Football Banter Archive November 29 2012


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29 Nov 2012 22:39:17
IF Romelu Lukaku is recalled by Chelsea in January, West Brom will sign Danny Graham of Swansea.

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29 Nov 2012 20:31:23
grant holt to aston villa for 4 million plus bent on loan till end of season,also 4 million for danny graham as long term replacement,although personally I do not rate him

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04 Dec 2012 17:19:16
DG a very good striker, superb work rate, scored 14 or 15 goals last season in all comps in 1st P/L season...also playing as a lone stiker for 1st time, unless you are talking Drogba, Rooney or RVP quality thats difficult...trouble is hes gone and shoved his head up his own **** and lost the plot (strong local rumour)...if he can get his head sorted and decide if is future lies in football and not partying he could be a very good asset to any club...

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29 Nov 2012 20:16:28
If you thought benitez got a rough ride from chelsea fans wait until warnock goes to huddersfield on saturday lol

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Warnock has had it all his career so i doubt he will let huddersfield get under his skin

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And then he will laugh at the uddersfield fans at the final whistle when we pick up 3 points

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Think huddersfield fans will have left ground 60 mins into game when your 4-0 down... and leeds will have more fans in ground than uddersfield .. tell us again ..
how many fans at wembley ? 8,000 ..ha ha ha ..

maximus ..

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26,000 at wembley mini,are we a closet leeds fan ! As for the result tomorrow we will see who goes home crying.remember a couple of years ago when we were both in league 1 for 3 seasons leeds won 1 drew 2 lost 3.ha

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A blackpool fan talking about crowd size lol.

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Whats a couple of years ago got to do with tomorrows game?, completely different teams now, enjoy your cup final

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26,000 to wembley... is your nose took 2,000 .. sheff utd had the rest.. we took 30,000 ,, west ham had rest... huddersfield nick name was after what there old chairman thought of the girls in huddersfield .... terriers ..dogs for short...
anyway come on leeds tomorrow ..
blackpool maximus

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Who's going home crying, UDDERSFIELD, beaten out of site by the MIGHTY WHITES,didnt know there were any udders fans there, couldn't hear em

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Yeah we will see who goes home crying looks like your the ones who will be crying now mot4ever!

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Leeds fan minimouse lol

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We have a great manager a great chairman great fans,why would we be have a dodgy person owning your ground and an even dodgier person owning the won 1 game against us,big deal.we will still both be in the championship next season.

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29 Nov 2012 19:59:03
Chelsea will offer Liverpool 40m for Suarez in Jan, FACT.

spurs guvnor

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Chelsea can offer what they like but the chances of Liverpool accepting are nil. Liverpool likely to have enquiries from elsewhere for Suarez anyway.
Liverpool also unlikely to sell forward without a suitable replacement as that mistake has already been made.

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29 Nov 2012 18:30:32
'ARRY REDKNAPP has been monitoring OM'S LOIC REMY

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Where from, his car window?

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29 Nov 2012 16:13:12
What about doyle as a replacement for Demba if he leaves in Jan.

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29 Nov 2012 12:18:05
how long are the police gonna keep us in after match on sateeday . by maca htfc

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We are leaving at the same time,we go one way and leeds go the other we cant go towards the away end so if you want to go to town you will have to wait until they have gone,i reckon the cops will rush them away asap

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Most udders fans left well before the end with there heads bowed after seeing their team take a battering

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29 Nov 2012 10:52:32
Dear Santa
For Christmas. I would like.
And possibly a new manager
Please Santa. Ill be good for ever if u can do this for me. Thankyou

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Dear Harry,
Sorry but you cant have every thing. I'll have my little helpers wrap up Upson for you and possibly another, but I still remember you were a naughty boy at Pompey.
Love from Santa. COYRs

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