football manager game Jose Mourinho has become manager of Tottenham. I think its highly likely the Portuguese will make the move back to London this summer based on this sign.

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Well it's nailed on now then,cheers for the inside info.

Mr.Roller Coaster

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Due to football manager game, Mourinho up sticks and is heading back to London with White Hart Lane signing a 5 year deal,


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02 Apr 2012 14:18:47
When you look at the Fat man and his rabble
what must Dicaannio think getting 3 match bans for waving his hands in the air ???
makes you think Talk is for Crawley to be deducted 15 points,there track record is dismal no control from Management there Board must be worried as to the FA fine will not be peanuts thats for sure

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02 Apr 2012 13:52:33
If people will pay £35m for a donkey how much will they pay for a natural goalscorer?

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With the new rule from the FA saying,Any player now passing the ball to Andy Carroll will be booked for time wasting

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02 Apr 2012 13:18:51
'Well society a goer, as monies raised
tops £335,000 from fans

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